Since 1998, the Casia Corporation Holland have been working on The Definitive TLA Wörterbuch to help people find their way in the ever growing intellectual chaos caused by the late-twentieth century tendency to use as many acronyms in daily communication as possible. Especially acronyms with a length of three letters have been and continue to be immensly popular, not only in Information and Communication Technology circles, but also among people in more mundane fields of labour; a tendency that has mushroomed with the advent of mobile communication and the combined growing popularity of Short Message Services.

At present, there are 7389 TLAs in the database. Of these, 4434 are distinct, out of 17576 possible (25.23%).

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AAA  Agricultural Adjustments Administration
  Allianza Anticommunista Argentina
  Anti-Aircraft Artilery
  Australian Army Aviation
AAB  Alliance Agricole Belge
AAC  Advanced Audio Coding
  Aluminium Anodizers Council
  Augmentative and Alternative Communication
AAD  after-ALD-dip
  Analog/Analog/Digital (master/mix/record)
AAE  Alpha Amylase Enzyme
  American Association of Endodontists
  Australasian Antarctic Expedition
AAF  Allied Air Forces
  American Air Forces
AAG  Actieteam Aardbevingen Garrelsweer
  Advanced Arresting Gear
  Artsen Alternatieve Geneeswijze
AAH  Association for Art History
AAI  Aircraft Accident Investigation
  American Association of Immunologists
AAJ  American Association of Jurists
AAK  Allgemeines AufäumKommando
AAL  Aid Association for Lutherans
  Americans Against Librarians
AAM  Air to Air Missile
AAN  Association of Alternative Newsweeklies
AAO  Anglo Australian Observatory
AAP  Assisterend Academisch Personeel
  Australian Associated Press
AAQ  Association des Anesthésiologistes du Québec
AAR  Amino Acid Racemization
  Application of Air Regulation
  Association of American Railroads
AAS  Acta Apostolicae Sedis
  American Astronomical Society
AAT  Administration de l'Assistence Technique
AAU  Alpha Acid Unit
  Association of American Universities
AAV  Algemene Administratieve Voorschriften
AAW  Air Attack Warning
  Algemene ArbeidsongeschiktheidsWet
  Asociale Achterlijke Wappie
AAX  Amino Acid miX
AAY  Asociación de Ajedrecistas del Estado de Yucatán
AAZ  Ausbildungs- und Analyse-Zentrum
ABA  Aanjaagteam Bescherming Arbeidsmigranten
  American Bar Association
  Australian Broadcasting Authority
ABB  Amsterdamse BierBak
  Asea Brown Boveri
ABC  Alcoholic Beverage Control
  All British Cycle
  American Book Centre
  Anchor Brewing Company
  Atheist Bus Campaign
  Australian Broadcasting Corporation
ABD  After Beer Dip
  Association Belge de Documentation
ABE  Alternative Best-Effort
ABF  Amyloid Beta Fibers
  Asia Business Forum
ABG  Alpha Beta Gamma
ABH  Actual Bodily Harm
ABI  American Bankruptcy Institute
ABJ  Arbeitsgemeinschaft Bayerischer Junglehrer
ABK  Autodeterminazioaren BiltzarraK
ABL  Academia Brasileira de Letras
ABM  Anti ballistic Missile
ABN  Algemeen Beschaafd Nederlands
  Algemene Bank Nederland
ABO  Alle Biertjes Open
  Arbitrary Bucket Order
  Association of British Orchestras
  Autonoom Beeldende Ontwikkeling
ABP  AdBlock Plus
  Algemeen Burgerlijk Pensioenfonds
  American Board of Pediatrics
  American Border Patrol
ABQ  Art Buisness Exchange
  Associacao Brasileira de Quimica
ABR  Accredited Buyer Representative
ABS  Absoluut
  Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
  American Bureau of Shipping
  Anti-Blokkeer Systeem
ABT  American Ballet Theater
ABU  Asiapacific Broadcasting Union
ABV  Alcohol by Volume
ABW  Alcohol By Weight
  Algemeen Beschaafd Waps
  Automatisierung + Bildverarbeitung Dr. Wolf
ABY  Alliance of Baptist Youth
ABZ  Algemeen Bestuurlijke Zaken
ACA  Australian Communications Authority
ACC  Adaptve Cruise Control
  Administrative Committee on Coordination
  Amazon Currency Converter
  Amsterdamse Cricket Club
  Anthropogenic Climate Change
ACD  Atmospheric Chemistry Division
  Australian Committee of Dentists
ACE  Accellerated Christian Education
  Additional Core Enhancement
  Advanced Composition Explorer
  Agile Combat Employment
  angiotensin-converting enzym
  Assured Computing Environment
ACF  Academic Competition Federation
ACG  Aesthetics and Computation Group
  Agile Contracteren and Governanve
  Association for Corporate Growth
ACH  Automated Clearing House
ACI  Accusativus Cum Infinitivo
  Automobile Club d'Italia
ACJ  American Committee on Jerusalem
ACK  Arbeitsgemeinschaft Christlicher Kirchen
  Awesome Kennisclip
ACL  Access Control List
  Association of Christian Librarians
ACM  Association for Computing Machinery
  Autoriteit Consument en Markt
ACN  Adventist Communication Network
ACO  Australian Chamber Orchestra
ACP  Adaptive Configuration Pattern
  Airspace Change Proposal
  Algemeen Christelijke Politiebond
  American Center for Physics
ACQ  Association de la Construction du Québec
ACR  Air Crew Regulation
  American College of Radiology
ACS  Actie Comité Schepping
  Adobe Creative Suite
  American Chemical Society
  Australian Computer Society
ACT  Aandachtgerichte Cognitieve Therapie
  Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
  Access to Covid Tools
  American Conservatory Theater
  Americans Coming Together
ACU  Aktiecentrum Utrecht
  Amateur Class United
  Arithmetic & Control Unit
  Australian Catholic University
ACV  Arctic Code Vault
  Armored Combat Vehicle
  Asynchronous Copy and Verify
ACW  Asia Computer Weekly
ACX  alpha-cyclodextrin (cyclohexa-amylose)
ACY  Advocates for Children and Youth
ACZ  Aero-Club Zwickau
ADA  Air Defence Artillery
  Airborne Data Automation
  American Dairy Association
  American Dental Association
  American Dietetic Association
ADB  Apple Desktop Bus
ADC  Adward Drinker Cope
  Air Data Computer
  America's Dumbest Criminals
  Analog to Digital Converter
  Attack Drone Company
ADD  After Dinner Dip
  Altijd Dezelfde Discussie
  Asshole Driven development
  Attention Deficit Disorder
ADE  Amsterdam Dance Event
  Antibody Dependent Enhancement
ADF  Amiga disk file
  Automatic Direction Finder
ADG  Air Defense Group
ADH  Advanced Development Hardware
ADI  Air Defense Intercept
ADJ  Australian Dental Journal
ADK  Application Definable Keys
ADL  Activities of Daily Living
  Ada Lovelace Day
  adaptor description library
  Anti-Defamation Legue
ADM  After Dark MultiModule
  Atomic Demolition Munition
ADN  Automatic Digital Network
ADO  ActiveX Data Object
  Alles Door Oefening
ADP  Acquisition Data Processor
  Alles Doet Pijn
  Ammonium Dihydrogen Phosphate
  Attach Detection Protocol
  Automatic Device Provisioning
ADR  Actief Donor Registratiesysteem
  Aeroporto Di Roma
  Architecture Decision Record
  Automated Diagog Replacement
ADS  Advanced Degaussing System
ADT  Abnormal Data Type
  Advanced Digital Technology
  American Dental Trading
ADU  Accumulation & Distribution Unit
ADV  arbeidsduurverkorting
ADW  Air Defense Warning
ADX  Accumulation/Distribution Index
ADZ  Air Defense Zone
AEA  Atomic Energy Act
AEB  Afval Energie Bedrijf
AEC  Asociación Española de Cricket
  Atomic Energy Commission
AEE  Acronym Eieren Eten
AEG  Allgemeine Elektrizitäts Gesellschaft
AEI  Airfield Elevation Information
  American Enterprise Institute
AEO  Authorized Economic Operator
AES  Advanced Encryption Standard
AEX  Amsterdam Exchange Index
AFA  Air Force Academy
  Anti-Facistische Actie
  Automatic Fire Alarm
AFB  Air Force Base
  Ashfall Fossil Beds
AFC  Algemeen Fysisch Colloquium
AFD  Assistant Flight Director
AFH  Adaptive Frequency Hopping
AFI  A Fire Inside
AFK  Away From Keyboard
AFM  Automatic Functionpoint Measurement
  Autoriteit Financiële Markten
AFO  Authorised Firearms Officer
AFP  Above Fifty Percent
AFR  Anders Fogh Rasmussen
AFS  Air Fuel Synthesis
  Apple Financial Services
AFT  Adobe Flex Technology
AFU  Artificial Feel Unit
AGA  AB Gas-Accumulator
  Advanced Graphics Architecture
  all grid array
  American Gas Association
AGB  Alexander Graham Bell
AGC  Apollo Guidance Computer
  Apollo Guidance Computers
AGH  America's Godly Heritage
AGI  Artificial General Intelligence
AGK  Aircraft General Knowledge
AGM  Absorbed Glass Mat
  Annual General Meeting
AGN  Active Galactic Nuclei
  Active Galactic Nucleus
AGP  Accelerated Graphics Port
AGR  After Gear Room
  Amstel Gold Race
AGS  Adobe Genuine Service
  Auto Gaat Sneller
AGV  Automated Guided Vehicle
AGW  Anaal Genomen Worden
  Anthropogenic Global Warming
AHA  Alert Holding Area
  Alpha Hydroxy Acid
  American Heart Association
  American Homeowners Association (stakkers)
AHC  Aller Heiligen Convent
AHE  Austro-Hungarian Empire
AHF  Acute Hissy Fit
AHM  Atom Heart Mother
AHR  Atari Hamster Riot
AIB  Alles Is Bagger
AIC  Aeronautical Information Circulation
  animal-industrial complex
AIF  Audio Interchange File
AIG  American International Group
  Answers In Genesis
AIK   Astronomia i Kosmos
  Academie In Kernwoorden (TM)
  Aircraft Installation Kit
  Akedemie für Informations- und Kommunikations design
  All Insect Killer
  Alle Internationale Komplotten
  Alles Is Koffie
  Alles Is Kut
  Allmänna Idrottsklubben
  American Indoor Karting
  Antiimperialistische Koordination
  APO Immobilien-Kapitalanlagegesellschaft
  Apple is kut
  Associated Industries of Kentucky
  Associazione Italiana Killifish
  Automated Installation Kit
AIM  American Indian Movement
  AOL Instant Messenger
  Auto Import Maatschappij
AIO  Assistent In Opleiding
AIP  Aeronautical Information Publication
  Alaskan Independence Party
  Auteursrecht InformatiePunt
  Auteursrechten Informatie Punt
AIR  Annals of Improbable Research
AIS  Aeronautical Information Service
  All Inn Squash
  Alles Is Saai
  Australian Institute of Sport
  Automatic Identification System
AIT  Alles Is Traag
AIV  Adviesraad Internationale Vraagstukken
AIW  AIK is woke
  Alles Is Wut
AJC  Annie Jump Canon
  Atlanta Journal-Constitution
AJD  Aantrekkelijk Jong Ding
AJT  Austerity Jizm Tsunami
AKA  Also Known As
AKI  Automatische Knipperlichtinstallatie
AKK  Alles Klinkt Kut
AKO  Algemene Kiosk Onderneming
  Amsterdamsche Kiosk Onderneming
AKR  Auroral Kilometric Radiation
ALD  After Lunch Dip
ALE  Asynchronous Lint Engine
ALF  Alien Life Form
  Animal Liberation Front
ALL  Acute lymphoblastic leukemia
  Algemeen Letterkundig Lexicon
ALM  Application Lifecycle Management
ALS  Amyotrofische Lateraal Sclerose
ALT  Anthonie van Leeuwenhoek Terrein
  Applied Laser Technology
ALU  Arithmetic Logic Unit
ALV  Algemene LedenVergadering
AMA  American Medical Association
AMC  Academisch Medisch Centrum
  Acceptable Means of Compliance
  Arizona Meteor Crater
  Aviation Medical Center
AMD  Advanced Micro Devices
  Alles Moet Dood
AMF  Arbeit Macht Frei
AMG  Annales de Musee Guimet
  Aufrecht Melcher Großaspach
AMH  Alaska Marine Highway
AMI  Amazon Machine Image
AMK  Afspraak Met Kapper
AML  Accomplished Marathon Lounger
AMO  Algemene Militaire Opleiding
AMP  Accelerated Mobile Pages
  Anger Management Problem
AMR  Ancient Mystery Religion
AMS  Ablepharon-Macrostomia Syndrome
  Aboriginal Media Services
  Academic Management Services
  Academic Management System
  Academic Monitoring System
  Agricultural Marketing Service
  All Meat Syndrome
  Apron Management Services
AMT  Automated Manual Transmission
ANA  Administration for Native Americans
  After Nappy Accident
ANC  Active Noise Cancellation
  African National Congres
  Amsterdam Network Collective
  Arlington National Cemetery
AND  Active Network Diagram
  Active Nutation Damping
  Advanced Network Design
  Aircraft Nose Down
  Allow Natural Death
  Alpha Numeric Display
  Asiatic Newcastle Disease
  Automatic Network Dialing
  Average Nipple Diameter
ANH  A New Hope
  Agencia Nacional de Hidrocarburos
  Alliance for Natural Health
ANI  Artificial Narrow Intelligence
ANL  Argonne National Laboratory
  Assemblée Nationale Législative
ANM  Autodromo Nazionale di Monza
ANN  Artificial Neural Network
ANP  Aircraft Nuclear Propulsion
  Algemeen Nederlands Persbureau
ANS  Actiefront Nationale Socialisten
  Algemene Nederlandse Spraakkunst
  Astronomische Nederlandse Satelliet
ANT  Actor Network Theory
AOA  Agreement On Agriculture
  Angle Of Attack
AOB  Alcohol On Board
  Association of Brewers
AOC  Active Optical Cable
  Agents Of Chaos
  Alexandria Ocasio Cortez
  Appellation d\'Origine Contrôlée
AOD  Access Occlusion Device
AOF  Algemien Onbeschoft Frysk
AOI  Analog Optical Isolator
AOL  America On-Line
  Army Of Lovers
AON  Active Optical Network
  Art Of Noise
AOP  Abonnee-Overnamepunt
  Aspect-Oriented Programming
AOQ  Acción Ortográfica Quito
AOS  Acquisition Of Signal
AOT  Autobus Onderneming Texel
AOV  Arbitrary Output Variable
AOW  Algemene Ouderdomswet
APA  American Philosophical Association
  American Psychological Association
APB  Algemene Politiek Beschouwingen
  Algemene Politieke Beschouwingen
APC  Armoured Personnel Carrier
  Armoured Personnel Coffin
  Asynchronous Procedure Calls
APD  Attention Point Document.
API  Advance Passenger Information
  American Political Ideology
  Application Program Interface
APK  Algemene Periodieke Keuring
APL  AIK Public Licence
  American Protective League
  Applied Physical Letters
APO  Acting Pilot Officer
  Acute Pulmonary Oedema
  Advanced Planner and Optimizer
  African Political Organization
  Apache Point Observatory
  Armenian Philharmonic Orchestra
  Army Post Office
  Association for Professional Observers
  Audio Processing Object
  Außerparlamentarische Opposition
  Authorized Personnel Only
APP  amyloïdprecursorproteïne
  Apple Proprietary Protocol
APR  Annual Percentage Rate
  Apache Portable Runtime
APS  Advanced patching systems
  American Physical Society
  Automated Photons and Sorcery
APT  Advanced Persistent Threat
  Application Portfolio Transparency
APV  Algemene Plaatselijke Verordening
AQI  Al-Qaeda in Iraq
ARB  Architecture Review Board
ARC  Adaptive Replacement Cache
  Advanced Research Computing
  Automatic Reference Counting
ARD  Algemeine Rundfund Deutschlands
ARE  Assistant Resident Engineer
ARF  Amplification Risk Factor
  Automatic Response file
ARG  Argh (als in arghl als je verpletterd wordt of zo; ook \'Kasteel van ~\')
ARK  Ardipithecus Ramidus Kadabba
ARL  Applied Reinforcement Learning
ARM  Acorn RISC Machine
  Acorn Risc Machines
  Application Response Measurement
  Asteroid Redirect Mission
ARO  Aliens Registration Office
ARP  Address Resolution Protocol
  Alan Richard Pearlman
  Anti Revolutionaire Partij
ARS  Account Registration System
ART  Advanced Render Technology
ARV  Armed Response Vehicle
ARW  Alfred Russel Wallace
ASA  Advertising Standards Authority
  American Standards Association
  Atom Splitter Audio
ASB  Aluminium Service Breukelen
  American Salivating Boytalk
  Anti-Social Behaviour
  Arundel Special Bitter
ASC  Administratief Service Centrum
  Alabama Supreme Court
  Amsterdamsch Studenten Corps
  Autism Spectrum Condition
ASD  Amazing SlowDowner
  Amazingly Slow Designer
  Animal Science Department
  Autism Spectrum Disorder
ASF  Advanced Streaming Format
  All Species Foundation
  Apache Software Foundation
  Audio Spectral Frontend
ASI  Approach Slope Indicator
  Artificial Superintelligence
ASL  American Sign Language
ASM  Architect Steppa Mix
  Assistant Stage Manager
ASN  Algemene Spaarbank Nederland
  Amyotrofische Schouder Neuralgie
ASO  Amaury Sport Organisation
ASP  Active Server Page
  Application Service Provider
  Association of Stage Pyrotechnicians
ASQ  Autism Spectrum Quotient
ASR  AMEV/Stad Rotterdam
  Anti-Slip Regeling
ASS  All Stood Still
AST  Adaptive Staggered Tilted
  Alibaba Security Team
  Application Security Testing
ASU  Adressspeicherumschaltung
ASV  Algemene Senaten Vergadering
ASW  Algemene Sociale Wetenschappen
ATA  Advanced Technology Attachment
  Analog Telephone Adapter
  Anti Theist Allegiance
ATB  All Terrain Bike
  Amsterdam Trade Bank
  Automatische Treinbeïnvloeding
ATC  Air Traffic Control
  Australian Texel Corporation
ATD  After Tea Dip
  Amused To Death
ATF  Advanced Tactical Fighter
  Alcohol Tobacco Fire arms
  Amateur Theaterfestival
ATG  Art Technology Group
ATH  All Time High
ATM  Adobe Type Manager
  At The Moment
  Automatic Teller Machine
ATO  Approved Training Organisation
ATP  Adenosine TriPhosphate
  Administratief en Technisch Personeel
  Advanced Total Presets
  Advanced Travel Partner
  Aircraft Technical Publishers
  Alaska Teacher Placement
  Association of Tennis Professionals
  Association of Test Publishers
  Australian Tax Practice
  Australian Technology Park
  Availability To Promise
ATR  Advanced Tongue Root
ATS  Air Traffic Services
ATT  Automatic Tampon Trigger
ATU  Audio Terror Unit
ATV  ArbeidsTijdVerkorting
ATW  All The Way
  Atari Transputer Workstation
ATZ  Aerodrome Traffic Zone
AUB  Als 't U Belieft
  Amsterdams Uit Bureau
  Amsterdams Uitgaan Bedrijf
AUC  Area Under the Curve
AUI  Attachment Unit Interface
AUP  Acceptable Use Policy
AUW  All Up Weight
AVD  Android Virtual Device
AVG  Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming
  Anti-Virus Guard
AVI  Audio Video Interleaved
AVN  Adult Video News
  Association Vinçotte Nucléaire
AVP  Academie Voor Popcultuur
  Amstelveens Video Paleis
  Amsterdam Video Post
AVR  Audio Visual Research
AVS  Algemene Vereniging Schoolleiders
  Application Visualization System
AVT  Alles Valt Tegen
AWA  Arctic World Archive
AWB  Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging
  Auto White Balance
  Average White Band
AWE  Adress Windowing Extension
  Advanced Weapons Elevators
AWF  Anti-Wokistisch Front
AWG  Animal Welfare Guidelines
  Anthropocene Working Group
AWI  Animal Welfare Institute
AWK  Aho, Weinberger, Kernighan
AWM  Animation Works Movie
AWP  Algemene Waterschapspartij
AWS  Amazon Web Service
  Amos W. Steinhacker
AWT  Abstract Window Toolkit
AYB  All Your Base
AZC  Asielzoekers Centrum
AZG  Academisch Ziekenhuis Groningen
  Artsen Zonder Grenzen
AZL  Academisch Ziekenhuis Leiden
AZM  Academisch Ziekenhuis Maastrich
AZU  Academisch Ziekenhuis Utrecht