Since 1998, the Casia Corporation Holland have been working on The Definitive TLA Wörterbuch to help people find their way in the ever growing intellectual chaos caused by the late-twentieth century tendency to use as many acronyms in the daily communication as possible. Especially acronyms with a length of three letters have been and continue to be immensly popular, not only in Information and Communication Technology circles, but also among people in more mundane fields of labour; a tendency that has mushroomed with the advent of mobile communication and the combined growing popularity of Short Message Services.

At present, there are 7162 (4355 distinct) TLA's in the database.

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UL   Local Unicast Label

AAA  Agricultural Adjustments Administration
  Allianza Anticommunista Argentina
  Anti-Aircraft Artilery
  Australian Army Aviation
AAB  Alliance Agricole Belge
AAC  Advanced Audio Coding
  Aluminium Anodizers Council
  Augmentative and Alternative Communication
AAD  after-ALD-dip
  Analog/Analog/Digital (master/mix/record)
AAE  Alpha Amylase Enzyme
  American Association of Endodontists
  Australasian Antarctic Expedition
AAF  Allied Air Forces
  American Air Forces
AAG  Actieteam Aardbevingen Garrelsweer
  Artsen Alternatieve Geneeswijze
AAH  Association for Art History
AAI  Aircraft Accident Investigation
  American Association of Immunologists
AAJ  American Association of Jurists
AAK  Allgemeines AufäumKommando
AAL  Aid Association for Lutherans
AAM  Air to Air Missile
AAN  Association of Alternative Newsweeklies
AAO  Anglo Australian Observatory
AAP  Assisterend Academisch Personeel
  Australian Associated Press
AAQ  Association des Anesthésiologistes du Québec
AAR  Amino Acid Racemization
  Application of Air Regulation
  Association of American Railroads
AAS  Acta Apostolicae Sedis
AAT  Administration de l'Assistence Technique
AAU  Alpha Acid Unit
  Association of American Universities
AAV  Algemene Administratieve Voorschriften
AAW  Air Attack Warning
  Algemene ArbeidsongeschiktheidsWet
  Asociale Achterlijke Wappie
AAX  Amino Acid miX
AAY  Asociación de Ajedrecistas del Estado de Yucatán
AAZ  Ausbildungs- und Analyse-Zentrum
ABA  Aanjaagteam Bescherming Arbeidsmigranten
  American Bar Association
  Australian Broadcasting Authority
ABB  Amsterdamse BierBak
  Asea Brown Boveri
ABC  Alcoholic Beverage Control
  All British Cycle
  American Book Centre
  Anchor Brewing Company
  Atheist Bus Campaign
  Australian Broadcasting Corporation
ABD  After Beer Dip
  Association Belge de Documentation
ABE  Alternative Best-Effort
ABF  Amyloid Beta Fibers
  Asia Business Forum
ABG  Alpha Beta Gamma
ABI  American Bankruptcy Institute
ABJ  Arbeitsgemeinschaft Bayerischer Junglehrer
ABK  Autodeterminazioaren BiltzarraK
ABL  Academia Brasileira de Letras
ABM  Anti ballistic Missile
ABN  Algemeen Beschaafd Nederlands
  Algemene Bank Nederland
ABO  Alle Biertjes Open
  Arbitrary Bucket Order
  Association of British Orchestras
  Autonoom Beeldende Ontwikkeling
ABP  AdBlock Plus
  Algemeen Burgerlijk Pensioenfonds
  American Board of Pediatrics
  American Border Patrol
ABQ  Art Buisness Exchange
  Associacao Brasileira de Quimica
ABR  Accredited Buyer Representative
ABS  Absoluut
  Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
  American Bureau of Shipping
  Anti-Blokkeer Systeem
ABT  American Ballet Theater
ABU  Asiapacific Broadcasting Union
ABV  Alcohol by Volume
ABW  Alcohol By Weight
  Algemeen Beschaafd Waps
  Automatisierung + Bildverarbeitung Dr. Wolf
ABY  Alliance of Baptist Youth
ABZ  Algemeen Bestuurlijke Zaken
ACA  Australian Communications Authority
ACC  Adaptve Cruise Control
  Administrative Committee on Coordination
  Amazon Currency Converter
  Amsterdamse Cricket Club
  Anthropogenic Climate Change
ACD  Atmospheric Chemistry Division
  Australian Committee of Dentists
ACE  Accellerated Christian Education
  Additional Core Enhancement
  Advanced Composition Explorer
  angiotensin-converting enzym
  Assured Computing Environment
ACF  Academic Competition Federation
ACG  Aesthetics and Computation Group
  Agile Contracteren and Governanve
  Association for Corporate Growth
ACH  Automated Clearing House
ACI  Accusativus Cum Infinitivo
  Automobile Club d'Italia
ACJ  American Committee on Jerusalem
ACK  Arbeitsgemeinschaft Christlicher Kirchen
  Awesome Kennisclip
ACL  Access Control List
  Association of Christian Librarians
ACM  Association for Computing Machinery
  Autoriteit Consument en Markt
ACN  Adventist Communication Network
ACO  Australian Chamber Orchestra
ACP  Adaptive Configuration Pattern
  Airspace Change Proposal
  Algemeen Christelijke Politiebond
  American Center for Physics
ACQ  Association de la Construction du Québec
ACR  Air Crew Regulation
  American College of Radiology
ACS  Actie Comité Schepping
  Adobe Creative Suite
  American Chemical Society
  Australian Computer Society
ACT  Aandachtgerichte Cognitieve Therapie
  Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
  Access to Covid Tools
  American Conservatory Theater
  Americans Coming Together
ACU  Aktiecentrum Utrecht
  Amateur Class United
  Arithmetic & Control Unit
  Australian Catholic University
ACV  Arctic Code Vault
  Asynchronous Copy and Verify
ACW  Asia Computer Weekly
ACX  alpha-cyclodextrin (cyclohexa-amylose)
ACY  Advocates for Children and Youth
ACZ  Aero-Club Zwickau
ADA  Air Defence Artillery
  Airborne Data Automation
  American Dairy Association
  American Dental Association
  American Dietetic Association
ADB  Apple Desktop Bus
ADC  Adward Drinker Cope
  Air Data Computer
  America's Dumbest Criminals
  Analog to Digital Converter
ADD  After Dinner Dip
  Altijd Dezelfde Discussie
  Asshole Driven development
  Attention Deficit Disorder
ADE  Amsterdam Dance Event
  Antibody Dependent Enhancement
ADF  Amiga disk file
  Automatic Direction Finder
ADG  Air Defense Group
ADH  Advanced Development Hardware
ADI  Air Defense Intercept
ADJ  Australian Dental Journal
ADK  Application Definable Keys
ADL  Activities of Daily Living
  Ada Lovelace Day
  adaptor description library
  Anti-Defamation Legue
ADM  After Dark MultiModule
  Atomic Demolition Munition
ADN  Automatic Digital Network
ADO  ActiveX Data Object
  Alles Door Oefening
ADP  Acquisition Data Processor
  Alles Doet Pijn
  Attach Detection Protocol
  Automatic Device Provisioning
ADR  Actief Donor Registratiesysteem
  Aeroporto Di Roma
  Architecture Decision Record
  Automated Diagog Replacement
ADS  Advanced Degaussing System
ADT  Abnormal Data Type
  Advanced Digital Technology
  American Dental Trading
ADU  Accumulation & Distribution Unit
ADV  arbeidsduurverkorting
ADW  Air Defense Warning
ADX  Accumulation/Distribution Index
ADZ  Air Defense Zone
AEA  Atomic Energy Act
AEB  Afval Energie Bedrijf
AEC  Asociación Española de Cricket
  Atomic Energy Commission
AEE  Acronym Eieren Eten
AEG  Allgemeine Elektrizitäts Gesellschaft
AEI  Airfield Elevation Information
  American Enterprise Institute
AEO  Authorized Economic Operator
AES  Advanced Encryption Standard
AEX  Amsterdam Exchange Index
AFA  Air Force Academy
  Anti-Facistische Actie
AFB  Air Force Base
  Ashfall Fossil Beds
AFC  Algemeen Fysisch Colloquium
AFD  Assistant Flight Director
AFH  Adaptive Frequency Hopping
AFI  A Fire Inside
AFK  Away From Keyboard
AFM  Automatic Functionpoint Measurement
  Autoriteit Financiële Markten
AFO  Authorised Firearms Officer
AFP  Above Fifty Percent
AFR  Anders Fogh Rasmussen
AFS  Air Fuel Synthesis
  Apple Financial Services
AFT  Adobe Flex Technology
AFU  Artificial Feel Unit
AGA  AB Gas-Accumulator
  Advanced Graphics Architecture
  all grid array
  American Gas Association
AGB  Alexander Graham Bell
AGC  Apollo Guidance Computer
  Apollo Guidance Computers
AGH  America's Godly Heritage
AGI  Artificial General Intelligence
AGK  Aircraft General Knowledge
AGM  Absorbed Glass Mat
  Annual General Meeting
AGN  Active Galactic Nuclei
  Active Galactic Nucleus
AGP  Accelerated Graphics Port
AGR  After Gear Room
  Amstel Gold Race
AGS  Adobe Genuine Service
  Auto Gaat Sneller
AGV  Automated Guided Vehicle
AGW  Anaal Genomen Worden
  Anthropogenic Global Warming
AHA  Alert Holding Area
  Alpha Hydroxy Acid
  American Heart Association
  American Homeowners Association (stakkers)
AHC  Aller Heiligen Convent
AHE  Austro-Hungarian Empire
AHM  Atom Heart Mother
AHR  Atari Hamster Riot
AIB  Alles Is Bagger
AIC  Aeronautical Information Circulation
  animal-industrial complex
AIF  Audio Interchange File
AIG  American International Group
  Answers In Genesis
AIK   Astronomia i Kosmos
  Academie In Kernwoorden (TM)
  Aircraft Installation Kit
  Akedemie für Informations- und Kommunikations design
  All Insect Killer
  Alle Internationale Komplotten
  Alles Is Koffie
  Alles Is Kut
  Allmänna Idrottsklubben
  American Indoor Karting
  Antiimperialistische Koordination
  APO Immobilien-Kapitalanlagegesellschaft
  Apple is kut
  Associated Industries of Kentucky
  Associazione Italiana Killifish
  Automated Installation Kit
AIM  American Indian Movement
  AOL Instant Messenger
  Auto Import Maatschappij
AIO  Assistent In Opleiding
AIP  Aeronautical Information Publication
  Alaskan Independence Party
  Auteursrecht InformatiePunt
  Auteursrechten Informatie Punt
AIR  Annals of Improbable Research
AIS  Aeronautical Information Service
  All Inn Squash
  Alles Is Saai
  Australian Institute of Sport
AIT  Alles Is Traag
AIV  Adviesraad Internationale Vraagstukken
AIW  AIK is woke
  Alles Is Wut
AJC  Annie Jump Canon
  Atlanta Journal-Constitution
AJD  Aantrekkelijk Jong Ding
AJT  Austerity Jizm Tsunami
AKA  Also Known As
AKI  Automatische Knipperlichtinstallatie
AKK  Alles Klinkt Kut
AKO  Algemene Kiosk Onderneming
  Amsterdamsche Kiosk Onderneming
AKR  Auroral Kilometric Radiation
ALD  After Lunch Dip
ALE  Asynchronous Lint Engine
ALF  Alien Life Form
  Animal Liberation Front
ALL  Acute lymphoblastic leukemia
  Algemeen Letterkundig Lexicon
ALM  Application Lifecycle Management
ALS  Amyotrofische Lateraal Sclerose
ALT  Anthonie van Leeuwenhoek Terrein
  Applied Laser Technology
ALU  Arithmetic Logic Unit
ALV  Algemene LedenVergadering
AMA  American Medical Association
AMC  Academisch Medisch Centrum
  Acceptable Means of Compliance
  Arizona Meteor Crater
  Aviation Medical Center
AMD  Advanced Micro Devices
  Alles Moet Dood
AMF  Arbeit Macht Frei
AMG  Annales de Musee Guimet
  Aufrecht Melcher Großaspach
AMH  Alaska Marine Highway
AMI  Amazon Machine Image
AMK  Afspraak Met Kapper
AML  Accomplished Marathon Lounger
AMO  Algemene Militaire Opleiding
AMP  Accelerated Mobile Pages
  Anger Management Problem
AMR  Ancient Mystery Religion
AMS  Ablepharon-Macrostomia Syndrome
  Aboriginal Media Services
  Academic Management Services
  Academic Management System
  Academic Monitoring System
  Agricultural Marketing Service
  All Meat Syndrome
  Apron Management Services
AMT  Automated Manual Transmission
ANA  Administration for Native Americans
  After Nappy Accident
ANC  Active Noise Cancellation
  African National Congres
  Amsterdam Network Collective
  Arlington National Cemetery
AND  Active Network Diagram
  Active Nutation Damping
  Advanced Network Design
  Aircraft Nose Down
  Allow Natural Death
  Alpha Numeric Display
  Asiatic Newcastle Disease
  Automatic Network Dialing
  Average Nipple Diameter
ANH  A New Hope
  Agencia Nacional de Hidrocarburos
  Alliance for Natural Health
ANI  Artificial Narrow Intelligence
ANL  Argonne National Laboratory
  Assemblée Nationale Législative
ANM  Autodromo Nazionale di Monza
ANN  Artificial Neural Network
ANP  Aircraft Nuclear Propulsion
  Algemeen Nederlands Persbureau
ANS  Actiefront Nationale Socialisten
  Algemene Nederlandse Spraakkunst
  Astronomische Nederlandse Satelliet
ANT  Actor Network Theory
AOA  Agreement On Agriculture
  Angle Of Attack
AOB  Association of Brewers
AOC  Active Optical Cable
  Agents Of Chaos
  Alexandria Ocasio Cortez
  Appellation d\'Origine Contrôlée
AOD  Access Occlusion Device
AOF  Algemien Onbeschoft Frysk
AOI  Analog Optical Isolator
AOL  America On-Line
  Army Of Lovers
AON  Active Optical Network
  Art Of Noise
AOP  Abonnee-Overnamepunt
  Aspect-Oriented Programming
AOQ  Acción Ortográfica Quito
AOS  Acquisition Of Signal
AOT  Autobus Onderneming Texel
AOV  Arbitrary Output Variable
AOW  Algemene Ouderdomswet
APA  American Philosophical Association
  American Psychological Association
APB  Algemene Politiek Beschouwingen
  Algemene Politieke Beschouwingen
APC  Armoured Personnel Carrier
  Armoured Personnel Coffin
  Asynchronous Procedure Calls
APD  Attention Point Document.
API  Advance Passenger Information
  American Political Ideology
  Application Program Interface
APK  Algemene Periodieke Keuring
APL  AIK Public Licence
  American Protective League
APO  Acting Pilot Officer
  Acute Pulmonary Oedema
  Advanced Planner and Optimizer
  African Political Organization
  Apache Point Observatory
  Armenian Philharmonic Orchestra
  Army Post Office
  Association for Professional Observers
  Audio Processing Object
  Außerparlamentarische Opposition
  Authorized Personnel Only
APP  amyloïdprecursorproteïne
  Apple Proprietary Protocol
APR  Annual Percentage Rate
  Apache Portable Runtime
APS  Advanced patching systems
  American Physical Society
  Automated Photons and Sorcery
APT  Advanced Persistent Threat
  Application Portfolio Transparency
APV  Algemene Plaatselijke Verordening
AQI  Al-Qaeda in Iraq
ARB  Architecture Review Board
ARC  Adaptive Replacement Cache
  Automatic Reference Counting
ARD  Algemeine Rundfund Deutschlands
ARE  Assistant Resident Engineer
ARF  Amplification Risk Factor
  Automatic Response file
ARG  Argh (als in arghl als je verpletterd wordt of zo; ook \'Kasteel van ~\')
ARK  Ardipithecus Ramidus Kadabba
ARL  Applied Reinforcement Learning
ARM  Acorn RISC Machine
  Acorn Risc Machines
  Application Response Measurement
  Asteroid Redirect Mission
ARO  Aliens Registration Office
ARP  Address Resolution Protocol
  Alan Richard Pearlman
  Anti Revolutionaire Partij
ARS  Account Registration System
ART  Advanced Render Technology
ARV  Armed Response Vehicle
ARW  Alfred Russel Wallace
ASA  Advertising Standards Authority
  American Standards Association
  Atom Splitter Audio
ASB  Aluminium Service Breukelen
  American Salivating Boytalk
  Arundel Special Bitter
  Asocial Behaviour
ASC  Administratief Service Centrum
  Alabama Supreme Court
  Amsterdamsch Studenten Corps
  Autism Spectrum Condition
ASD  Amazing SlowDowner
  Amazingly Slow Designer
  Animal Science Department
  Autism Spectrum Disorder
ASF  Advanced Streaming Format
  All Species Foundation
  Apache Software Foundation
ASI  Approach Slope Indicator
  Artificial Superintelligence
ASL  American Sign Language
ASM  Architect Steppa Mix
  Assistant Stage Manager
ASN  Algemene Spaarbank Nederland
  Amyotrofische Schouder Neuralgie
ASO  Amaury Sport Organisation
ASP  Active Server Page
  Application Service Provider
  Association of Stage Pyrotechnicians
ASQ  Autism Spectrum Quotient
ASR  AMEV/Stad Rotterdam
  Anti-Slip Regeling
ASS  All Stood Still
AST  Adaptive Staggered Tilted
  Alibaba Security Team
  Application Security Testing
ASU  Adressspeicherumschaltung
ASV  Algemene Senaten Vergadering
ASW  Algemene Sociale Wetenschappen
ATA  Advanced Technology Attachment
  Analog Telephone Adapter
  Anti Theist Allegiance
ATB  All Terrain Bike
  Amsterdam Trade Bank
  Automatische Treinbeïnvloeding
ATC  Air Traffic Control
  Australian Texel Corporation
ATD  After Tea Dip
  Amused To Death
ATF  Advanced Tactical Fighter
  Alcohol Tobacco Fire arms
  Amateur Theaterfestival
ATG  Art Technology Group
ATH  All Time High
ATM  Adobe Type Manager
  At The Moment
  Automatic Teller Machine
ATO  Approved Training Organisation
ATP  Adenosine TriPhosphate
  Administratief en Technisch Personeel
  Advanced Total Presets
  Advanced Travel Partner
  Aircraft Technical Publishers
  Alaska Teacher Placement
  Association of Tennis Professionals
  Association of Test Publishers
  Australian Tax Practice
  Australian Technology Park
  Availability To Promise
ATR  Advanced Tongue Root
ATS  Air Traffic Services
ATT  Automatic Tampon Trigger
ATU  Audio Terror Unit
ATV  ArbeidsTijdVerkorting
ATW  All The Way
  Atari Transputer Workstation
ATZ  Aerodrome Traffic Zone
AUB  Als 't U Belieft
  Amsterdams Uit Bureau
  Amsterdams Uitgaan Bedrijf
AUC  Area Under the Curve
AUI  Attachment Unit Interface
AUP  Acceptable Use Policy
AUW  All Up Weight
AVD  Android Virtual Device
AVG  Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming
  Anti-Virus Guard
AVI  Audio Video Interleaved
AVN  Adult Video News
  Association Vinçotte Nucléaire
AVP  Academie Voor Popcultuur
  Amstelveens Video Paleis
  Amsterdam Video Post
AVR  Audio Visual Research
AVS  Algemene Vereniging Schoolleiders
  Application Visualization System
AVT  Alles Valt Tegen
AWB  Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging
  Auto White Balance
  Average White Band
AWE  Adress Windowing Extension
AWF  Anti-Wokistisch Front
AWG  Animal Welfare Guidelines
  Anthropocene Working Group
AWI  Animal Welfare Institute
AWK  Aho, Weinberger, Kernighan
AWM  Animation Works Movie
AWP  Algemene Waterschapspartij
AWS  Amazon Web Service
  Amos W. Steinhacker
AWT  Abstract Window Toolkit
AYB  All Your Base
AZC  Asielzoekers Centrum
AZG  Academisch Ziekenhuis Groningen
  Artsen Zonder Grenzen
AZL  Academisch Ziekenhuis Leiden
AZM  Academisch Ziekenhuis Maastrich
AZU  Academisch Ziekenhuis Utrecht

BAA  Beers Across America
  British Astronomical Association
BAB  Big Agro Beulsknechtje
BAC  Benoemingsadviescommissie
  BizTalk Administrative Console
  Born Against Christians
BAE  Beta Amylase Enzyme
BAF  Biologically Appropiate Food
BAG  Bundesambt für Güterverkehr
BAH  Basic Allowance for Housing
  Booz Allen Hamilton
BAK  Biohybrid Artificial Kidney
BAL  Buy A Life
BAM  Bataafsche Aanneming Mij
  Bescherming Akoestisch Milieu
  Brooklyn Academy of Music
  Business Activity Monitoring
BAP  Born Again Pagan
BAR  Birds Aren't Real
  British American Racing
BAS  British Antarctic Survey
BAT  British American Tobacco
BBA  Brabantse Buurtspoorwegen & Autodiensten
BBB  Ball-By-Ball
  Bewust Beschonken Bestuurder
  Big Boobs Baby
  Biologische Bakkers Brigade
  Boer Ballen Beweging
  Boeren Burger Beweging
  Bonte Bentheimer Bosvarken
  Build Back Better
  Bye Bye Baby
BBC  Baltimore Brewing Company
  Berkshire Brewing Company
  Billionaire Boys Club
  Boston Beer Company
  British Beer Company
  British Broadcasting Corporation
BBD  Bart Bashing Day
  Bucket Brigade Device
BBE  Bijzondere Bijstands Eenheid van de Mariniers
  Bijzondere Bijstands-Eenheid
BBG  Best Buy Guide
  Buys Ballotgebouw
BBH  Bijlmer BierHut
BBK  Back Behind Keyboard
BBL  Be Back Later
  Beroeps Begeleidende Leerweg
  Big Bash League
  Buys-Ballot Laboratorium
BBN  Bolt, Beranek and Newman
  Bolt, Beranek, and Newman
BBP  Behoorlijk Beroerde Powerpoint
  Bruto Binnenlands Product
BBQ  BarBeQue
BBR  Basisbedrijvenregister
  Broken Beyond Repair
BBS  Be Back Soon
  Bureau Buitenlandse Stages
BBT  Boing Boom Tschak
  The Big Bang Theory
BBW  Bayrische Bohrerwerke
  Boston Beer Works
BCA  Battery Charged Assembly
BCC  Bakker (Carel en Coos)
  Bakker, Cash & Carry
  Blind Carbon Copy
  body-centered cubic
  British Chamber of Commerce
BCD  Best Costume Design
  Binary Coded Decimal
  BizTalk Certified Developer
  Buoiancy Control Device
BCE  Before Common Era
BCF  Brabantse Carnavals Federatie
BCG  Boston Consulting Group
BCH  Boot Console Handler
BCL  Binary Control Language
BCN  Behoud Consumentenvuurwerk Nederland
BCO  Blokcoördinatorenoverleg
  Bron- en Contactonderzoek
BCP  Badly Construed Proposal
  Book Of Common Prayer
  Brain Centrifuge Project
BCR  Baseline Cost Report
BCS  Bar Code Sorter
  Basic Class Structure
  Britisch Computer Society
BDA  Battle Damage Assessment
  Blonde Dames Avond.
  Bomb Damage Assessment
  British Dental Association
BDB  Beer Day Britain
  Big Dumb Booster
  Bijeenkomst Dagelijks Bestuur
  Bonzo Dog Band
BDD  Business Desktop Deployment
BDE  Bijna Dood Ervaring
  Bundesverbant Deutscher Eisenbahnen, Kraftverkehre und Seilbahnen
BDK  Baloney Detection Kit
BDM  British Documentary Movement
  Bund Deutscher Mädel
BDP  Beer Dodging Pussies
  Bovenste Dode Punt
BDR  Bund Deutscher Radfahrer
BDU  Battle Dress Uniform
BEA  Bill (Coleman,) Ed (Scott,) Alfred (Chuang)
BEC  Bose-Einstein Condensate
BEG  Big Evil Grin
BEM  British Empire Medal
BEN  Backbone Edge Node
BES  Budget Estimate Submission
BET  Bigger English Titties
BEV  Black English Vernicular
BFB  Big Fucking Booster
BFC  Brute Force Computing
BFE  Big Freaking Enterprise
BFF  Best Friends Forever
BFG  Big Fucking Gun
BFP  Belgische Federaal Parket
BFR  Big Falcon Rocket
  Big Fucking Rocket
  Brominated Flame Retardants
BFS  Big Fucking Spaceship
  Brute Force Solutions
BFT  Byzantine Fault Tolerance
BFW  Bio-Farmaceutische Wetenschappen
BGA  Brain Graphics Adapter
BGI  Baked Global Illumination
  Benelux Game Initiative
BGL  BlueGene/L
BGM  Big Gay Moustache
BGP  Border Gateway Protocol
BHB  Bek Houden Buiten
BHC  Black Hole Computer
BHO  Barack Hussein Obama
  Browser Helper Object
  butane hash oil
BHU  Bar Han University
BHV  Bedrijfshulpverlening
  Brussel Halle Vilvoorde
BIA  Bureau of Indian Affairs
BIB  Beter In Bed
BIC  Bank Identifier Code
BIE  Bulletin de L'institute d'Egypte
BIG  Bier Is Goed
  Biglietto Integrato Giornaliero
BIH  Bart's Idiote Hobby
BIJ  Believing in June
  Bureau d'Information Jeunesse
  Business Insight Japan
BIM  Bossche Investerings Maatschappij
BIN  Belgisch Instituut voor Normalisatie
BIO  Beroepen in het Onderwijs
  Bier Is Op
BIS  Bulk Ice Storage
  Bums In Seats
BIT  Binary Digit
BIV  Beschikbaarheid, Integriteit, Vertrouwelijkheid
BJT  Bipolar Junction Transistor
BKA  Bundeskriminalamt
BKB  Booij, Klusman en Van Bruggen
BKE  Basiskwalificatie Examinatoren
BKN  Branchevereniging Kringloopbedrijven Nederland
BLA  British Learning Association
BLE  Bluetooth Low Energy
BLF  Brick Liberation Front
BLM  Black Lives Matter
BLT  Bacon Lettuce Tomato
BMA  British Medical Association
  Projectbureau Bevordering Mestafzet
BMC  Baseboard Management Controller
  Bicycle Manufacturing Company
  Binaire Meisjes Club
  Brand Meld Centrale
  British Motor Company
BMD  Ballistic Missile Defence
BME  Baumann Musik Elektronik
BMI  Body-Mass Index
BMJ  British Medial Journal
BML  Bart Maakt Loterijwinning
BMO  Big Module Object
BMP  Bean Managed Persistence
  Best Management Practices
BMS  Brook Management Support
BMT  Beeld en Media Technologie
BMW  Beierische Motor Werke
BMX  Bicycle Motorcross
BNA  Before Nappy Accident
BNB  Banque Nationale de Belgique
  Bond van Nederlandse Bestekdeskundigen
  Bulgarian National Bank
BNC  Bayonet Neill-Concelman
BND  Brand New Day
  Buy Nothing Day
BNF  Backus–Naur Form
BNL  Block Nested Loops
  Brookshaven National Laboratory
BNN  Barts News Network
BNO  Beroepsorganisatie Nederlandse Ontwerpers
BNP  Banque Nationale de Paris
  British National Party
  Bruto Nationaal Product
BNR  Business Nieuws Radio
BNS  Belgian Navy Ship
BOA  buitengewoon opsporingsambtenaar
BOB  Band Of Brothers
  Battery Operated Boyfriend
BOC  Blue Oyster Cult
BOK  BeroepsOrganisatie Kunstenaars
  Body Of Knowledge
  Branchevereniging Ondernemers in de Kinderopvang
BOL  Beginning Of Life
  Beroeps Opleidende Leerweg
  Bill Of Lading
BOM  Best Of Mix
  Bewust Ongehuwde Moeder
  Byte Order Mark
BOO  Beroepsonderwijs en -opleidingen
BOR  Bill Of Rights
BOS  Best of Show
BOT  Begin Of Tape
  Beginning Of Transaction
  Benen Op Tafel
  Block Ordered Textures
BOW   Belangenbehartiging Omwonenden Welschap
BOZ  Bureau OnderwijsZaken
BPA  Boot Problems Anonymous
  Business Projects Assistant
BPB  Blikje - Plop - Bier
BPD  Beijing Propaganda Department
BPF  Band Pass Filter
BPG  Black Prince Games
BPM  Bataafse Petroleum Maatschappij
  Beats Per Minute
  Belasting Personenauto's en Motorrijwielen
  Business Process Mapping
  Business Process Modeling
BPN  Beer and Pizza Night
  Belangenvereniging Pyrotechniek Nederland
BPO  Buisiness Process Outsourcing
BPR  Bureau Productregistratie
  Business Process Redesign
BPS  Belgian Physical Society
BPU  Branch Predictor Unit
BPV  Beroepspraktijkvorming
  Bromley Parent Voice
BRB  Be Right Back
  Beelzebub Rules Below
  Black Rhythm Records
BRC  Bicycle Repair Cunts
BRE  Beneficial Relating Elements
  Business Rule Engine
BRF  Beer Recipe Formulator
BRI  Basic Rate Interface
  Basis Registratie Instellingen
BRL  BTT Rate Limiter
BRM  Bicycle Repair Man
BRT  Be Right There
  Belgische Radio & Televisie
BRU  Backup and Restore Utility
  Bestuur Regio Utrecht
BSA  Bindend Studie Advies
  Birmingham Small Arms Company
  Boy Scouts of America
  Burma Star Ale
  Business Software Alliance
BSB  Brigade Speciale Beveiligingen
  Brigade Speciale Beveiligingsopdrachten
BSC  Bachelor of Science
  Balance Score Card
  Bat Shit Crazy
BSD  Berkeley Software Distribution
  Blue Screen of Death
BSE  Black Sun Empire
  Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy
BSF  Bundes Schweizerischer Frauenvereine
BSG  BattleStar Galactica
BSI  Brilliance Semiconductor Inc
  Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik
BSN  Burgerservicenummer
BSO  Buitenschoolse Opvang
BSP  Binary Space Partitioning
  Boy Scout Principle
BSS  Basic Safety Standards
BST  Binary Search Tree
BSW  Bündnis Sahra Wagenknecht
BTB  Branch Target Buffer
BTD  Bored To Death
BTG  Big Titty Girlfriend
BTL  Bart's TODO Lijstje (alhoewel het sneller gaat als je het door de andere BTL laat doen)
  Belize Telecommunications Limited
  Bond Tegen Leenwoorden
BTO  Bachman-Turner Overdrive
  Build To Order
BTP  Boston Tea Party
BTR  Benjamin Thompson Rumford
BTS  Bangtan Sonyeondan
BTT  Bart TLA Tsunami
BTU  British Thermal Units
BTW  Belasting Toegevoegde Waarde
  By The Way
BTZ  Billiton Titaan Zink
BUE  Bad User Error
BUG  Back Up Generator
  Back Up Gun
  BCL Users Group
  Big Ugly Goof
BUT  Best Use of Technology
BVA  Bowling Vereniging Amsterdam
BVD  Bij Voorbaat Dank
  Binnenlandse Veiligheidsdienst
BVH  Bounding Volume Hierarchy
BVM  Bier Voor Mannen
BVO  Biertje Voor Onderweg
BVS  Buffy the Vampire Slayer
BWM  Boze Witte Man
BWO  Body Without Organs
BWP  Brain Wave Protocol
BWS  Black Widow Spider
BWT  Best Water Technology
BWV  Bach Werke Verzeichnis
  Body-Worn Video
BYD  Build Your Dreams
BYO  Bring Your Own
BZB  Band Zonder Banaan
BZK  Belgen Zijn Kut
BZN  Band Zonder Naam

CAA  Chicago Antifascist Action
  Civil Aviation Authority
  Constant Angular Acceleration
CAB  Change Advisory Board
  Complex Active Bodies
CAC   Codex Alimentarius Commissie
  Compartmented Advisory Committee
CAD  Cartridge Actuator Device
  Computer Aided Design
  Computer Aided Despatch
CAF  Cancelable Async Flows
  Combiteams Aanpak Facilitators
CAG  Carrier Air Group
CAI  centrale antenne-installatie
  Clark Art Institute
CAM  Computer Aided Manufacturing
  Continuous Air Monitor
CAN  Campus Area Network
CAO  Chief Apology Officer
  Collectieve Arbeidsovereenkomst
  Conception Assistée par Ordinateur
CAP  Common Agricultural Policy
  Consistency, Availability, Percistency
CAR  Cart Abandonment Rate
  Conflict Armament Research
  Cortisol Awakening Response
CAS  Certificate Authentication Service
  Column-Address Strobe
  Court of Arbitration for Sport
CAT  Civil Air Transport
  Clear Air Turbulence
  Commercial Air Transport
  Computer Aided Telephony
CAV  Centrum voor Academische Vorming
  Constant Angular Velocity
CBA  Canadian Bankers Association
  Cold Boot Attack
  Commonwealth Bank of Australia
  Condition Based Assessment
CBE  Christian Body Experiment
  Commander of the British Empire
CBG  College ter Beoordeling van Geneesmiddelen
CBI  Confederation of British Industry
CBK  Centraal Brouwerij Kantoor
CBL  Centraal Bureau Levensmiddelenhandel
  Common Based Language
CBM  Commodore Business Machines
CBN  Christian Broadcasting Network
CBP  College Bescherming Persoonsgegevens
CBR  Centraal Bureau Rijvaardigheidsbewijzen
  Comic Book aRchive
  Congressional Budget Resolution
  Content-Based Routing
  Cosmic Background Radiation
CBS  Centraal Bureau voor Statistiek
  Centraalbureau voor Schimmelcultures
  College van Beroep voor Studenten
  Columbia Broadcasting Systems
  Cybernetic Broadcasting Systems
CBT  Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  Computer based training
CBW  Chemical and Biological Weapons/Warfare
CCA  Creative Commons Attribution
  Cricket Club Arnhem
  Cross Cutting Aspect
CCC  Campus Crusade for Christ
  Chaos Computer Club
  Chrysler Comprehensive Compensation
  Conformal Cyclic Cosmology
  Council of Conservative Citizens
  County Cricket Club
  Covenant Celebration Church
  Customer Contact Center
CCD  Charge Coupled Device
  Coded Control Device
  Consumer Computing Device
  Customer Due Diligence
CCF  Common Cause Failure
  Compassion Capital Fund
  Coöperatieve Condensfabriek Friesland
CCG  Cricket Club Groenendaal
CCH  Casia Corporation Holland
CCI  Camping Card International
CCN  Creative Commons Naamsvermelding
  Cyclomatic Complexity Number
CCO  Collective Code Ownership
CCP  Camera Control Pro
  Conventional Chemical Propulsion
  Cultural Contact Point
CCR  Condition Code Register
  Creedence Clearwater Revival
CCS   Carbon capture and storage
  Carbon Capture Storage
  Center for Cognitive Studies
  Centre for Christian Statesmanship
CCT  Centrale Crisis Team
CCU  Critical Care Unit
CCV  Citizens for Community Values
CCW  Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons
CDA  Christen Democratisch Appèl
  Communications Decency Act
CDC  Centers for Disease Control
  Centre du Don des Corps
  Centre for Disease Control
  Centre for Disease Control and Prevention
  Component Developers Center
  Control Data Corporation
CDD  Cognitive Dissonance development
  Compulsive Drilling Disorder (Bouwfuckers)
CDE  Chronique De Egypte
  Collateral Damage Estimation
CDF  Channel Definition Format
CDG  Controlled Demolition Group
CDI  CD Interactive
  Controlled Demolition Incorporated
CDK  Chief Dull Knife
CDL  Catholic Defence League
CDM  Capitis Diminutio Maxima
  Code-Division Multiplexing
  Conceptual data model
CDN  Content Delivery Network
CDO  Collateralized Debt Obligation
  Conservative Democratic Organisation
CDP  Chrome Devtools Protocol
  Continuous Data Protection
CDR  Carbon Dioxide Removal
CDS  Command Disablement System
CDW  Charles Doolittle Walcott
CEB  Constipated Exoskeleton Bitches
CED  Capacitance Electronic Discs
CEI  Competative Enterprise Institute
  Contract End Item
CEJ  Continuous Employement Justification
CEM  Centrum voor Elektronische Muziek
  Creation Evidence Museum
CEO  Chief Executive Officer
CEP  circular error probable
  Competitive Exclusion Principle
CES  Consumer Electronics Show
  Cursus Effectief Studeren
  Curtis Electromusic Specialties
CET  Central European Time
CFC  Computer Film Company
CFD  Canadian Forces Decoration
  Computational Fluid Dynamics
CFE  Common Farming Exemptions
CFF  Chemins de Fer Féderals
  Completely Fat Fucker
CFG  Context Free Grammar
CFJ  Clogging For Jesus
CFL  Courant, Friedrichs and Lewy
CFM  Constraint Force Mixing
CFO  C form object
CFP  Call For Papers
  Canadean Financial Post
CFR  Case Fatality Rate
  Code of Federdal Regulations
  Council on Foreign Relations
CFS  Chronic Fatigue Syndome
  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  Commissie Financieel Stelsel
  Commonwealth Fusion Systems
CFT  Council Flat Trash
  Cross Functional Team
CGA  Casual Games Association
CGE  Christian Gottfried Ehrenberg
CGI  Common Gateway Interface
  CriteriumGericht Intervieew
  lobal Commerce Initiative
CGM  Computer Graphic Metafile
CGN  CentrumGebouw Noord
CGR  Code Geneesmiddelen Reclame
CGS  Cat Girl Synth
  Council of Graduate Schools
CGT  Church Growth Today
CGU  Christelijk Gymnasium Utrecht
CGZ  CentrumGebouw Zuid
CHB  Chicken Hole Base
CHE  Conventional High Explosive
CHL  Configuration History Log
CHM  Computer History Museum
CHS  Central Heating System
CHT  Circle Hough Transform
CHU  Christelijk Historische Unie
  Christen Honden Unie
CHW  Castellum Hoge Woerd
  Caucasus Heritage Watch
CIA  Central Intelligence Agency
CIB  Complaints Investigation Bureau
  Cosmic Infrared Background
  Creative Ingenuity Button
CIC  Combat Information Centre
CID  Continued Instant Dislike
  Criminal Investigation Department
  Crying In Disgrace
CIF  Communication Infrastructure Fund
CIM  Common Information Model
  Computer Integrated Manufacturing
CIO  Chief Information Office
  Court of Indian Offences
CIR  Commissioning Implementing Regulation
CIS  Commonwealth of Independent States
  Comprehensive Integration Sollution
CIT  Case Institute of Technology
  contradictio in terminis
CIU  Central Interpretation Unit
CIW  Communicatie- en Informatiewetenschappen
CJA  Criminal Justice Act
CJB  Communistische Jongerenbeweging
CJD  Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease
CJO  Centraal Joods Overleg
CKK  Christenhonden Konten Kusser
CKV  Contact Key Verification
CLA  Carry Look-Ahead
  Collegiate Learning Assessment
  Cultural Learning Alliance
CLI  Command Line Interface
CLN  Corona Locator Nederland
CLO  Community Liasion Officer
CLR  Common Language Runtime
  Conscious Logical Reasoning
CLS  CLear Screen
  Cumulative Layout Shift
CLU  Centrum voor Leermiddelenontwikkeling Utrecht
CLV  Constant Linear Velocity
CLW  Coöperatie Laatste Wil
CLZ  computerleerzalen
CMA  Covenant Marriage Act
CMB  Cosmic Microwave Background
CMD  Cognitive Motor Dissociation
  Communication & Multimedia Design
  Communication and Multimedia Design
  Curated Microarray Database
CME  Coronal Mass Ejection
CMF  Content Management Framework
  Cutting Master Format
CMG  Companion of St Michael and St George
CMI  Centraal Meldpunt Identiteitsfraude
  Communicatie, Media & IT
  Computer Musical Instrument
  Condensed Matter and Interfaces
  Contextual Menu Items
  Creation Ministries International
  Cultuur-, Mentaliteits- en Ideeëngeschiedenis
CMJ  Christopher Martin-Jenkins
CMM  Capability Maturity Model
  College of Multi Media
  Consument, Markt & Maatschappij
CMO  Contactorgaan Moslims en Overheid
CMP  Civiel Medisch Personeel
  Command Module Pilot
  Container Managed Persistence
CMR  Central Monitoring Room
  Committee on Mental Retardation
CMS  Chinese Marathon Syndrome
  Citation Management System
  Cold Mammoth System
  Compact Muon Solenoid
  Content Management System
  Content Mismanagement System
  Cryogenic Mammoth System
CMT  Component Modeling Technology
  Crisis Management Team
CMU  Carnegie Mellon University
CMY  Cyan Magenta Yellow
CNA  Central News Agency
  CVE Numbering Authority
CNC  Christian Nationalist Crusade
  Computer Numerical Control
  Computer Numerically Controlled
CND  Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
CNF  Chomsky Normal Format
CNH  Computer Nerd Humour
CNM  Centrum Nederlandse Muziek
CNN  Cable News Network
CNO  Cavalerie der Napoleontische Oorlogen
CNP  Canyonlands National Park
  Continued Next Post
  Council for National Policy
CNQ  Certified Not Qualified
CNS  Central Nervous System
CNV  Christelijk Nationaal Vakverbond
COA  Coat Of Arms
COC  Center Of Competence
  Chain Of Custody
  Cultureel Ontmoetingscentrum
COD  Cash On Delivery
  Compulsive Oliebol Disorder
COH  Center Of Hope
COM  China Online Museum
  Component Object Model
COO  Chief Operating Officer
  Commissie voor Openbare Onderstand
COP  Close of Play
COR  Civil Order Regime
  Coalition On Revival
COS  Chief Of Staff
  Church of Scientology
  Classification Of Stars
COT  Chicken Of Tomorrow
COW  Chick-Of-the-Week
COX  cyclo-oxygenase
CPA  Coherent Perfect Absorber
  Continuous Partial Attention
  Crimson Permanent Assurance
CPB  Centraal PlanBureau
CPC  California Penal Code
  Chronology Protection Conjecture
  Costs Per Click
  Crisis Pregnancy Center
CPD  Commission on Presidential Debates
CPF  Cdesign Proponentists Fail
  Contract Preparation Forms
  Contractor Protective Forces
CPH  Crisis Pregnancy Helper
CPI  code page information
  ColorLab Processed Image
  Committee on Public Information
  consumer price index
CPJ  Christelijke Plattelands Jongeren
CPL  Clarion Programming Language
  Common Public Licence
  Common Public License
CPM  Corporate Performance Management
CPN  Communistische Partij Nederland
CPP  Client Puzzle Protocol
CPR  CardioPulmonary Resuscitation
CPS  Certificate Practice Statement
  Creative Problem Solving
  Crown Prosecution Service
CPT  Child Protection Team
  Colored People's Time
CPU  Central Processing Unit
CPV  Coördinatie Platform Vermissing
CRA  Civil Rights Act
  Cyber Resilience Act
CRB  Criminal Records Bureau
CRC  Chemical Rubber Company
  Chipotle Restaurant Chain
  Civil Rights Captcha
  Cyclic Redundancy Checks
CRD  Capstone Requirements Document
CRF  corticotropin releasing factor
CRG  Classic Regular Grid
CRL  Certificate Revocation List
CRM  Cardiovascular Regenerative Medicine
  Civil Rights Movement
  Coral Ridge Ministries
  Customer Relationship Management
CRN  Customer Reference Number
CRO  Criminal Records Office
CRP  Committee for the Re-election of the President
CRS  Colombiaanse Revolutionaire Strijdkrachten
CRT  Cathode Ray Tube
  Cranial Remoulding Therapy
CRU  Climatic Research Unit
CSA  Canadian Space Agency
  Canine Separation Anxiety
  Confederate States of America
CSB  Community Support Brutality
CSC  Centre for Science and Culture
  Code Signing Certificates
  Communicatie Service Centrum
CSD  Circuit Switched Data
  Collectieve Sluitings Dag
  Computer Science Department
CSE  Citizens for a Sound Economy
  Creation Science Evangelism
CSF  Connected Services Framework
CSG  centimeter seconde gram
  Centrum Seksueel Geweld
  Christelijke ScholenGemeenschap
CSI  Camera Serial Interface
  Crime Scene Investigation
CSL  Citation Style Language
  Criterion Software Limited
CSM  Centrale Suiker Maatschappij
  Cigarette Smoking Man
  Command and Service Module
  Compatibility Support Module
CSO  Chief Security Officer
  Civil Society Organisation
  Customer service data and outcome
CSP  Cloud Solutions Provider
  Constraint Satisfaction Problems
  Content Security Policy
  Cryptographic Service Provider
CSQ  Country Specific Quota
CSR  Calgary Stampede Rodeo.
  Cyber Security Raad
CSS  California State Senate
  Cascading Style Sheets
  Commission on Safety Standards
  Control Stick Steering
  Customer Self Service
CSV  comma-separated values
CSY  Chubby Sex Yeti
CTA  Chicago Transit Authority
  Construction Time Again
CTB  Centrum voor Thuisbeademing
  Choosing The Best
CTD  Church–Turing–Deutsch
  Circling The Drain
CTE  Casia TLA Editor
  Common Table Expression
CTF  Child Trust Fund
CTH  Carole Talon-Hugon
CTI  Cyber Threat Intelligence
CTM  Countdown To Meltdown
CTO  Chief Technical Officer
CTP  Cake Transfer Protocol
CTR  Controlled Traffic Region
  Cooperative Threat Reduction
CTS  Control Transfer Statements
CTU  Counter Terrorist Unit
CUF  Corpse Utilization Factories
CUG  Closed User Group
CUP  Cambridge University Press
  Compressed Ultrafast Photography
CVA  Company Voluntary Arrangement
CVB  Centraal Veevoederbureau
  College van Bestuur
CVC  Card Validation Code
CVD  Chemical Vapour Desposition
  Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure
CVE  Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures
CVL  Centrale Verkeersleiding
  College Van Leerlingen
CVO  Commander of the Royal Victorian Order
  Compleet Verspilde Ochtend
CVS  Chronisch Vermoeidheids Syndroom
  Concurrent Versions System
CVT  Continu Variabele Transmissie
  Continuously Variable Transmission
CVV  Collectief Vraagafhankelijk Vervoer
CWA  Clean Water Act
  Concerned Women for America
CWB  Charles William Beebe
  Contra-Wokistische Beweging
CWC  Centrum voor Wetenschap en Cultuur
  Chemical Weapons Convention
CWG  Common Wealth Games
CWI  Centrum voor Werk en Inkomen
  Centrum voor Wiskunde & Informatica
CWO  Commissie Watersport Opleidingen
CWP  Charles Willson Peale
CWS  Cricket Withdrawl Syndrome
CWT  Complete Waste of Time
CZZ  Complete Zaad Zomer

DAA  Data Authentication Algorithm
DAB  Deutscher Atletik-Bund
  Digital Audio Broadcasting
  Dortmunder Aktien-Brauerei
DAC  Deputy Assistant Commissioner
  Design Acceptance Confirmation
  Detroit Automobile Company
  Development Assistence Committee
  Digital to Analog Converter
  Direct Attach Cable
  Direction de l'Aéronautique Civile
DAF  Delayed Auto-Feedback
  Democratisch Agrarisch Front
  Deutsch-Amerikanische Freundschaft
  Deutsche Arbeits-Front
  Van Doorne's Automobiel Fabriek
DAG  Defence Archaeology Group
  Deutsche Angestellten Gewerkschaft
  Dierenambulance Groningen
  Digital Art Group
  Directed Acyclic Graph
DAK  Daklozen Actie Kollectief
  Deutsch Afrika Korps
DAL  Data Access Layer
DAM  Dienst Audiovisuele Middelen
DAN  Diver’s Alert Network
DAO  Data Access Object
  Disk At Once
DAP  Data access page
DAS  Defense Acquisition System
  Deutsche Automobil-Schutz
DAT  Design, Art and Technology
  Digital Audio Tape
  Dokumentair Aktueel Theater
DAW  Dienst Aanvullende Werkgelegenheid
  Digital Audio Workstation
DAX  Deutsche Aktien Index
DAY  Dial-A-Yield
DAZ  Deutsche Allgemeine Zeitung
DBA  Database Administrator
  Deregulering Beoordeling Arbeidsrelaties
DBB  Dienst Bewaken en Beveiligen
DBC  Diagnose Behandelings Combinatie
DBD  Data Base Definition
DBE  Dame Commander of the British Empire
DBF  Dieren Bevrijdings Front
DBI  Dirt Bag Index
DBK  De Briljante Kameraad
DBM  Deadly Boss Mods
DBO  Dubber Besturings Onderricht
DBP  De Briljante Pudding
  Deutsche Bundes-Post
  Dynamic Branch Prediction
DBT  Defense Budget Tutorial
DBU  Docent BelastingsUur
DCA  Defense Communications Agency
  Direct Connect Architecture
  Dual Capable Aircraft
  Dutch Carribean Airlines
DCB  Dame Commander of the Bath
DCC  Dead Club City
  Defensie Cyber Commando
  Development Control Committee
  Digital Command Control
  Digital Content Creation
  Digitale Compact Cassette
DCD  Daniel Clement Dennett
DCE  Distributed Computing Environment
DCF  Discounted Cash Flow
DCH  Direct Containment Heating
DCI  Detective Chief Inspector
  Digital Cinema Initiatives
DCL  Doctor of Civil Law
DCM  Deep Camera Maps
DCN  Duik Combinatie Nederland
DCP  Digital Cinema Package
  Digital Coelacanth Project
DCS  Desktop Color Separation
  Doesn't Catch Shit
DCU  Digital-Coefficient Unit
DDA  UN Department of Disarmament Affairs
DDB  Direct Duidelijk Brigade
DDC  Direct Digital Control
DDD  Data Display Debugger
  Direct Distance Dealing
  Distributed Deadlock Detection
  Domain Driven Design
DDE  Dwight David Eisenhower
  Dynamic Data Exchange
DDG  DuckDuckGo
DDI  Divisional Detective Inspector
DDK  Driver Development Kit
DDL  Data Description Language
  Digital Delay Line
  Door De Lens
DDM  Dubbel Deks Materieel
DDN  De Dansende Neger
  Defense Data Network
DDO  Dag des Oordeels
DDP  Deep Dream Porn
  Disc Description Protocol
DDR  Deutsche Democratische Republiek
  Digitale Dossier Registratie
  Dual Data Rate
DDS  De Digitale Stad
DDT  Dichloor-Diphenyl-Trichloorethaan
DDU  Deutsche Demokratische Union
DEA  Deutsche Erdöl Aktiengesellschaft
  Drug Enforcement Administration
DEC  Digital Equipment Corporation
DEF  Design Exchange Format
  Deutsche Emaillewaren-Fabrik
  Diamond Empowerment Fund
  Diesel Emissions Fluid
  Digital Empowerment Foundation
  Disarmed Enemy Forces
  Diversity Enhancement Fund
DEI  Dutch East Indies
DEK  Donald Ervin Knuth
DEL  Deutschen Eishockey Liga
DEM  Digital Elevation Model
  Digital Elevation Models
DEP  Dillinger Escape Plan
DES  Data Encryption Standard
DET  Dance Epidemic Tonight
  Diesel-Elektrische Tractie
DEW  Dienst van Economische Wederopleving
  Distant Early Warning
DFA  Design For Assembly
  Deterministic Finite Automaton
DFD  Data Flow Diagram
  Direct Fusion Drive
DFJ  Dantzig-Fulkerson-Johnson
DFM  Data Flow Diagram model
  Design For Manufacture
DFP  De Feestpartij
DFS  Depth First Search
  Deutsche Flugsicherung
  Direct Furnishing Supplies
DFT  Demand Flow Technology
  Diagnostic Function Test
DFW  Duty Free Warehouse
  Dynamic Floating Windows
DFX  Digital Effects
DGA  Délégation Générale pour l'Armement
  Directeur Groot Aandeelhouder
DGC  Digital Green Certificate
DGF  Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit
DGG  De Grote Gedoger
  Deutsche Grammofon Gesellschaft
  Dutch Game Garden
DGK  Diergeneeskunde
DGL  De Geliefde Leider
DGO  Directoraat-Generaal voor het Onderwijs
DGP  Directoraat-Generaal Personenvervoer
DGT  Direction Général des Télécommunications
DGW  Directoraat-Generaal voor de Wetenschappen
DGZ  Desired Ground Zero
DHL  Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom en Robert Lynn.
DHM  Deutsches Historisches Museum
DHW  Debris Hazard Warning
DIA  Defence Intelligence Agency
  Defense Intelligence Agency
  Design and Industries Association
DIC  Death Is Coming
DID  Direct In Dialing
DIE  Disk Image Editor
DIF  Dutch Internationals Fund
DIG  Digital Image Generator
DII  Dynamic Invocation Interface
DIK  Dokumentation Information Kultur
DIL  Dual In-Line
DIM  Deutsch Institut für Marktforschung
  Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleyev
DIN  Deutsche Industrie Norm
DIO  Dienst voor de Internationale Ontwikkeling
DIP  Delfts Instellingen Pakket
  Dood Iedere Plebejer!
  Dual In-line Package
DIR  Docentinzetroosterinformatie
DIS  Disassociatieve Identiteits Stoornis
  Distributed Interactive Simulation
DIT  Depth of Inheritance Tree
  Dijk Is Traag
DIY  Do It Yourself
DJG  De Jonge Generaal
DJH  Deutsche Jugendherbergswerk
DJI  Da Jiang Innovations
  Dienst Justitiële Inrichtingen
DJO  De Jonge Onderzoekers
DJT  Donald John Trump
DJU  Doctor Juris Utriusque
DJV  Dietsch Jeugd Verbond
DKB  Deutsche KredietBank
DKE  Dunning–Kruger Effect
DKP  Deutsche Kommunistische Partei
DKW  Dampf-Kraft-Wagen
  Deutsche Kraft Wagen
DKZ  Dus Koffie Zetten
DLA  Diffusion Limited Aggregation
  Drie Letterige Afkorting
DLB  De Landelijke Belangenvereniging
DLC  Digital Literacy Coalition
  Dunne Laag Chromatografie
DLD  Dom Lekker Ding
DLE  Data Link Escape
DLF  Deutschlandfunk
DLI  Direct Laser Impulse
DLL  Dynamic Link Library
DLM  Distributed Lock Manager
  Duckworth-Lewis Method
DLN  Dikke Lelijke Neger
DLO  Dienst Landbouwkundig Onderzoek
  Digital Lifestyle Outfitters
DLP  Digital Light Processing
DLS  Digital Life Sacrifice
  Download Site
DMA  Digital Markets Act
  Direct Marketing Association
  Direct Memory Access
DMB  Deskundigheid, Management en Beheer
DMC  Domme Mensen Club
DMD  Designers moeten dood
  Discriminating Metal Detector
  Draw Muhammed Day
  Drukkers Moeten Dood
  Drummers Moeten Dood
DME  Dark Malt Extract
  Diastatic Malt Extract
  Distance Measuring Equipment
  Dry Malt Extract
DMG  Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft
DMI  Dairy Management Inc.
  Don't Mention It
DML  Data Manipulation Language
  Dienst Militaire Leveringen
DMM  Digital Molecular Matter
DMN  Default Mode Network
DMP  Digital Matte Painting
DMS  Diastatic Malt Syrup
  Dimethyl Sulfide
  Dis Manibus Sacrum
DMT  Dimethylteraftalaat
DMX  Digital MultipleXed
DMZ  Demilitarized Zone
DNA  Defense Nuclear Agency
  Desoxyribo Nucleid Acid
  Deutscher Normenausschuß
DNB  De Nationale Bijbeltest.
  De Nederlandsche Bank
  Deutsches Nachrichten Büro
  Dictionary of National Biography
  Did Not Bat
  Dienst Nijverheidsbevordering
  Double Negative renderer version B
DNC  Democratic National Committee
DND  Do Not Disturb
DNF  Did Not Finish
DNG  Digital NeGative
DNL  Dutch National Library
DNR  Do Not Resuscitate
DNS  Did Not Start
  Domain Name Service
  Double Negative Squirt
DNW  Duits-Nederlandse Windtunnels
DOA  Dead On Arrival
  Department Of Agriculture
DOB  Dienst Omroepbijdragen
DOC  Date Of Conception
DOD  Department Of Defence
  Domain Of Definition
DOE  Date of Effect
  Date Of Execution
  Department Of Energy
  Department of the Environment
  Diffractive Optical Element
  Distributed Objects Everywhere
  Duke of Edinburgh
DOF  Degrees Of Freedom
  Depth Of Field
DOG  Dienst Over Grenzen
DOI  Data Of Interest
  Descent Orbit Insertion
DOM  Deo Optimo Maximo
  Dirty Old Men
  Disk Orchestra Module
  Display Of Marks
  Document Object Model
  Dominus Omnium Magister
DOO  Domain-Oriented Observability
DOP  Digitale Onderwijs Planner
  Digitale OnderwijsPlanner
  Director Of Photography
  Distributiecentrum Overheidspublicaties
DOR  Digitaal OpkopersRegister
DOS  Denial Of Service
  Dienst voor Ontwikkelingssamenwerking
  Disk Operating System
  Do Other Stuff
  Door Oefening Sterk
DOT  Defensa Operativa del Territorio
  Department Of Transport
  Dutch Open Telescope
DOW  Doppler On Wheels
DPA  Deutsche Presse Agentur
  Directorate of Public Affairs and Internal Communications
  Dorresteins Pers Agentschap
DPC  Defence Planning Committee
DPD  Dependant Personality Disorder
  Deutscher Paket Dienst
  Disgusting People Day
DPF  Dense Plasma Focus
DPG  Defense Planning Guidance
  Diplomatic Protection Group
DPI  Deep Packet Inspection
  Department of Public Information
  Dots Per Inch
DPK  Democratisch Politiek Keerpunt
DPL  Daft Punk Live
DPM  Deaths Per Minute
  Digitale Paneel Meter
DPO  Data Protection Officer
  Dienstencentrum Personeel & Organisatie
  Distributie Planologisch Onderzoek
DPP  Director of Public Prosecutions
  Duurzame Plantaardige Productie
DPR  Dental Partners Rotterdam
  Department of Petroleum Resources (Nigeria)
  Distributed Persistent Rendering
DPS  Data Privacy Stichting
  Data Processing System
  De Pecunia Sua
  Descent Propulsion System
  Division of Planetary Sciences
DPU  Die Progress Unit
DPV  Distributed Partitioned Views
DPX  Digital moving Picture eXchange
DQI  Dream Quest Images
DRB  Defense Resources Board
DRC  Democratic Republic of Congo
DRF  Distinguished Research Fellow
DRH  Douglas R. Hofstadter
DRK  Deutsches Rotes Kreuz
  Drive Revolt Kit
DRM  Digital Right Management
  Digital Rights Management
DRP  Deutsches Reichspatent
DRS  Decision Review System
  Digital Router Splitter
DRW  Dirty Rotten Whore
DSA  Digital Services Act
  Digital Signature Algorithm
DSB  Danske Stats Baner
  Deutscher Sport Bund
  Dirk Scheringa Beheer
  Drug Supervisory Body
DSC  Defensie Studie Centrum
  Delftsch Studenten Corps
  Direct Shop Control
  Dutch Swing College band
DSD  Direct Stream Digital
DSE  Dumbest Shit Ever
DSG  Deutsche Schlaff- und Speisewagen Gesellschaft
DSH  Digital Super Highway
DSI  Dave Smith Instruments
  Deep Space Industries
  Dienst Speciale Interventies
  Display Serial Interface
DSK  Diergeneeskundige Studentenkring
  Dominique Strauss-Kahn
DSL  Digital Subscriber Line
  Domain Specific Language
DSM  De StaatsMijnen
  Deformable Secondary Mirror
  Depot Straalmotoren
  Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders
DSN  Deep Space Network
  Deep Space Nine
  Delivery Status Notification
  Disk Space Nazi
DSO  Dienst Stedelijk Onderwijs
  Digitaal Stelsel Omgevingswet
  Drunken Sex Orgy
DSP  Digital Signal Processor
  Dim Sun Problem
DSR  Distance Selling Regulations
  Doubly Special Relativity
DSS  Dead Sea Scrolls
  Dirk Scheringa-Syndroom
  Dollar Store Stalin
DST  Daylight Saving Time
  Department of Software Technology
DSV  Dietsch Studenten Verbond
DTA  Deeltijd Arbeid
  Differentiële Thermische Analyse
DTB  Dividend- en Tantième Belasting
DTC  Dimpex Trading Company
  Distributed Transaction Coordinator
DTD  Delta Tele Distributie
  Document Type Definition
DTE  Data terminal equipment
  Directie Toezicht Energie
  Down To Earth
  Driving To Endanger
DTG  DataBase Task Group
DTL  Dijks Todo List
DTO  Data Transfer Object
  Declared Training Organisation
DTP  Desk Top Publishing
  Distributed Transaction Processing
DTS  Digital Theater Systems
DTT  Does The Trick
DTV  Digital Television
DUB  Digitaal U-blad
DUE   Drug Use Evaluation
  Domestic Uranium Enrichment
DUL  Deik Unieke Login
DUO  Dark Universe Observatory
  Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs
DUP  Democratic Unionist Party
DUS  Deutschsprachiges Ungarisch Schulzentrum
DUU  Deliberate Unauthorized Use
DUW  Dienst Uitvoerende Werken
DVB  Digital Video Broadcasting
DVD  Digital Versatile Disc
  Dikke Van Dale
DVE  digital video effect
DVI  DeVice Independent
  Digital Video Interface
DVM  Depot Vliegtuig Materieel
  Digital Volt Meter
  Drank Voor Mannen
DVN  Diabetes Vereniging Nederland
  Digitaal Vrouwenlexicon van Nederland
DVO  Dagverblijf Voor Ouderen
DVP  Demokratische Volkspartei
  Digital Voice Processor
DVR  Dienst Verspreide Rijkscollecties
DVS  Door Vereniging Sterk
DVT  Deep Vain Trombosis
DVU  Domestic Violence Unit
  Drie Verloren Uren
DVV  Directe Verkeers Veiligheid
DWA  Droogweerafvoer
DWC  DeWolf Cosyns
DWI  Dutch West Indies
DWS  Door Wilskracht Sterk
DWZ  Dat Wil Zeggen
DXF  Drawing Exchange File
DYI  Do Yourself In
DZK  Designors Zijn KUT
  Drummers Zijn Kut

EAA  Experimental Aircraft Association
EAC  Employee Assistance Company
  Evil Atheist Conspiracy™
  Exact Audio Converter
EAF  European Activation Files
EAI  Enterprise Application Integration
EAM  Emergency Action Message
  Entity Association Mapping
  Ethnikón Apeleftherotikón Métopon
EAN  European Article Number
EAO  Enseignement Assistée par Ordinateur
EBA  Eisenbahn-Bundesambt
EBC  Equivalent Boron Content
  European Brewers' Convention
EBI  Erkenning Bestaande Incompetenties
  Extra Beveiligde Inrichting
  Extreem Beveiligde Inrichting
EBM  Electron Beam Melting
  Electronic Body Music
EBN  Energie Beheer Nederland
EBO  Effects Based Operations
EBQ  Economic Batch Quantity
EBS  Elk Belgisch Station
EBT  EuroBillTracker
EBU  European Broadcasting Union
EBV  Epstein Barr Virus
ECA  Early Comparability Analysis
ECB  England and Wales Cricket Board
ECC  Elastic Compute Cloud
  Emergency Control Centre
  Error-Correcting Code
  European Cricket Council
ECM  Edition of Contemporary Music
  Exceptional Case Marking
ECN  Eastman Color Negative
  Encoding Control Notation
  Energieonderzoek Centrum Nederland
  Engineering Change Notice
  Engineering Computer Network
  European Competition Network
  Explicit Congestion Notification
ECP  Empty Category Principle
  European Communication Projects
ECR  Efficient Consumer Response
  El Camino Real
  Entry and Clearance Regulation
  Equivalent Cladding Reacted
  Europees Computer Rijbewijs
ECS  Emergency Crises Staff
ECT  Energy Charter Treaty
  Experimental Critical Theory
  Explicit Call Transfer
ECU  Electronic Control Unit
  European Currency Unit
EDA  Electronics Design Automation
  Exploratory Data Analysis
EDC  Energy Delta Convention
  every-day carry
EDF  Earliest Deadline First
  Electric Ducted Fan
  Electricité de France
EDG  Emergency Diesel Generator
EDI  Electronic Data Interchange
  Expliciete Directe Instructie
EDL  Edit Decision List
  Edit Description List
  English Defence League
  European Digital Library
EDM  Early Day Motion
EDN  Ende Desespereert Nimmer
EDO  Environmental Defenders Offices
  Extended Data Out
EDP  Electron Density Profile
  Electronic Dream Plant
EDR  Early Data Release
  Emergency Disaster Recovery
  Enhanced Data Rate
EDS  Energy Dispersive Spectrometer
EDW  Eastern Desert Ware
EEA  Enige Echte AIK
EEC  Evil Evolutionist Conspiracy
EEE  Electrical and Electronic Equipment
EEN  Eastern Educational Network
  European Emplyers Network
  Extended Enterprise Network
EER  Enhanced Entity Relationship
  Europese Economische Ruimte
EET  Estimated Elapsed Time
EEU  European Engaged University
EFA  Educatieve Faculteit Amsterdam
EFF  Electronic Frontier Foundation
  European Fusion Files
EFM  Elektronisches Fahrgeld Managementsystem
EFO  End Fossil Occupy
EFP  Explosively Formed Projectile
EFT  Electronic Finance Transfer
EGH  Extreme Graf Herrie
EGM  Extreem Geen Mail
EGP  Enorm Goed Plan
  Exterior Gataway Protocol
EGQ  Evil Genius Quarterly
EGZ  Extreem Geen Zin
EHC  Educational Health and Care
EHF  Ediacaran Hills Fossils
EHS  Ecologische Hoofdstructuur
  Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity
EHT  Event Horizon Telescope
EIA  ELectronic Industries Alliance
EIP  Election Integrity Partnership
EIS  Environmental Impact Statement
  Epidemic Intelligence Service
EIT  Enhanced Interrogation Technique
EIU  Economist Intelligence Unit
EJB  Enterprise Java Beans
EJP  Eva Jinek Pusher
EKC  Energie Kennis Centrum
EKG  East Kent Goldings
EKH  Extreme Kanker Herrie
EKO  Early Knock Off
  Engineering Knowledge Online
  European Karate Organisation
  Evangelisches Krankenhaus Oberhausen
EKP  Experimentele Klinische Psychologie
EKR  Echte Kut Rate
EKZ  Eerste Koffie Zetten
ELA  Endangered Language Alliance
ELD  ElectroLuminescent Displays
ELE  Emergency Location Equipment
  Everything Leaves Encrypted
  Extinction Leven Event
ELF  Earth Liberation Front
  Endangered Language Fund
ELI  Economie, Landbouw en Innovatie
ELM  Edge Localized Modes
ELN  Ejército de Liberación Nacional
ELO  Electric Light Orchestra
  Electronische Leer Omgeving
ELP  EersteLijn Psycholoog
  Emerson, Lake, and Palmer
ELT  Emergency Location Transmitter
  Event List Text
ELW  Extreem Lang Woord
EMA  European Medicines Agency
  Evil Maid Attack
EMB  Enterprise Media Beans
EMC  Erasmus Medisch Centrum
EMG  Educatieve Maatregel Gedrag
EMH  Emergency Medical Hologram
EMI  Electric and Music Industries
  Electro-Magnetic Interference
  Europees Monetair Instituut
EMM  European Mars Mission
  Extended Memory Manager
EMO  EMOtional
EMP  Educatieve Middelen Pool
  Electro-Magnetic Pulse
EMR  electromagnetic radiation
EMS  Enhanced Menu System
EMT  Echt Mijn Type
EMU  Economische Monetaire Unie
  Engineering Model Unit
  Extravehicular Mobility Unit
EMV  Europay/Mastercard/Visa
ENA  Energetic Neutral Atom
ENG  Eletronic News Gathering
ENK  Echt Niet Kut
ENM  English Numbering Machines
ENP  Ester Naomi Perquin
ENS  Een Nobel Streven
EOA  Edge Of Airfield
  Eyes On Animals
EOC  Explosieven Opruimings Commando
EOD  End Of Day
  Explosive Ordnance Disposal
EOE  Equal Opportunity Employer
EOF  End Of File
  Enterprise Object Framework
  Enterprise Objects Framework
EOL  End of Lifetime
  End Of Line
EOM  End Of Measures
  Essentis Open Messaging
EON  Enhanced Other Network
EOS  Elliptical Oblate Spheroidal
  Emulator Operating System
  End of Support
  European Office Systems
EOT  End Of Tape
  End Of Terrace
  End Of Transaction
  End Of Transmission
EOW  Echte Ouderwetse Woensdag
  End of Week
EOZ  Echt Onbelangrijke Zaken
EPA  Energie Prestatie Advies
  Environmental Pollution Agency
  Environmental Protection Agency
EPB  Eigen Paramedisch Bedrijf
EPC  Endotheel Voorlopercellen
  Endothelial Progenitor Cells
  European Patent Convention
  European Political Community
EPD  Electronic Pocket Dosimeter
  Elektronisch patiëntendossier
EPE  Extreem Proletarische Entiteit
EPG  Elektronische Programma Gids
EPI  Essential Prime Implicant
  European Payments Initiative
EPM  Entity Programming Model
EPO  Epidemiology Program Office
  European Patent Office
EPP  Europeans People Party
EPR  Einstein Podolsky Rosen
  Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen (paradox)
  Electronic Passport Readers
EPS  Emergency Protection System
  Encapsulated PostScript
  European Physical Society
ERC  Emergency Response Centre
  European Research Council
ERD  Electrodeless Ring Discharge
  Entity Relationship Diagram
ERE  Engine Rich Exhaust
ERG  European Research Group
ERL  Elavation Runway Length
  Environmental Research Letters
ERM  Enterprise Resource Management
  Entity Relationship Diagram Model
ERO  Emergency Response Organisation
ERP  Emergency Response Plans
  Enterprise Resouce Planning
  Enterprise Resource Planning
  Error Reduction Parameter
ERR  European Rail Research
ERV  Endogenous Retro Virus
ERW  Evan Rachel Wood
ESA  Entertainment Software Association
  European Space Agency
ESB  Economisch Statistische Berichten
  Empire State Building
  Enterprise Service Bus
  Extra Special Bitter
ESC  Economic Stability for Communities
  Electronic Speed Control
  European Society of Cardiology
ESD  Electro Static Discharge
  Extreem Saaie Dag
ESF  Eurovision Song Festival
ESI  Ego Systems Inc.
  Ego Systems, Inc.
ESK  Europese Studenten Kampioenschappen
ESM  Electrische Spoorweg-Maatschappij
  Ernstige Spraak- en taal Moeilijkheden
  European Sports Magazines
  Europees Stabiliteitsmechanisme
ESO  Een Schitterend Ongeluk
  Electricity System Operator
  European Southern Observatory
ESP  Electric Solid Propellant
  Extra Sensorial Perception
ESR  European Sociological Review
ESS  Explained Sum of Squares
EST  Eastern Standard Time
  Electro Shock Therapy
  Everything Sucks Today
ESU  Extended Security Updates
ESX  Elastic Sky X
ETA  Escape Time Algorithm
  Estimated Time of Arrival
  Euskadi Ta Askatasunaren
  Expected Time of Arrival
ETB  End of Transmission Block
ETD  Estimated Time of Delivery
  Expected Time of Departure
ETF  Exchange Traded Funds
ETI  Extreem Traag Internet
ETL  Extraction, Transformation and Load
ETS  Emissions Trading System
ETV  Elektrische Treintjes Vereniging
  Elektro-Technische Vereniging
ETZ  Extreem Trage Zooi
EUP  European Upper Paleolithic
EUR  Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam
EUV  Extreme Ultra Violet
EVA  Economic Value-Added
  Effective Virtual Address
  En Vele Anderen
  Europese Vrijhandelsassociatie
  Executie Vonnissen Afgestraften
  Extra Vehiculair Activity
EVB  Executive Vice Bisshop
EVC  Elders Verworven Competenties
  Erkenning Verworven Competenties
EVE  Extraterrestial Vegetation Evaluator
EVG  Eerste Vrije Geboortecirkel
EVR  Explained Variance Ratio
EVT  Eigen Veerdienst Terschelling
EWW  Extreme Weather Warning

FAA  Federal Aviation Administration
  Foreign Assistance Act
FAB  Federatie der Architecten in België
FAC  Federation Against Commodore
  Fucking Amateur Class
FAD  Favre Averaged Drag
  Fish-Attracting Device
FAF  Female Acceptance Factor
  Financial Advisor Fatigue
  Fish And Fisheries
FAG  Film Actors Guild
FAH  Folding At Home
FAI  Fédération Aéronautique International
FAL  Free Art License
  Fuerzas Armadas de la Liberación
FAM  Federatie Autorijschool Management
FAN  Free Amino Nitrogen
FAO  Fonds voor Arbeids-Ongevallen
  Food and Agriculture Organization
FAP  Fuerzas Armadas del Pueblo
FAQ  Frequently Asked Questions
FAR  Federal Aviation Regulations
  Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionaras
FAS  Farmer And Stockbreeder
  Federation of American Scientists
  Foreign Accent Syndrome
FAT  File Allocation Table
  Fire Awareness Training
FAU  Flight Abort Unit
FAW  Future Air-Delivered Warhead
FAZ  Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
FBA  Flux Balance Analysis
FBB  Fascist Bunker Boy
FBC  Fat Bastards Club (Double Negative Ltd)
FBI  Federal Bureau of Investigation
  Federation of British Industries
  Fonds pour le Bienêtre Indigien
FBK  Fanny Blankers-Koen
FBM  Fleet Ballistic Missile
FBN  Federal Bureau of Narcotics
FBP  Frontend Bubble Problem
FBR  Fast Breeder Reactor
  Fast Burst Reactor
  Foreign Body Reaction
FBS  Fat Boy Slim
FBT  Feedback Tool
  Frank Bursley Taylor
FBU  Facilitair Bedrijf Utrecht
FBW  Faculteit Bètawetenschappen
  Future Ballistic Missile Warheads
FCA  Facility Condition Assessment
FCC  face-centered cubic
  Federal Communications Commission
  Flight Computer Controller
  Future Circular Collider
FCD  Flight Control Division
FCE  Femmes Chefs d'Entreprises
  First Certificate in English
  Foreign Currency Exchange
FCF  First Click Free
FCG  Facultaire ComputerGroep
FCI  Fédération Cynologique Internationale
FCK  Frederico Caldeira Knabben
FCL  Flight Crew Licencing
  Fostering Communities of Learners
FCO  Finis Coronat Opus
FCP  Family Coalition Party
  Fibre Channel Protocol
  Fonds Commun de Placement
  Fucking Cell Phone
FCS  Flight Control System
FDA  Food and Drug Administration
FDC  First Day Cover
  Fleur de Coin
  Fluid Dynamic Computations
FDD  Feature Driven Development
FDF  Farmers Defence Force
  Food and Drink Federation
  Forms Data Format
  Front Démocratique (des Bruxellois) Francophones
FDI  Fluid Dynamics Interface
FDM  Finite Difference Method
  Frequency Division Multiplexing
  Frequency-Division Multiplexing
FDP  Failure Detection Pattern
FDR  Flight Data Recorder
  Franklin Delano Roosevelt
FDS  Fluid Dynamic Simulation
  Fluid Dynamics Systems
FEA  Finite Element Analysis
FEC  Frisian Expo Center
FED  Flat Earth Denier
FEM  Finite Element Mesh
  Finite Element Method
FES  Flat Earth Society
  Fonds Economische Structuurversterking
  Food, Energy, and Society
FET  Field Effect Transistor
  Future and Emerging Technologies
FEW  Flat Earth Wiki
FEZ  Financieel-Economische Zaken
FFA  Filmförderungsanstalt
FFC  Fascism Forever Club
  Finch Floppy Controller
FFE  FireFox Extension
FFF  Family Friendly Forum
  Fan Fold Foam
  Farmers Feeding Families
  Fast Forward Financials
  Fast Forward Flight
  Fast, Fun & Friendly
  Fédération Française de Football
  Federation of Free Farmers
  Feed-Forward Filter
  Ferieniging Foar Folksformaken
  Fertile Free Fuels
  Fibular Free Flap
  Fijn Fijn Fijn
  First Frame First
  Fixed Font Format
  Flat File Format
  Fly Fish Fanatic
  Form, Fit, Function
  Free Form Fabrication
  Fuel Fabrication Facility
  Fun Fearless Female
  Fun Fun Fun
  Future Fighting Force
  Future of Freedom Foundation
FFM  Fact Finding Mission
  Foo Fighters Music
FFN  Full Frontal Nudity
FFP  Filtering Face Piece
FFR  for future reference
FFS  facebook fatigue syndrome
  Fast File System
  Fast Fourier Synthesis
  Finance For Shipping
  Flash File System
  Flexibles Fertigungssystem
  For Fucks Sake
  Free Flying Station
  Full Flight Simulator
  Future Fuel Strategy
FFT  Fast Fourier Transform
  Fast Fourier Transformation
FFU  Feriening Frysk Underwiis
FFW  Formeren Faciliteren Waarderen
FGB  Fides Goldstock Breeding
FGK  Friedrich Gottlieb Klopstock
FGN  Foodservice Grootverbruik Nederland B.V.
FGR  Fission Gas Release
FGS  Flat Galaxy Society
FHA  Federal Housing Agency
FHB  Fachhochschulbibliothek
FHS  Fachhochschule
  Filesystem Hierarchy Standard
FIA  Fast Interactive Animatics
  Freedom of Information Act
  Fuck It All
FIB  Forwarding Information Base
FIC  Flight Information Centre
  Fractal Image Compression
FID  Fourier Image Decomposition
FIE  Fédération Internationale d'Escrime
FIM  Facultaire Informatie Manager
FIN  Federatie Indische Nederlanders
FIP  Fair Information Principles
  Feline Infectieuze Peritonitis
FIS  Flight Information Service
FIT  File index table
  Flexible and Interoperable Data Transfer
FIU  Financial Intelligence Unit
FIX  Financial Information eXchange
FJA  Federación Judicial Argentina
FKA  Formerly Known As
FKP  Free Kick Pro
FKS  Fading Kitten Syndrome
  Find and Kill String
  Formalin-Killed Spherules
FLA  Family Life Act
  Fast Lexical Analyzer
  Fifty Letter Acronym
  Five Letter Acronym
  Four Letter Acronym
  Front Line Assembly
FLK  Funny Looking Kid
FLN  Front de Libération Nationale
FMB  Fuck Me Boots
FMC  Food Machinery Company
  Ford Motor Company
FMD  Fietsers Moeten Dood!
FMH  Fragile Masculinity Hypothesis
FMI  Frank Mohr Instituut
FMJ  Full Metal Jacket
FML  fuck my life
FMP  Federal Music Project
  First Markham Place
  First Moon Party
  Fucking Mobile Phone
  Full Metal Panic
  Full Moon Productions
FMS  Federatie Medisch Specialisten
  Flexible Manufacturing System
  Flight Management System
FMT  Faecal Microbiota Transplant
FMV  Freedom Medal of Valor (Scientology)
FNA  Fine Needle Aspirate
FNM  Fake News Media
FNN  First Not No
FNP  Fryske Nasjonale Partij
FNV  Federatie van Nederlandse Vakverenigingen
FOA  Financial Operations and Analysis
FOB  Free On Board
FOC  Final Operational Capability
FOD  Flight Operations Director
  Foreign Object Debris
FOF  Focus On the Family
FOG  Fear Of Google
FOH  Front Of House
FOL  Fuck Off, Luser!
FOM  Fairly Odd Mix
  Fundamenteel Onderzoek der Materie
FOP  Facultair Overleg Promovendi
  Fashion-Obsessed Prick
  Fat Over Pussy
  Formatting-Object Processor
  Fucking Old Person
FOR  Frame of Reference
FOS  Financiële Ondersteuning Studenten
  Free Open Source
  Full Of Shit
FOV  Field Of View
FPA  Flight Path Angle
  Function Points Analysis
FPF  Federal Protective Forces
  Furlong Per Fortnight
FPP  Foster Parents Plan
FPR  False Positive Rate
FPS  Frames Per Second
FPU  First Production Unit
  Floating Point Unit
FPZ  Farmaceutische PatientenZorg
FRB  Fast Radio Bursts
  Filthy Rich Bastards
FRD  Formerly Restricted Data
FRM  Federal Reference Methods
FRP  Fire Resistant Pit
FRR  Fractional Reserve Requirements
FRS  FlySoon Reserverings System
  Free Record Shop
FRU  Field Replaceable Unit
FRW  Friedmann-Robbertsen-Walker(Universe)
FSA  Financial Services Authority
  Free Syrian Army
  Fugitive Slave Act
FSB  Federalnaja Sloezjba Bezopasnosti
  Front Side Bus
FSC  Facilitair Service Centrum
  Forest Stewardship Council
FSE  Full Solar Exposure
FSF  Free Software Foundation
FSK  Frequency Shift Keying
FSL  Forecast Systems Laboratory
FSM  Finite State Machine
  Flying Spaghetti Monster
FSP  Free System Project
FSS  Fixed Service Structure
  Fixed Survice Structure
FSU  Former Soviet Union
FSV  Fraude Signalering Voorziening
FSW  Faculteit Sociale Wetenschappen
FTC  Flight Training Course
FTD  Florists Telegraphic Delivery
  Forum tegen Democratie
  frontotemporale dementie
FTE  Flight Test Engineer
  Full Time Equivalent
FTL  Faster Than Light
FTM  Family Tree of Man
  for that matter
FTP  File Transfer Protocol
  Future Tours Programme
FTR  Federal Travel Regulation
  Florida Trail Riders
  for the record
FTS  Flight Termination System
FTU  Fibre Termination Unit
FTW  For The Win
  Fuck The World
FTX  Field Training Exercise
FUA  Flexible Use of Airspace
FUB  Fuck You Bart
FUD  Fear Uncertainty and Doubt
FUN  Fuck U N00b
FUR  Functional User Requirements
FUW  Farmers’ Union of Wales
FVD  Farce voor Democratie
  Fascisten Voor Dictatuur
  Fast Video Download
  FeitenVrije Drek
  Forum voor Democratie
  Forum voor Dieetservice
FVM  Finite Volume Method
FWG  FunctieWaardering Gezondheidszorg
FWH  First Wort Hopping
FWS  Fish and Wildlife Service
FXR  flash X-ray machine
FYB  Fuck You Bastard
FYC  Fine Young Cannibals
FYI  For Your Information
FYR  Former Yugoslav Republic

GAA  Gaelic Athletic Association
  Government Accountability Act
GAC  Global Assembly Cache
GAD  General Anxiety Disorder
  General Aviation Declaration
GAE  Groningen Airport Eelde
GAG  glycosaminoglycan
GAK  Gewestelijk Arbeids Kantoor
  Gezeik Aan Kop
GAL  Get A Life
GAM  Gideon Algernon Mantell
  Granularity Adjustment Module
GAN  Generative Adversarial Network
GAO  General Accounting Office
GAP  Google Ancient Places
GAS  Gear Acquiring Syndrome
GBA  Gemeentelijke Basisadministratie
  God Bless America
GBB  Groninger Bodem Beweging
GBE  Knight/Dame Grand Cross of the British Empire
GBF  Gripped By Fear
GBG  Good Beer Guide
GBH  Grievous Bodily Harm
GBK  Groningen Bekent Kleur
GBL  Grote Blonde Leider
GBP  Great British Pound
GBR  Giovanni Battista Riccioli
  Great Barrier Reef
  Guiness Book of Records
GBS  Gang Bang Squad
  George Baker Selection
GBT  Google Brain Team
  Green Bank Telescope
GBZ  Goed Beheerd Zorgsysteem
GCA  Giant Cell Arteritis
GCB  Knight/Dame Grand Cross of the Bath
GCC  Global Climate Change
  GNU C-Compiler
  Groninger Cricket Club
GCD  Generic CAD
  Grand Central Dispatch
GCH  GameCity Hamburg
GCI  Groningen Confucius Institute
GCR  Gas Cooled Reactor
GDA  Generic Design Assessment
  God Damn America
GDC  Game Developers Conference
  Global Disease Control
GDI  God Delusion Index
GDK  George Dull Knife
GDP  Gross Domestic Product
GDT  Guillermo del Toro
GEB  Gegevensbeschermingseffectbeoordeling
  Gemeentelijk Energiebedrijf
  Gödel Escher Bach
GED  Graphic Environment Document
GEE  Galaxy Evolution Explorer
GEF  Graphical Editing Framework
GEK  Gewoon Extreem Kut
GEM  Galanti Egidio Mondaino
  Geen Energie Meer
  Gemeentelijke Exploitatie Maatschappij
  Grand Egyptian Museum
GEN  Geburt Einer Nation
GEP  Global Express Parcels
GES  Gene Elimination Squad
GET  General Excise Tax
GFA  Good Friday Agreement
GFD  God Fucking Damnit
  Guy Fawkes Day
GFN  Global Footprint Network
  Gone For Now
GFR  Gas-cooled fast reactor
GFT  groente fruit tuin
GFU  Go Fuck Urself
GFX  Graphics
GGD  Gemeentelijke Gezondheidsdienst
GGG  Giant Global Graph
  Ginza Graphic Gallery
GGH  Geweldige Graf Herrie
GGP  Gateway-Gateway Protocol
  Great Gallery Panel
GGS  George Gaylord Simpson
GGZ  geestelijke gezondheidszorg
GHB  Gamma Hydroxy Butyraat
GHD  Groundhog Day
GHG  Green House Gas
GHH  Genootschap van Hackende Huisvrouwen
GHK  Graded Hammer Keyboard
GHS  Graded Hammer Standard
GHU  Get Hold Unique
GIF  Gitaar Instituut Friesland
  Graphics Interchange Format
GIL  General Information Leaflet
  Global Interpreter Lock
GIS  Geografische Informatie Systemen
  Geographic Information System
  Geographic Information Systems
  Greenland Ice Sheet
GIV  Geblondeerde Imam uit Venlo
GJB  Gertjan Bakker
GKE  Google Kubernetes Engine
GKG  Goeie Koffie Godverdomme
GLA  Gemiddelde Landelijke Adviesprijs
GLC  Greater London Council
GLL  Groningen London Lijn
GLM  General Linear Model
  Global Language Monitor
  Good Looking Mum
GLN  Global Location Number
GLP  George Lawrence Price
GLS  General Logistics Systems
GLT  Generic Language Technology
GMF  Grand Master Flash
GMH  Geriatric Mobile Hazard
  Grace Murray Hopper
GMI  Google's Machine Intelligence
GMO  Grote Minerva Opruimdag
GMP  GNU Multiple Precision
GMR  Graphical monitor record
GMT  Greenwich Mean Time
GNH  Get Next Hold
GNI  Gesher New Instructions
  Greater Nagoya Initiative
  Gross National Income
GNO  Geile Neuk Objecten
  Gepasseerde Neuk Objecten
GNP  Get Next Parent
  Gross National Product
GNU  GNU\'s Not Unix
GOC  Grafisch Opleidingscentrum
GOD  GameCube Optical Disc
GOE  Great Oxidation Event
  Great Oxygenation Event
GOH  Geheel Onthoudende Homo's
GOP  Gabinete de Organização Pedagógica
  Grand Old Party
GOS  Gemenebest van Onafhankelijke Staten
  Good Old Sparky
  Google’s Organic Search
GOT  Game Of Thrones
GPA  Green Protein Alliance
GPB  Google Protocol Buffers
GPC  General Physics Colloquium
GPF  General Protection Fault
GPL  Glider Pilot License
  GNU General Public License
GPM  Gallons Per Minute
GPO  Good for Parts Only
GPP  Geile Poezen Periode
GPS  General Problem Solver
  Global Positioning System
  Great Portland Street
GPT  Generative Pre-trained Transformer
GPU  Graphics Processing Unit
GPV  Gereformeerd Politiek Verbond
GQG  Grand Quartier Général
GQP  Grand QAnon Party
GQT  Geometry and Quantum Theory
GRB  Gamma Ray Bursters
GRC  Governance, Risk and Compliance
GRD  Good Riddance Day
GRR  Guidance Reference Release
GRT  Great Replacement Theory
GRU  Gated Recurrent Unit
  Glavnoye Razvedyvatel'noye Upravleniye
GRV  Great Rift Valley
GSA  General Services Administration
  Groninger Studenten Aeroclub
GSC  Giant Scientific Conspiracy
GSE  Ground Support Equipment
GSF  Geen Slechte Film
GSL  Generalized Second Law
GSM  Ginger Seperatist Movement
  Global System for Mobiles
GSP  George Smith Patton
GSR  Galvanic Skin Response
  Gun Shot Residue
GST  Ground School Training
GSU  Gas Service Utrecht
GSV  Gereformeerde Studenten Vereniging
GSW  Gun Shot Wound
GTA  Global Temperature Anomalies
  Grand Theft Auto
GTD  Getting Things Done
  Grote Tieten Dag
GTG  Game Technology Group
  Geld Terug Garantie
GTI  Gran Turismo Injection
  Grote Technologische Instituten
GTK  GIMP Toolkit
GTL  Gemengde Theoretische Leerweg
  Grand Tourisimo Luxe
GTO  Geographic Targeting Order
  Geostationary Transfer Orbit
  Girls Together Outrageously
  GiroTel Online
  Gran Turismo Omologato
  Great Teacher Onizuka
GTP  Gaming Towards Perfection
  Get The Picture
  Gevulde Koeken Transfer Protocol
  Go Text Protocol
  Greek Travel Pages
GTR  General Theory of Relativity
GTS  Geological Time Scale
  Grand Tourisimo Sportive
GTZ  Geweldig Trage Zooi
GUI  Graphical User Interface
GUS  Gravis UltraSound
GUT  Grand Unified Theory
GVB  Gemeentelijk Vervoersbedrijf
  Golf Vaardigheids Bewijs
GVD  GodVerDomme
  Groeten van Douwe
GVU  Gemeentelijk Vervoerbedrijf Utrecht
GWB  George W. Bush
  George Washington Bridge
  Gravitational Wave Background
GWP  Global Warming Potential
GZF  Graden Zweedse Flikker
GZI  Geen Zin In
GZM  Geen Zin Meer
  Geile Zuipende Meisjes
  Gesellschaft für Ganzheitliche ZahnMedizin
  Gorky's Zygotic Mynci
  Górnośląski Związek Metropolitalny
  Groen-Zwarte Maten
GZT  Gleuf Zonder Tieten

HAA  Hampshire Archery Association
HAB  Hardened Accomodation Block
HAC  Humanitarian Activities Committee
HAI  Helicopter Association International
  Hellenic Aerospace Industry
HAL  Heuristically programmed ALgorithmic computer
  Holland-Amerika Lijn
HAM  Hold And Modify
HAN  Hogeschool Arnhem en Nijmegen
HAP  Html Agility Pack
HAR  Human Accelerated Region
  Human Activity Recognition
HAT  Hardware Attached on Top
HBA  Host Bus Adapter
HBB  Hand Bike Battle
HBC  Helena Bonham Carter
HBD  Home Brew Digest
HBF  High Burnup Fuel
HBG  Hollandsche Beton Groep
HBH  Hulp Bij Huishouden
HBI  holy bike inch
HBJ  Hero Brinkman Jeugdbeweging
HBM  Heineken's Bierbrouwerij Maatschappij
  Herman Buitelaar Machines
HBO  Hoger Beroepsonderwijs
  Home Beat Officer
  Home Box Office
HBP  Human Brain Project
HBS  High Burnup Structure
  Hogere Burgerschool
  Hold Baggage Screening
  Houdt Braef Stant
HBU  Homebrew Bittering Unit
HBV  Hoeks Bizarre Verdwijning
HCA  Haut-commissariat à l'Amazighité
  High-Contamination Area
  Human Cell Atlas
HCC  Hobby Computer Club
HCD  Human Centered Design
HCF  Hell Creek Formation
  Highes Common Factor
HCI  Host Controller Interface
  Human Computer Interface
  Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure
HCM  Ho Chi Min
HCN  Blauwzuurgas (een cyanide)
HCR  Habitual Criminals Register
  Hockeyclub Rijnvliet
HDB  Hierarchycal Data Bases
HDD  HardDisk Drive
  Horizontal Directional Drilling
HDF  High Density Fiberboard
HDI  Human Development Index
HDN  Hoe De Neuk
HDR  High Dynamic Range
HDT  Hele Dikke Tieten
  High-Tech & Digitale Transformatie
HEA  High Entropy Alloy
HEB  Here's Everything Better
HEC  Hardware Engineering Conference
  Henry Edward Crampton
HEK  Haus der Elektronischen Künste
  Heel Erg Kut
HEL  Het Echte Leven
HEM  Hibernate Entity Manager
HEO  High Earth Orbit
HER  Historic Environment Record
HES  Hogeschool voor Economische Studies
HET  Hele Erotische Taaitaai
  Home Entertainment Today
HEU  Highly Enriched Uranium
HFA  High Functioning Autism
HFC  Halal Fried Chicken
  Henry Ford Company
HFD  heilige fietsduim
HFF  Holy Fist Fuck
HFG  Hans Freudenthalgebouw
HFR  High Frame Rate
HFS  Hierarchical File System
HGA  Hydrogen Gas Accumulator
HGP  Human Genome Project
HGV  Heavy Goods Vehicle
HHG  Hanze Hogeschool Groningen
  Hitch Hikers Guide
HHH  Hanze Huiswerk Hulp
  Holland Heineken House
HHI  Hilton Head Island
HHK  Hersteld Hervormde Kerk
HHN  His Holy Noodlyness
HHS  Hogere Hotel School
HIA  Health Impact Accelerator
HIC  Hanze Informatie Centrum
  Heavy Ion Collider
HIE  Highlands and Islands Enterprise
HIL  hand-rolled instrumentation logic
  Human Interface Link
HIM  His Infernal Majesty
HIO  Hoger Informatica Onderwijs
HIP  Human Interface Parser
HIS  Hanze Instituut voor Sportstudies
  Huisarts Informatie Systeem
HIT  Horeca Interventie Team
HIV  Human Immunodeficiency Virus
HJS  Hochschule für Jüdische Studien
HKA  Held–Karp algorithm
HKH  Hare Koninklijke Hoogheid
HKS  Harde Kern Spakenburg
HKU  Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht
HLA  Human Lymphocyte Antigen
HLB  Hot Liquor Bath
HLD  Hoofdvaarweg Lemmer-Delfzijl
HLE  Hebgen Lake Earthquake
HLL  Higher Level Language
HLS  HTTP Live Streaming
HLW  High Level Waste
HLX  Hyper Luminous Xraysource
HMC  Histopyramid Marching Cubes
HMG  Holland Media Groep
  Holland Mounting Group
HMH  Heineken Music Hall
HMI  Hamburg Mannheimer Insurance
  Human machine interface
HMM  Hibernate Metadata Model
  Hidden Markov Model
  Hidden Markov Models
  Horowitz Maldacena Model
HMO  House in Multiple Occupation
HMP  Her Majesty's Prison
HMR  Hogeschool MedezeggenschapsRaad
HMS  His/Her Majesty's Steamer
HMV  His Master's Voice
  Hongaarse Mahler Vereniging
HND  Het Nieuwe Denken
HNF  Highest Normal Form
HNG  Hele Nederlandse Guldens
HNL  His Noodely Lordship
  Holland. Norway Lines
HNP  Het Nieuwe Printen
  Host Negotiation Protocol
HNT  Het Nationale Theater
HOA  Hoger Onderwijs Academie
HOD  Head Of Department
HOE  Head Of Everything
  Hoeren of Explosieven
HOP  Handig, Overzichtelijk en Praktisch
HOS  Head On Stick
HOT  Hemelvaart Organisatie Team
HOU  Hordes Of the Underdark
HOV  Harmonie Orkest Vleuten
  Hoogwaardig Openbaar Vervoer
HPA  Health Protection Agency
  Hoofd Productschap Akkerbouw
HPC  High Performance Computing
HPE  Hewlett Packard Enterprise
HPF  High Pass Filter
HPL  Hanze Persoonlijke Laptop
  Hoek's Programming Language
HPP  Heuristic Programming Project
HPS  Hiërarchisch Proces Schema
  Hybrid PhotoSynthesis
HPT  Hiigh Performance Team
HPU  Hydraulic Pressure Unit
HPV  Humaan Papillomavirus
HQE  Human Quantum Energy
HQL  Hibernate Query Language
HQM  Hippie Quantum Mechanics
HRA  Human Rights Act
HRB  His Royal Badness
HRC  Human Rights Commision
HRD  Hoofdafdeling Research & Development
HRH  His Royal Highness
HRM  Human Resource Management
HRP  Halden Reactor Project
  Human Rights Policy
HRT  Hard Real-Time
HRW  Human Rights Watch
HSA  Hot Side Aeration
HSB  Hue-Saturation-Brightness
HSC  HTML Server Control
HSD  High Speed Data
HSE  Health and Safety Executive
HSF  Handbook of Salmon Fishing
HSI  Hyper Spectral Imaging
HSL  Henrietta Swan Leavitt
  Hue Saturation Luminance
HSP  Hanzehogeschool Sirius Programma
  Heidemarie Stefanyshyn Piper
  High Society Person
  Highly Sensitive Person
HSS  Heineken Studenten Service
  High-speed Sea Service
HST  Hubble Space Telescope
HSV  Hamburger Sport-Verein
  Hanze Studentenbelangen Vereniging
  Hanze Studentenvereniging
  Hue Saturation Value
HTA  Human Tissue Authority
HTC  High Tech Computer
HTH  Hope This Helps
HTL  Hoeks Todo List
HTM  Haagse Tram Maatschappij
HTR  High-temperature gas-cooled reactor
HTS  Hogere Technische School
HTW  Herman Tjeenk Willink
HUA  Het Utrechts Archief
HUB  Haarlems Uitgeef Bedrijf
HUH  Harper University Hospital
  Harvard University Herbaria
  Howard University Hospital
HUN  Hackers Underground Network
HUP  Hypersonic Upgrade Program
HVG  Heel Veel Geld
HVM  Homo's Voor Mannen
HVP  Heel Veel Pieken
  High Value Package
HWE  Hardware Enablement
HWN  Hard Werkende Nederlander
HWP  Huis Warm Partijtje
HYE  Hurt Your Eyes
HZP  HBO'rs Zijn Prutsers

IAA  Immigration Appellate Authority
IAC  International Academic Contacts
IAD  International Air Distress
  Intimate Area Dryness
IAG  iPhone Application Graveyard
IAK  Industrieel Assurantie Kantoor
  Initiatief Audiovisuele Kunsten
  Institut für Angewandte Kreativität
IAM  Identity and Access Management
IAP  Innovatief Actie Programma
  Internet Assembled Philosophy
IAS  Indicated Airspeed
  Institute of Advanced Studies
  International Association of Scientologists
IAU  Ice Age Unit
IAV  Instituto de Áudio & Vídeo
IBA  Idiote Belgen Altijd
IBB  Ina Boudier Bakker-laan
IBC  International Broadcasting Convention
IBD  International Blasphemy Day
IBG  Informatie Beheer Groep
IBL  Image Based Lighting
IBM  International Bullshit Machines
IBS  Institute for Brewing Studies
IBU  International Bittering Unit
ICA  Indene Carboxylic Acid
ICB  Ian Curtis Buried
ICC  International Cricket Council
  International Criminal Court
  Islay Cask Company
ICF  Inertial Confinement Fusion
ICI  Italiaans Cultureel Instituut
ICL  IntraCommunautaire Levering
ICM  Image Color Matching
  International Congress of Mathematicians
ICN  Intergalactic Computer Network
ICP  IntraCommunautaire Prestaties
ICR  Institute for Creation Research
ICS  Information and Computer Science
  Inleiding ComputerSystemen
  International Card Services
  International Classification for Standards
ICT  Informatie- en Communicatietechnologie
ICV  IntraCommunautaire Verwerving
IDA  International Dispensary Association
IDC  Intelligent Design Creationism
IDD  I Don't Disagree
  Ideal De-Correlating Detector
  Information Data Display
  Information Delivery Device
  Infratools Desktop Discovery
  Insulin Dependant Diabetes
  Intentional Deficit Disorder
  Interdirector Designation
  Interface Definition Document
  Interface Description Document
  Interface Design Description
  Interface Design Document
  Interface Designation Drawing
  Interim Dry-Docking
  Intermediate Design Document
  Internal Disc Decompression
  International Direct Dialing
  Internet Data Distribution
  Interpacket Delay Difference
  Intervertebral Disc Degeneration
  Intervertebral Disc Disease
  Invatamint Deschis la Distanta
  Iodine Deficiency Disorders
IDE  Integrated Development Environment
  Integrated Drive Electronics
IDF  Inverse Document Frequency
  Israel Defense Forces
IDG  International Data Group
IDL  Instituut Defensie Leergangen
  Interface Definition Language
IDM  Intelligent Dance Music
IDS  Internationaal Diploma-Supplement
IDU  Interchangable Dude Unit
IEA  International Energy Agency
IED  Improvised Explosive Device
  Innovative Electronic Designs
  Istituto Europeo di Design
IFA  International Funk Aggression
IFD  Internet Freedom Day
IFE  Institutt For Energiteknikk
IFF  Interchange File Format
IFR   Instrument Flight Rules
  Instrument Flight Rules
IFS  Institute for Fiscal Studies
  Iterated Function Systems
IGG  Instituut voor de Geschiedenis en Grondslagen (van de Wiskunde en Natuurwetenschappen)
  Insuline Gelijkende Groeifactor
IGJ  Inspectie Gezondheidszorg en Jeugd
IGM  Instant Gratification Monkey
IGP  I Gotta Pee
  Interior Gataway Protocol
IHA  In Het Algemeen
IHB  In het bijzonder
IHC  Institute for Human Continuity
IHD  Ik Haat Drukkers
IHE  Italian Heraldic Encyclopedia
IHG  Ik Haat Gebruikers
IHI  Institute of Health care Improvement
IHM  Ik Haat Mensen
  Internet Hate Machine
IHP  Integrated Haskell Platform
IHR   Institute for Historical Review (cunts)
IID  Infinite Improbability Drive
IIE  International Industrial Entrepreneurship
IIG   Independent Investigations Group
  In Ieder Geval
III  Instantly Implemented Imagination
  Internet Indirection Infrastructure
IIO  Intermediair Imago Onderzoek
IIP  Iedereen Is (een) Prutser
IIR  Institute for Internation Research
IIS  Iedereen Is Saai
  Internet Information Server
IIT  Iedereen Is Traag
IKC  Integraal Kindcentrum
IKD  Informatie- en Kenniscentrum Diervoedersector
IKT  Indringend Keten Testen
ILC  International Latex Corporation
  International Linear Collider
ILM  Indie Label Market
  Industrial Light & Magic
ILO  Integrated Light-Out
  International Labour Organization
ILP  Important Looking Pirates
ILS  Immediate Life Support
  Instrument Landing System
  Instrument Landing Systems
ILT  Inspectie Leefomgeving en Transport
ILW  Intermediate Level Waste
IMA  Informatiecentrum Militaire Aangelegenheden
IMC  Instrument Meteorological Conditions
  Internal Market Comissioner
  Internet Mail Consortium
IMD  Iedereen Moet Dood
  In My Dreams
  Internationale Mannen Dag
  Invaders Must Die
IMF  International Monetary Fund
IMG  Instituut Mijnbouwschade Groningen
IMO  In My Opinion
  International Mahler Orchestra
IMP  Interface Message Processor
  Internet Messaging Program
IMS  Inertial Measurement System
  Information Management System
  iTunes Music Store
IMT  International Military Tribunal
IMU  Inertial Measurement Unit
INC  Incorporated
  Iraqi National Congres
IND  Immigratie en Naturalisatie Dienst
INF  INFinite
ING  Internationale Nederlanden Groep
INK  Instituut Nederlandse Kwaliteit
INL  Idaho National Laboratory
INO  In Name Only
INS  Integrated Network System
INT  Intelligence
IOC  Index Of Coincidence
  International Olympic Committee
IOD  Instruments Of Darkness
IOI  Interuniversitair Oogheelkundig Instituut
ION  Intervakgroep Onderwijs Natuurkunde
IOP  Input/Output Package
IOR  Index Of Refraction
IOS  Information Overload Syndrome
IOT  Internet Of Things
IOU  I owe you
IOW  In Other Words
IPA  India Pale Ale
  International Phonetic Alphabet
  International Police Association
IPB  Insanity Prawn Boy
IPC  InterProcess Communication
IPG  Image Plane Group
IPL  Initial Program Loader
IPM  Inter Process Messaging
IPO  Initial Public Offering
  Interprovinciaal Overleg
IPP  Imprisonment for Public Protection
  Instituut voor Publiek en Politiek
  Internet Printing Protocol
IPR  Intellectual Property Rights
  Interactive Photorealistic Rendering
IPS  Indoor Positioning System
  Insight Performance and Software
  International patching system
  Internet Protocol Suite
IPU  Invisble Pink Unicorn
IPV  In Plaats Van
IPX  Internetwork Packet Exchange
IRA  Indian Removal Act
  Internet Research Agency
  Irish Republican Army
IRC  Internet Relay Chat
IRI  Istituto per la Ricostruzione Industriale
IRK  Internationale Reis- en Kredietbrief
IRL  In Real Life
IRP  I/O Request Package
IRQ  Interrupt ReQuest
IRR  Internet Routing Registry
IRS  Inland Revenue Service
  Internal Revenue Service
IRV  Immediate Response Vehicle
ISA  Individueel StudieAdvies
  Industry Standard Architecture
  Inteligente Snelheids Aanpassing
  Intelligent Speed Assist
  International School Almere
  International Seabed Authority
  International Standard Atmosphere
  Internet Security & Acceleration
ISC  Informatie Systeem Configuratie
ISD  Inrichting voor Stelselmatige Daders
ISE  Interactive Software Engineering
ISF  Information Systems Foundations
ISG  Internet Services Group
  Islamitische Scholengemeenschap
ISH  Information Superhighway
ISI  Import Substitutie Industrialisering
  Information Science Institute
  Islamic State of Iraq
ISL  In Situ Leaching
  Initial System Loader
  Inverse Square Law
ISM   Incredible Shrinking Mesh
ISO  International Standards Organisation
  International Student Office
  Interstedelijk Studenten Overleg
ISP  In-System Programmer
  Internet Service Provider
  Interrupt Stack Pointer
  Specific impulse
ISR  Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance
ISS  Institutional Shareholder Services
  International Space Station
ISU  International System of Units
ISW  Institute for the Study of War
ITA  Internationaal Theater Amsterdam
ITB  International Talent Booking
ITC  Independent Television Commission
  Interdenominational Theological Center
  International Test Conference
  International Trade Center
  International Trade Commission
  International Typeface Corporation
ITF  In The Flesh
  Instituut Theoretische Fysica
ITL  Inzet- en Takenlijst
ITN  In The Nursery
ITP  Institute for Theoretical Physics
  Intelligent Tracking Prevention
ITS  Inertia Tensor Scale
  Information and Technology Services
ITT  Individual Time Trial
ITU  International Telecommunication Union
  International Telecommunications Union
ITV  Independent Television
IUP  Initial Upper Paleolithic
IUS  Interpretive Unplanned Skywriting
IVA  Inkomensvoorziening Volledig Arbeidsongeschikten
IVB  Impuls Vanuit de Buitenwereld
IVE  Inspectie Verkeer En Waterstaat
IVM  In Verband Met
IVN  Instituut voor natuureducatie en duurzaamheid
  Internationale Vereniging voor Neerlandistiek
IVR  Influenza Virus Resource
  Interactive Voice Response
IWC  Internationale Walvisvaart Commissie
IWD  Islamic World Dominance
IWF  Intelligent WebFormulier
IWM  Imperial War Museum
IWS  Ik Wil Slapen
IXC  Islam eXperience Centre
IYF  In Your Face
IZR  Instante zelfreflectie

JAA  Japan Asia Airways
JAC  Jongeren Advies Centrum
JAD  Joint Application Development
JAI  Java Advanced Imaging
  Java Advanced Imaging API
JAN  Jonge Alumni Netwerk
JAR  Java ARchive
JBA  Jersey Badminton Association
JBC  Jelle Brandt Corstius
JBF  Jan Boeren Fluitjes
JBI  James Boswell Instituut
  Java Business Integration
  Just Before Ignition
JBL  James Bullough Lansing
JCA  J2EE Connector Architecture
  Java Cryptography API
JCB  Joseph Cyril Bamford
  Just Cutting Bananas
JCM  James Clerk Maxwell
JCP  Java Community Process
JCR  Java Content Repositories
  Java Content Repository
  Java-based content repositories
JCS  Jesus Christ Superstar
JCU  Junior College Utrecht
JDF  Java Data Forms
JDI  Just DO It!
JDK  Java Development Kit
JDM  Japanese Domestic Market
JDO  Java Data Objects
JDS  Java Desktop System
JDT  Java Development Tools
JEA  Journal of Egyptian Archaeology
JEJ  James Earl Jones
JET  Joint European Torus
JEV  Japanese Encephalitis Virus
JFC  Java Foundation Classes
  Jave Foundation Classes
  Jezus Fucking Christ
JFK  John Fitzgerald Kennedy
JFM  Johann Friedrich Miescher
JHB  Jeffrey Hudson Bitter
JHC  John Horton Conway
JHE  Jimi Hendrix Experience
JHM  Journal de Haute Marne
JHN  Julius Huisartsen Netwerk
JHS  Jesus Hominum Salvator
JIT  Just In Time
JKF  Johann Karl Fuhlrott
JLD  Jaques Louis David
JLP  James Lawrence Powell
JMA  Jaish al-Muhajireen wal-Ansar
JMC  The Jesus and Mary Chain
JMD  Jumpstylers Moeten Dood
JME  Java Mobile Edition
JMJ  Jean Michel Jarre
JMK  John Maynard Keynes
JMO  Just My Opionion
JMP  Jakarta Multipart Parser
JMS  Java Message Service
JMX  Java Management eXtensions
JND  Just Noticeable Differences
JNF  Joods Nationaal Fonds
JNI  Java Native Interface
JOP  Jeugd Opleidings Programma
  Jongeren Ontmoeting Plaats
JOT  Just One Thought
JPA  Java Persistence API
JPB  Jan-Peter Balkenende
JPF  Judean People's Front
JPG  Joint Photographers exchange Group
  Journal of the Philosophy of Games
JPL  Jet Propulsion Lab
  Jet Propulsion Laboratory
JPM  Jokes Per Minute
JQM  JQueryMobile
JRA  Java Reflection API
JRE  Java Runtime Environment
JRF  Java Record Framework
JRM  Jacob Rees-Mogg
JRP  Joint Requirement Planning
  Joint Requirements Planning
JSC  Java Servlet Container
JSF  Joint Strike Fighter
  Jonathan Safran Foer
JSH  John Scott Haldane
JSI  Jožef Stefan Institute
JSP  Java Server Pages
JSR  Java Specification Request
JST  Japanese Standard Time (日本標準時)
JVC  Japanese Victor Company
JVM  Java Virtual Machine
  Java Voor Mannen
JWD  John William Draper
JWG  Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
JWS  Java Web Start
JWT  JSON Web Token

KAA  Kuttig Antiek Algorithme (zoals bubblesort)
KAF  Kenniscentrum Aanpak Funderingsproblematiek
KAL  Korean Airlines
KAN  Knooppunt Arnhem Nijmegen
KAP  Kent Access Permit
  Komitee Anti Pausbezoek
KAT  Kattengedrag Advies & Therapie
  Kwetsbaarheden Analyse Tool
KAV  Kan Alles Vervoeren
KBA  Killed By Air
KBB  Koninklijke Bijenkorf Beheer
KBE  Knight Commander (of the Order) of the British Empire
KBF  Kick-Back Fee
KBG  Victor J. Koningsberger Building
KBS  Kilo Bytes per Second
KBV  Kampioen Bij Volharding
  Komplett B.V.
KCA  Kidney Cancer Association
KCB  Knight Commander of the Bath
KCC  Kas Controle Commissie
  Klant Contact Center
KCN  kaliumcyanide
KCO  Kenniscentrum Ondernemersschap
KCS  Kut Crashende Servers
KCT  Korps Commandotroepen
KDC  Key Distribution Center
KDD  Keuringsdienst Diervoedersector
  Knowledgde Discovery in Databases
KDE  K Desktop Environment
KDV  Kubistische Designer Vagina
KDW  Kritische Depositie Waarde
KEE  Knowledge-Extraction Expert
KEI  KNVvL Examinering Instituut
  Kommissie Eerstejaars Introductie
KET  Key-Enabling Technology
KFC  Kentucky Fried Chicken
KFS  Kentucky Fried Something
KGB  Комитет Государстве&
  Klein Geel Boekje
KHD  Klockner Humboldt Deutz
KHN  Koninklijke Horeca Nederland
KHO  Kleine Horeca Ondernemer
KIA  Abu Muslim al-Turkmani
  Killed In Action
KIM  Koninklijk Instituut voor de Marine
KIS  Keep It Simple
  Kennisplatform Inclusief Samenleven
KIT  Karlsruhe Institut für Techologie
  Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
  Koninklijk Instituut voor de Tropen
  Kwaliteit In Toetsen
KKD  Kilo Kut Dingen
KKH  Kleine Kut Hondjes
KKK  Kermende Kut-Kleuters
  Ku-Klux Klan
KKR  Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co
KKS  Kanker Kut Shop
KKZ  Kanker Kut Zooi
KLD  Kullback-Leibler divergence
KLM  Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij
KLO  Dienst Kijk- en LuisterOnderzoek
  Kijk- en Luisteronderzoek
KMA  Koninklijke Militaire Academie
KMB  Kunst en Mediabeleid
KMD  Klanten Moeten Dood
KML  Keyhole Markup Language
KMS  Koninklijke Marechaussee Schiphol
KMT  Kennismakingstijd
  Kunst Media Technologie
KMZ  Koffie Moeten Zetten
KNO  Keel Neus en Oor
KNS  Kromme Nieuwe Scene
KNV  Klassieke Nederlandse Vakhandels
KOL  Key Opinion Leader
KOO  Korte Officiersopleiding
KOR  Kleine Ondernemers Regeling
KOV  Katholieke Oratorium Vereniging
KPI  Key Performance Indicator
  Key Performance Indicators
KPJ  Koninklijke Plattelands Jongeren
KPM  King's Police Medal
KPN  Koninklijke PTT Nederland
KPO  Key Personal Objective
KPP  Kevin Peter Pietersen
KPS  Kinship Panel Study
KPT  Kleine Pronte Tietjes
KRF  Klasies River Fossils
KRO  Katholieke Radio Omroep
KRY  Knights Rugby Youth
KSA  Kritische Studienausgabe
KSB  Klein Schanslin und Becker
KSC  John F. Kennedy Space Center
  Kennedy Space Center
KSM  Khalid Shaykh Muhammad
KSP  Kerbal Space Program
KSW  Keep Scientology Working
KTP  Kut Transfer Protocol
KTV  Kut TLA Verzamelaars
KUB  Katholieke Universiteit Brabant
KUN  Katholieke Universiteit Nijmegen
KUT  Kielce University of Technology
  Kuenburg Tamsweg
  Kwalitatief Uitermate Teleurstellend
KVI  Kernfysisch Versneller Instituut
KVK  Kamer van Koophandel
KVM  Kernel-based Virtual Machine
  Koffie Voor Mannen
KVO  Kennisgeving Van Ontvangst
KVP  Katholieke Volkspartij
KWA  Koning Willem Alexander
  Koning Willem-Alexander
KWF  Koningin Wilhelmina Fonds
KYC  Know Your Client
KZA  Koffie Zet Apparaat
KZK  Klanten Zijn Kut

LAA  Lebanese American Association
LAB  Laboratory for Agnostic Biosignatures
  Low Alcohol Beverage
LAD  leuk appetijtelijk ding
LAG  Life After God
LAL  Laughing At Losers
LAM  Land Attack Missile
LAN  Local Area Network
LAT  Large Area Telescope
  Living Apart Together
LBA  Large Block Allocation
LBB  Leak Before Break
LBE  Luthers Bach Ensemble
LBH  Loud But Harmless
LBJ  Lyndon B. Johnson
LBL  Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
LBO  Lager BeroepsOnderwijs
LBP  Lying Bastard Preacher
LBW  Leg Before Wicket
LCA  Local Crazy Arsonist
LCC  Lectoraat Crossmedia Content
  London County Council
LCD  Liquid Crystal Display
LCF  Linker control file
LCG  Landelijk Coördinatiecentrum Geneesmiddelen
LCH  Landelijk Consortium Hulpmiddelen
LCN  Logical Cluster Numbers
LCP  Link Control Protocol
  Liquid Crystal Polymer
LCR  Land Clear Rule
LCS  Laboratory for Computer Science
LCW  Landelijke Coördinatiecommissie Waterverdeling
LDA  Linear Discriminant Analysis
LDB  Lul De Behanger
LDC  Leonardo fucking Di-fucking-Caprio
LDF  Library definition file
  Low Density Fiberboard
LDL  Lamont Doherty Laboratory
LDM  Logical Data Model
LDP  Linux Documentation Project
LDR  Light Dependent Resistor
LEC  Low Enroute Chart
LED  Light Emitting Diode
LEF  Laboratorium Experimentele Fysica
LEI  Legal Entity Identifier
LEO  Live Electronic Orchestra
  Low Earth Orbit
  Lyons Electronic Office
LEP  Large Electron-Positron Collider
LES  Launch Escape System
LET   Leading Edge Technologies
   Les Enfant Terrible
   Lidocaine, Epinephrine and Tetracaine
   Light Equipment Transporter
   Logistics Escape Trunk
  Ladies European Tour
  Last Expected Time
  Launch Effects Trainer
  Leadership Education Training
  Leading Edge Tracking
  Leukocyte Esterase Test
  Level Electrical Transmitter
  Licensure Examination for Teachers
  Light Emitting Transistor
  Line Equipment Transfer
  Linear Energy Transfer
  Live Entertainment Tax
  Logical Equipment Table
  Logical Exchange Termination
  Low Energy Telescope
LEU  Low Enriched Uranium
LFA  Local Flying Area
LFC  Louis Ferdinand Céline
LFE  Low Frequency Effects
LFF  Lower Field First
LFG  Letter From God
LFI  Landelijke Functie Opschaling Infectieziektebestrijding
LFR  Lead-cooled fast reactor
LFZ  Local Flying Zone
LGA  Land Grid Array
LGB  Little Green Bag
LGS  Lettuce-based Guidance Sub-system
LHB  Left Hand Bat
  Lekker Hollands Beuken
LHC  Lake Hills Church
  Large Hadron Collider
  Louis Hartlooper Complex
LHF  Laaghangend Fruit
  Low Hanging Fruit
LHK  Lijst Henk Krol
LHM  Lord Help Me
LHO  Lee Harvey Oswald
LHR  Linkse Hobby Retoriek
LHS  Landbouwhogeschool
  Left Hand Side
LHU  Lord Help Us
LHV  Landelijke Huisartsen Vereniging
LHW  Lekker Hollands Weer
LID  Landelijke Inspectiedienst Dierenbescherming
LIM  Leg Index Measurement
LIP  Logistiek Informatie Platform
LIR  Local Internet Registry
LIS  LinkedIn Sletje
LIV  Landelijk Instituut Vertrouwenspersonen
LKA  Lane Keeping Assistance
LKI  Luchtkwaliteitsindex
LKO  Landelijke Klachtencommissie Onderwijs
  Lower Kerbal Orbit
LKP  Less Known Protocol
LLE  Laboratory for Laser Energetics
LLF  Least Laxity First
LLL  La Leche League
  Leiden London Lijn
  Life Long Learning
LLM  Large Language Model
  Lunar Lander Module
LLS  Low Level Scheduler
LLT  Lazy Loading Technique
LLV  Leaving Las Vegas
LLW  Low Level Waste
LMA  London Metropolitan Archives
LMC  Large Margin Classification
  Lord-Münsterland Caravan
LMH  Light Mentally Handicapped
LMP  Lunar Module Pilot
LMS  Learning Management System
LMT  Large Millimeter Telescope
LMV  Landelijke Makelaars Vereniging
LMX  Link MatriX
LMY  Lekkere Meiden Yoga
LNG  Liquified Natural Gas
LNP  Lijst Nieuwe Politiek
LNV  Landbouw, Natuurbeheer en Visserij
  Leuke Neukbare Vrouwen?
LOA  Letter Of Agreement
LOC  Landelijke Ontwikkeling Commewijne
  Lines Of Code
LOE  Level of Effort
LOF  Loss Of Frame
LOG  Lamb Of God
  Laplacian of a Gaussian (filter)
  Large Orbit Gyrotron
  Legacy Of Goku
  Legal Organizations Group
LOI  Leids Onderwijs Instituut
  Limited Overs International
  Lunar Orbit Injection
  Lunar Orbit Insertion
LOK  Landelijk Overleg Kunstlectoren
LOL  Laughing On Line
  Laughing Out Loud
  Little Old Ladies
  Lucifer Our Lord
LOP  Language Oriented Programming
LOR  League Of Reason
LOS  Lack Of Service
  Loss Of Signal
LOT  Leergang Onafhankelijk Toetsen
LOW  Landelijk Overleg Wetenschapswinkels
LOX  Liquid OXygen
LPC  Leather Personnel Carrier
  Local Procedure Calls
LPD  Line Printer Daemon
LPF  Lekkere PornoFilms
  Lijst Pim Fortuyn
  Low Pass Filter
LPG  Liquified Petrol Gas
LPI  Liquid Photoimageable Ink
LPP  Landelijk Postdoc Platform
  Lawrenceville Plasma Physics
LPR  Landesanstall für Privaten Rundfunk
  Line Printer
LPV  Landelijk Platform Vuurwapens
LPZ  Low Population Zone
LQG  Loop Quantum Gravity
LRA  Lord's Resistance Army
LRC  Langley Research Center
  Leidsche Rijn Centrum
  Little Red Corvette
LRF  Linker response file
LRH  L Ron Hubbard
  London Ritz Hotel
LRL  Lawrence Radiation Laboratory
LRO  Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter
LRS  Life Really Sucks
LRT  Liebenberg Round Table,
LRU  Least Recently Used
LSA  Late Stone Age
  Latent Semantic Analysis
  Local Security Authority
LSB  Least Significant Bit
LSD  Least Significant Digit
  Limited Slip Differential
  Love's Secret Domain
  Lysergic Acid Diethylamide
LSE  Local State Editor
  London School of Economics
LSF  Logos library system file
LSH  Life Sciences & Health
LSI  Love, Sex, Intelligence
LSL  Logical Shift Left
LSM  Level Set Method
LSO  Leipe Ship Ouwe
LSP  Last Shadow Puppets
  Lex Silencio Positivo
  Link State Protocol
  Lubricant Sublayer Photo-curing
LSR  Leidse Studenten Raad
  Logical Shift Right
LSV  Leidse Studenten Vereniging
LSW  Landelijk Secretariaat Wetenschapswinkels
LTB  Logisch Toegangsbeveiligingsbeleid
LTC  Lawn Tennis Club
LTD  Leergang Topmanagement Defensie
LTE  Long Term Evolution
LTI  Language Technologies Institute
  Learning Tool Interoperability
LTO  Land- en Tuinbouw Organisatie
  Linear Tape-Open
LTR  Loop Transfer Recovery
LTS  Long Term Support
  Long-Term Support
LUH  Lekkers Uit Hongarije
LUL   London Underground Limited
  Left Upper Lobe
  Limited Usage License
  Local Unicast Label
  Lui Uit Leeuwarden
LUT   Launch Umbilical Tower
LVG  Licht Verstandelijk Gehandicapte
LVM  Logical Volume Manager
LVO  Large Vessel Occlusion
  Lieutenant of the Royal Victorian Order
LVT  Leuk Voor Thuis
LVV  Landelijke Vereniging van Vertrouwenspersonen
  Leden Van Verdienste
LWB  Leider WerkplekBeveiliging
LWP  Landelijk Wandel Programma
  Leidse Wijsgerige Publicaties
  Long Wave Passband
LWR  Light Water Reactor
LZH  Lempel-Ziv, Huffman
LZV  Lange Zware Vrachtwagen
LZW  Lempel Ziv Welch

MAA  Minor attracted adult (paedophile)
MAC  Media Access Control
  Mothers Against Canada
  Mudiad Amddiffyn Cymru
  Myth of Animal Consent
MAD  Magnetic Anomaly Detection
  Military Air Distress
  Moeten Allemaal Dood
  Mogen Allemaal Dood
  Mutually Assured Destruction
MAE  Moveable Audio Engine
MAF  Mortgage Application Form
MAG  Meneage Archeology Group
  Motorrijders Actie Groep
MAL  Moeder Aller Lasagnas
MAM  Management Akademie München
MAO  Monoamine Oxidase
MAP  Media Art Platform
  Microwave Anistropy Probe
  Migratie Applicatie Pensioensystemen
  Ministry of Aircraft Production
MAS  Minerva Arduino Set
MAW  Met Andere Woorden
MAX  Cokedealer
MBA  MacBook Air
  Master of Business Administration
  Moderne Bedrijfs Administratie
MBB  Montgomery Bus Boycott
MBC  Malawi Broadcasting Corporation
  Middle-east Broadcasting Corporation
MBD  Minimal Brain Dysfunction
MBE  Member of the British Empire
MBF  Moleculaire Biofysica
MBI  Message-Based Interoperability
MBL  Michiel Basiaan Lequin
MBO  Middelbaar Beroeps Onderwijs
  Middelbare Beroeps Opleiding
MBR  Master Boot Record
MBS  Mohammad bin Salman
  Morgage Backed Securities
MBT  Main Ballast Tank
MBW  Metropolitan Board of Works
  Monitor Brede Welvaart
MCA  Micro Channel Architecture
  Misuse of Civil Aviation
MCB  Marie Curie Beurs
  Muslim Council of Britain
MCC  Marylebone Cricket Club
  Mercury Control Center
  Microelectronics and Computer technology Corporation
  Ministeriële Commissie Crisisbeheersing
  Mission Control Center
  Multiversion Concurrency Control
  Museo de Cetáceos de Canarias
MCD  Mentally Challenged Design
MCF  Magic control file
MCG  Melbourne Cricket Ground
MCI  Manning's Collective Intelligence
  Media Control Interface
MCN  Muziek Centrum Nederland
MCO  Mars Climate Orbiter
MCP  Maritime Communications Partner
  Master Control Program
  Mexico City Pollution
  Microsoft Checksum Professional
MCR  Main Control Room
MCS  Marine Conservation Society
  Mega Computer Services
MCT  Mars Colonial Transporter
  Ministeriële Commissie Troonswisseling
MCU  Marvel Cinematic Universe
  Marvel Comics Universe
MCV  MIDI to Control Voltage
  Multi Convivial Vehicle
  Muziekcentrum Vredenburg
MCW  Middel Class Whiners
  Moscone Center West
MDA  Model Driven Architecture
  Multiple Docking Adaptor
MDC  Movement for Democratic Change
MDD  Major Depressive Disorder
MDF  Medium Density Fiberboard
MDH  Milk Drinking Homo's
MDI  Meldpunt Discriminatie Internet
  Multiple Document Interface
MDO  Multidisciplinair overleg
MDP  Mar Del Plaza
  Massive Domestic Propaganda
MDR  Medical Device Regulation
  Memory Data Register
  Multiple Decoy Rockets
MDT  Mountain Daylight Time
  Muziek- Dans- en Theaterschool
MEA  Monoethanolamine
MED  Manhattan Engineer District
  Manhattan Engineering District
MEE  Mass Extinction Event
MEG  Magnetoencephalography
MEK  Mono-Evolver Keys
MEL  Maya Embedded Language
MEM  Main Electronics Module
  Mars Excursion Module
  Maximum Entropy Method
  Micro Electro Mechanical
MEO  Marine Engineering Officer
MEP  Member of European Parliament
  Multi-Engine Piston
MES  Maar Eens Scheren
  Media Encoder Service
MET  Middle European Time
  Mission Elapsed Time
MEZ  Maar Eens Zetten
MFA  multi-factor authentication
MFB  Motional Feedback
MFE  Multithreading Finite Elements
MFH  Major Fucking Hangover
MFI  Maastricht Forensic Institute
MFM  Meat Free Monday
MFO  Mede Financierings Organisatie
  Meldpunt Fouten in Overheidsregistraties
  Meteorologie en Fysische Oceanografie
MFT  Master File Table
  Mobile Fire Team
  Monocular Feature Tracking
MFU  Medicinal Fetal Unit
MGA  Microsoft Genuine Advantage
MGC  Magic Gravity Cock
MGD  Miller Genuine Draft
MGM  Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
MGN  Mirror Group Newspapers
MGV  Musique à Grande Vitesse
MHC  Mile High Club
MHF  Mile High Flights
MHW  Museum Hoge Woerd
MIA  Missing In Action
MIB  Management Information Base
  Meisjes In Bikini
  Men In Black
MID  Militaire Inlichtingendienst
MIH  Make It Happen
MIK  Mist Is Kut
MIL  Microsoft Intermediate Language
MIM  Make it Mine
  Multimedia International Market
MIR  Micro Instruction Register
  Modernised International Reactor
MIS  Major Investment Study
  Management information system
  men in skirts
  minimally invasive surgery
  Multiple Importance Sampling
MIT  massachusetts institute of technology
MJD  Modified Julian Date
MJK  Museum JaarKaart
MKB  Midden en Klein Bedrijf
MKE  Maar Klanten Eerst
MKZ  Meer Koffie Zetten
  Mond- en Klauwzeer
MLA  Mercury Laser Altimeter
  Micro Light Aircraft
  Militaire Luchtvaart Autoriteit
  Modern Language Association of America
  Music Loudness Alliance
MLB  Main Logic Board
  Major League Baseball
MLC  Mid Life Crisis
MLD  Mead Lover's Digest
  Mean Lethal Dose
  Moon Landing Deniers
MLE  Maximum Likelihood Estimation
MLF  Marshmallow Laser Feast
MLK  Martin Luther King
  Moeilijk Lerende Kinderen
  MSX LinKer
MLP  Machine Learning Pattern
  Meridian Lossless Packing
MLT  Marianne Louise Thieme
MMA  Maine Municipal Association
  Mainframe Migration Alliance
  Malaysian Medical Association
  Maldives Monetary Authority
  Malta Maritime Authority
  Marine Military Academy
  Maritime Museum of the Atlantic
  Marketing Management Analytics
  Massachusetts Maritime Academy
  Massachusetts Motorcycle Association
  Massachusetts Municipal Association
  Media Monitoring Agency
  Medical Marketing Association
  Medicare Modernization Act
  Medicine and Madison Avenue
  Mennonite Mutual Aid
  Mercy Medical Airlift
  Michigan Manufacturers Association
  Middle Mnagement Association
  MIDI Manufacturers Association
  Milde Monty Python Associatie
  Ministerio de Medio Ambiente
  Mixed Martial Arts
  Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal
  Mutuelles du Mans Assurances
MMB  Medium Messaging Benchmark
MMC  Microsoft Management Console
MMD  Mensen Moeten Dood
  Mickey Mouse Diagram
  Multi Markdown
MMF  Memory Mapped File
  Music Managers Forum
MMH  Marc-Marie Huijbregts
MMM  Misdaad, Marteling en Moord
  Mix Master Mike
  Modern Money Mechanics
  Money Making Machine
MMO  Massive Multiplayer Online
MMR  measles mumps rubella
MMS  Middelbare Meisjesschool
MMT  Magic Money Tree
  Model to Model Transformations
MMU  Memory Management Unit
MMV  MiniMoog Voyager
MMX  Martian Moons eXploration
MNA  Maatschappij tot Nut van het Algemeen
MNG  Multi-image Network Graphics
MNP  Moeder Neukende Poep
MNS  Minerva Network Systems
MNW  Man and the Natural World
MOA  Macromedia Open Architecture
MOC  Meridional Overturning Circulation
  My Own Creation
MOE  Maintenance of Effort
MOF  Meta-Object Facility
MOG  Melding Ongewenste Gebeurtenis
MOI  Moment Of Inertia
MOL  Manned Orbital Laboratory
  Meaning Of Love
  Middle Of Life
MOM  Master of Malt
  Maximum Operating Mach
  Message Oriented Middleware
MON  Montagne Omroep Nederland
  Motor Octane Number
MOP  Meerjaren Ontwikkelings Plan
  Mogelijk Ongewenst Programma
MOR  Mandatory Occurence Reporting
  Melding Openbare Ruimte
  Methods Or Research
MOS  Metal Oxide Semiconductor
MOT  ministry of transport
MOU  Memorandum Of Understanding
MOX  Mixed oxide fuel
MPA  Master of Public Administration
  Medroxyprogeteron Acetaat
  Mimetic Poly Alloy
  Motion Picture Association
MPC  Malignant Pestilent Cunts
  Massive Pile of Crap
  Micro Program Counter
  Milk Protein Concentrate
  Moving Picture Company
  Multipurpose Project Corantijn
MPD  Metropolitan Police DIstrict
MPF  Matte Painting Fetishist
MPG  Miles Per Gallon
MPH  Miles Per Hour
MPI  Meeting Professionals International
  Mongoloid Porn Inferno
MPM  Manufacturing Process Management
  Multi Processing Module
MPP  Massive Parallel Processing
  Meerjaren Productie Prognose
MPR  Ministry of Petroleum Resources (Nigeria)
MPS  Metropolitan Police Service
  Mozart Programming System
MPV  minimal Penis Vehicle
  Multi Purpose Vehicle
MPX  Multi-Purpose Effects
MQI  Message Queue Interface
MQS  Message Queing System
  Message Queuing System
MRB  Multiple resolution bitmap graphics
MRC  Middleware Resource Center
MRE  Meal Ready to Eat
MRF  Meat Rendering Facility
MRI  Mathematical Research Institute
MRL  Maximum Residue Level
  Metaphysics Research Laboratory
MRO  Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter
MRP  Manufacturing Resource Planning
  Materials Requirements Planning
  Multilevel Regression and Poststratification
MRS  Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
MRT  Mitochondrial Replacement Therapy
MSA  Middle Stone Age
  Modern Standard Arabic
MSB  Most Significant Bit
MSC  Manned Spacecraft Center
  Master of Science
  Missinian Salinity Crisis
  Mujahideen Shura Council
MSD  Most Significant Digit
  Multiple Site Damage
MSE  Maximum Solar Exposure
  Microsoft Security Essentials
MSF  Médecins Sans Frontières
  Microsoft Solutions Framework
MSG  Miranda Sex Garden
  Monosodium GlutoMate
MSI  Microsoft Installer
MSM  MainStream Media
  Miami Sound Machine
MSN  Microsoft Network
  Multiple Subscriber Number
MSP  Master Stack Pointer
MSR  Main Supply Route
  Molten Salt Reactor
MSS  Mobile Service Structure
  Model Sum of Squares
  Muhammed Saeed al-Sahaf
MSX  Machines with Software eXchangeability
  Microsoft eXtended
MTA  Mail Transport Agent
MTB  motortorpedoboten
MTG  Massa TLA Gekut
MTJ  Mobile Tools for Java
MTM  Mijn Type Meisje
MTO  Medewerkers Tevredenheids Onderzoek
MTP  MIDI Time Piece
  Modellerings Tool Pensioen
MTR  Magnetic Tape Recorder
MTS  Mars To Stay
MTT  Multiple Transaction Translator
MTU  Maximum Transmission Unit
  Michigan Tech University
MTV  Mars Transfer Vehicle
  Molecular Tumour Volume
  Music Television
MTW  Mentortrainingsweekend
MTZ  Massa TLA Zooi
MUC  Manchester University Computer
MUI  Macromedia User Interface
  Magic User Interface
MUM  Mumbai
MUX  Multiplexer
MVC  Model View Controller
  Moreno Valley College
MVL  Man Voxel Land
MVM  Meisjes Voor Mannen
MVN  Matthijs van Nieuwkerk
MVO  Maatschappelijk Verantwoord Ondernemen
  Member of the Royal Victorian Order
MVP  Minimum Viable Product
MVS  Multiple Virtual Storage
MVW  Maartje van Weegen
MWC  Weighted Methods per Class
MWE  Minimal Working Example
MWM  Married White Man
  Million Women March
  Million Worker March
  Motif Window Manager
  Motoren Werke Mannheim
  Moustarchindina Wal Moustarchidati
MWO  Militair-wetenschappelijke opleiding
  Mount Wilson Observatory
MYM  Meet Your Meat
MZK  Mensen Zijn Kut

NAA  National Aviation Authority
  Nederlands Audio-visueel Archief
NAB  National Association of Broadcasters
  Nederlandse Arbeidsbank
NAC  National Accelerator Centre
  National Asbestos Council
  Nationale Advies Commissie
  Native American Culture
  Nederlandse Akkerbouwcentrale
  Nederlanse Astronomen Club
  New Agenda Coalition
  NOAD ADVENDO Combinatie
NAD  National Atheist Day (1st of April)
  Ned's Atomic Dustbin
  Nederlandse Arbeidsdienst
NAE  National Academy of Engeneering
NAF  National Ataxia Foundation
NAG  Nederlands Akoestisch Genootschap
NAH  Niet-Aangeboren Hersenletsel
NAI  Nederlands Architectuur Instituut
NAL  National Aerospace Laboratory
  Native American Language
NAM  National Association of Manufacturers
  National Atomic Museum
  Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij
  Non-Aligned Movement
NAN  Not A Number
NAO  National Astronomical Observatory
  Nederlandse Artiesten Organisatie
  Niet Anders Omschreven
  Noord-Atlantische Oscillatie
NAP  Nationaal Aids Programma
  Nationale Auto Pas
  Network Access Point
  Network Access Protection
  Noise Action Plan
  Normaal Amsterdams Peil
NAR  National Asbestor Registry
  Nationale Adviesraad
  Nationale Arbeidsraad
  Noord-Atlantische Raad
NAS  National Academy of Sciences
  National Aircraft Standards
  Nederlands Arbeids Secretariaat
  Nederlandse Alliantie van Schermtrainers
  Nederlandse Ambachtelijke Slagersorganisatie
  Network Attached Storage
  Network Audio Server
  Network Audio System
NAT  Nederlandse Amateur Tabakvereniging
  Network Address Translation
NAU  North American Union
NAV  Nederlandse Alpen Vereniging
  Nederlandse Ambulance Vereniging
NAW  Naam Adres Woonplaats
  Neglected Attention Whore
NBA  National Bank of Alaska
  National Basketball Association
  Niet Beroepsmatig Activen
  Niger Basin Authority
NBB  Nederlandse Badminton Bond
  Nederlandse Basketbal Bond
  Nederlandse Beugel Bond
  Nederlandse BOA Bond
  Nederlandse Boekverkopers Bond
  Nederlandse Boks Bond
NBC  National Broadcasting Company
  Nuclear, Biological, Chemical
NBE  National Back Exchange
  National Board of Echocardiography
  National Bulk Equipment
  Nederlands Blazers Ensemble
  No Browsing Experience
  Non Biological Extraterestrials
NBF  New Best Friend
NBN  Nieuwe Balkenende-Norm
  Nothing But Noise
NBS  Nederlandse Bruggen Stichting
NBT  Nederlandsche Bioscoop Trust
NCA  Narrow Coverage Area
NCB  Nederlandse Cricket Bond
NCC  National Chicken Council
  Natural Circulation Cooling
  Naval Construction Contract
  New Cool Collective
NCE  noise-contrastive estimation
NCF  Nederlandse Cocaïne Fabriek
  Nederlandse Computer Faciliteiten
NCG  Nationaal Coördinator Groningen
NCM  Nederlandse Credietverzekering Maatschappij
NCS  National Crime Squad
  Navy Carrier Squadrons
NCT  National Childbirth Trust
NCU  Nozzle Check Unit
NCV  Nieuwe Compagnie van Verre
  Non-Contact Voltage
NCW  Nederlands Christelijk Werkgeversverbond
NDA  Nederlandse Defensie Academie
  Non Disclosure Agreement
NDB  Nano Diamond Battery
  Non-Directional Beacon
NDC  National Dairy Council
  NEA Nuclear Development Committee
NDE  Non Destructive Examination
NDF  New Dawn fades
NDI  Nederlands Debat Instituut
NDM  Naturalistic Decision Making
NDT  Nederlands Dans Theater
  Neil Degrasse Tyson
  Numeric Dirt Track
NDZ  Nieuw Democratisch Zeist
NEA  Nederlands Elektriciteit Administratiekantoor
  Nuclear Energy Agency
NEC  Nijmegen Eendracht Combinatie
  Nuclear Ebola Carrots
NEE  Net Ecosystem Exchange
NEF  Nikon Electronic Format
NEM  Nederlandse Energie Maatschappij
NEN  NEderlandse Norm
NEP  Nitzer Ebb Product
NES  Nintendo Entertainment System
NEU  National Education Union
NEW  Net Explosive Weight
NFB  Near Field Broadcasting
  Nieuw Facistische Beweging
NFC  Near Field Communication
NFD  Non-Food Dingen
NFF  Nederlands Film Festival
  Nederlands Film Fonds
NFI  Nederlands Forensisch Instituut
NFL  National Football League
NFM  Nederlands Foto Museum
  Not Fucking Me
NFS  Network File System
  Normalized Float Sample
NFT  Non-Fungible Token
NFU  National Farmers’ Union
NGC  National Geographic Channel
  Nederlandse Grasparkieten Club
  New General Catalog
NGD  Nederlandse Game Dagen
NGE  Nederlands Genootschap voor Esthetica
  Nederlandse grootte-eenheden
NGI  Nationaal Geografisch Instituut
  Nederlands Genootschap voor Informatica
  Netherlands Genomics Initiative
NGL  No Great Loss
NGN  Nederlands Grootste Nachtmerrie
NGO  Non Governmental Organisation
NGS  National Gardening Scheme
  Nobel Grand Slam
NGT  National Grid Transco
NGU  Natuurkundig Gezelschap te Utrecht
NHA  Native Hibernate API
NHC  National Homebrew Competition
NHF  National Hog Farmer
NHG  Nationale Hypotheekgarantie
NHL  Noordelijke Hogeschool Leeuwarden
NHM  Natural History Museum
NHS  National Health Service
  New Horizons Spacecraft
NIC  National Insurance Credits
  Network Information Centre
  Network Interface Card
NIF  National Ignition Facility
  Nederlandse Islamitische Federatie
NIG  New Issues Group
NIH  National Institute of Health
  Nederlands Instituut voor Hersenonderzoek
NIL  Non-Intelligent Lifeform
NIN  National Insurance Number
  Nine Inch Nails
  Noordelijk Informatie Netwerk
NIO  Nederlands Islamitische Omroep
NIP  Nederlands Instituut van Psychologen
  New Identity Programmes
NIR  Nederlands Instituut Roma
NIS  Nationaal Instituut voor de Statistiek
  Network Information Service
  Not In Service
  Not Invited Syndrom
NIU  Northern Illinois University
NIV  No Income Verification
NIX  Nasa Image Exchange
NJS  Nationale Jeugdstorm
NKZ  Nieuwe Koffie Zetten
NLA  No Longer Available
NLB  Next Level Beats
NLC  Nuclear Law Committee
NLJ  Nested Loop Join
NLL  No Love Lost
NLN  Northern Line Nightmare
NLP  Natural Language Processing
NLR  Nationaal Lucht- en Ruimtevaartlaboratorium
NLS  National Language Support
  oN-Line System
NLV  Nederlandse Leverpatiënten Vereniging
NMA  Nederlandse Mededingings Autoriteit
  Negro Male Adult
  Next Microinstruction Address
NMB  Nederlandse Middenstandsbank
NMC  Nationale Markt- en Capaciteitsanalyse
NMD  National Missile Defence
  Nici's Massieve Decollete
NMI  Nederlands Meetinstituut
NMK  Nog Minder Kut
NML  Netto Maandlast
NMM  No More Mediocracy
NMO  Nederlandse Moslim Omroep
NMP  Nederlandse Moslim Partij
  Not My Problem
NMR  Nucleo Magnetic Resonance
NMS  Nederlandse Middenstands Spaarbank
  New Media Systems
  Normalized Message Service
NMT  National Medal of Technology.
  Nederlandse Maatschappij tot bevordering der Tandheelkunde
  Neural Machine Translation
  Not My Type
NMV  No Mixing Vanes
NNC  Nederlandse Nominale Constituent
NNF  Nerd Nearness Factor
NNL  National Nuclear Laboratory
NNN  Nukes! Nukes! Nukes!
NNT  Noord Nederlands Toneel
NNV  Nederlandse Natuurkundige Vereniging
NOA  Nationality Of Aircraft
  Nederlandse Orde van Advocaten
  Noordelijke Ontwikkelingas
  Normal Ontological Attitude
NOB  Nederlands Omroepproductie Bedrijf
  Nederlands Opleidings Bureau
NOC  Nederlands Olympisch Comite
  Network On Chip
  Network Operations Centre
  Number Of Children
  Number Of Classes
NOF  Number Of Fields
NOG  Nätföreningen Oberoende Genealoger
NOI  Number Of Interfaces
NOJ  na onze jaartelling
NOM  Negation Of Meaning
  Noordelijke Ontwikkelingsmaatschappij
  Number Of Methods
NOP  Noordoostpolder
  Not Our Problem
NOS  Nederlandse Omroep Stichting
NOT  Nederlandse Onderwijs Televisie
NOU  Nederlandse Ornithologische Unie
NOW  National Organization for Women
  Natural, Organic en Wholesome
  Noodmaatregel Overbrugging Werkgelegenheid
NPC  Non-Playing Character
NPD  Narcissistic Personality Disorder
NPE  Nuclear Pressure Equipment
  Null Pointer Exception
NPG  Nuclear Planning Group
NPI  Nuclear Physics Institute
NPL  National Physical Laboratory
NPM  Nils Petter Molvaer
  Node Package Manager
NPO  Nederlandse Publieke Omroep
NPP  National Priorities Project
  Near Parity Performance
  Nobel Peace Price
  Nuclear Power Plant
NPS  National Park Service
  Nederlandse Programma Stichting
  Nuclear Power Station
NPT  Treaty on the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons
NPU  Neural Processing Unit
  Nieuwe Philharmonie Utrecht
NPV  Nederlandse Perzen Vereniging
  Net Present Value
NRA  National Restaurant Association
  Nuclear Regulation Authority
NRC  National Reporting Centre
  National Research Council
  Nieuwe Rotterdamse Courant
  Nuclear Regulatory Commission
NRG  Nieuw Republikeins Genootschap
NRK  Nederlandse Rode Kruis
  Norsk Riks Kringkasting
NRL  Naval Research Laboratory
NRM  Nationaal Ruimtevaartmuseum
NRN  Nation's Restaurant News
NRO  National Reconnaissance Office
NRP  Nederlands Radar Proefstation
NRU  Noordelijke Randweg Utrecht
NRV  Natuurlijk Rauw Voeren
NRZ  Non Return to Zero
NSA  National Security Agency
  Natuur- en Sterrenkunde Amsterdam
NSB  Nationaal-Socialistische Beweging
  Nationaal-Socialistische Bond
  Neurotic Sorry Bunch
  Norske Stats Baner
NSC  National Security Council
  Nieuw Sociaal Contract
  Nuclear Science Committee
NSE  Nationale Studenten Enquête
  News-Service Europe
  No Shit Einstein
NSF  Nationaal Songfestival
  National Science Foundation
  Nederlands Sociaal Forum
  Nederlandse Seintoestellen Fabriek
  Nederlandse Sport Federatie
  Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis
NSG  Nuclear Suppliers Group
NSJ  North Sea Jazz
NSK  Neue Slowenische Kunst
NSL  Nederlandse Staatsloterij
  No Such Luck
  Nuclear Site Licence
NSO  Nationaal Studenten Orkest
  Nationale Sigint Organisatie
  Night Sky Observer
NSP  Nationaal-Socialistische Partij
  National Spatial Plan
  Neue Stärke Partei
NSR  Northwind Studios Reservations
  Notoriously Slow Renderer
  Nuclear Science References Database
NSS  National Secular Society
  Natuurkunde, Sterrenkunde en Samenleving
  No Shit Sherlock
NST  No Such TLA
NSY  New Scotland Yard
NSZ  Neutraal Syndicaat voor Zelfstandigen
NTA  Najib Tuzani Advies
NTB  Nederlandse Toonkunstenaarsbond
NTC  National Transitional Council
NTG  Nederlandse TeX Gebruikersgroep
  Nordic Transport Group
NTK  niet te koop
NTM  Niet Traceerbare Mensen
  Non Tariff Measures
NTP  Network Time Protocol
  Nuclear Thermal Propulsion
NTS  Nederlandse Televisie Stichting
  Note To Self
NUC  Next Unit of Computing
  Next Unresolvable Conflict
NUL  National Urban League
  Northern Universities' Association Football League
NUR  Nederlandstalige Uniforme Rubrieksindeling
NUT  Network UPS Tools
  Nieuw Utrechts Toneel
NVA  Native Vegetation Act
  Nederlandse Vereniging voor Amateurtheater
  Nil Volentibus Arduum
  Non Value Activity
NVB  Nederlandse Vereniging van Banken
  Nederlandse Vereniging van Bioscoopexploitanten
  Neutron Voltaic Battery
NVC  Negative Void Coefficient
  Non Verbale Communicatie
NVD  National Vulnerability Database
NVG  Nederlandse Vereniging van Galleriehouders
  Night Vision Goggles
NVJ  Nederlandse Vereniging van Journalisten
NVM  Nederlandse Vereniging van Makelaars
  Non-Volatile Memory
NVP  Nederlandse Vereniging Psychiatrie
  Nederlandse Vereniging van Preparateurs
  Nederlandse Vereniging van Prostituees
  Nederlandse Vereniging voor het Poppenspel
  Nederlandse Vereniging voor Parasitologie
  Nederlandse Vereniging voor Pleeggezinnen
  Nederlandse Vereniging voor Proefdierkunde
  Nederlandse Vereniging voor Psychonomie
  Nederlandse Vereniging voor Psychotherapie
NVT  Niet van toepassing
NVU  Nederlandse Volks-Unie
  Nederlandse Volksunie
NWA  North Western Airlines
NWD  Nuclear Weapon Design
NWO  Nederlandse organisatie voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek
  New World Order
NWS  National Weather Service
  Nuclear Weapon State
NWW  niet-werkende werkzoekende
NXD  Native XML Database
NXP  Next eXPerience
NYB  New York Ballet
NYC  New York City
NYP  New York Post
NYT  New York Times

OAA  Oxaloacetic acid
OAM  Open Application Model
OAP  Old Age Pensioner
  Overig Academisch Personeel
OAS  OpenAPI Specification
  Oracle Application Server
OAT  Outside Air Temperature
OBA  Octave Band Analyzer
OBB  Oriented Bounding Box
OBC  Obscured By Clouds
OBE  Officer of the British Empire
  Old Bottle Effect
  Oracle By Example
  Order of the British Empire
OBI  Ontologische Basis Intuïtie
OBJ  Offences Brought to Justice
OBP  Object Based Programming
  Octamer Binding Protein
  Officiële Belgische Postzegelcatalogus
  On Base Percentage
  Onafhankelijke Burger Partij
  Ondersteunend en beheerspersoneel
  Online Brand Protection
  Open Bridging Protocol
  OpenBoot PROM
  Optimized Business Process
  Orange Blossom Pilsner
  Oregon Board Of Pharmacy
OBR  Office for Budget Responsibility
OBS  Open Broadcaster Software
  Openbare BasisSchool
OCA  Offensive Counter Air
  Office of Compliance Analytics
OCC  Old-timer Caravan Club
  Optimistic Concurrency Control
  Organic Cardamom Cookies
OCD  Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
OCF  Object craft file
OCG  Organised Crime Group
OCI  Oracle Call Interface
OCL  Open Computing Language
OCM  Othniel Charles Marsh
OCR  Optical Character Recognition
  Oxford Cancer Research
OCU  Operational Command Unit
OCW  Onderwijs, Cultuur en Wetenschappen
OCZ  OverClockerZ
ODD  Optical Disc Drive
ODE  Offline Diagnostics Environment
  Open Distance Education
  Open Dynamics Engine
ODF  Open Dutch Fiber
ODI  One-Day International
ODN  Optical Distribution Network
ODP  Onderste Dode Punt
ODS  Other Digital Stuff
OED  Oxford English Dictionary
OEE  Overall Equipment Effectiveness
OEI  Office of Environmental Information
OEM  Original Equipment Manufacturer
OER  Onderwijs en Examen Regeling
OEV  Omnia Est Vagina
  Onder Eervolle Vermelding
  Oranje Evenementen Vereniging
  Orde Eendracht Vreugde
OFC  old-fashioned C-string
OFF  Oriental Fruit Fly
OFK  Official Flight Kit
OFM  Open Fiets Map
OFT  Office of Fair Trading
OGD  Organization and Guidance Department
OGL  Onbetwiste Groene Leidster
OGM  O George Michael
OGS  Old Ground Surface
  Orbit Ground School
OGV  Onder Gebruikelijk Voorbehoud
OHA  Occupational Health Assistant
OHL  Oberste Heeresleitung
OHM  Ongelooflijke HOMO muziek
OIA  Of Iets Anders
  Ondoordachte Impulsieve Actie
OIC  Oh I See
OIE  World Organization for World Health
OIG  Ouranos Informatica Groep
OIH  Organisationally Induced Helplessness
OII  Oxford Internet Institute
OIL  Operational Intervention Levels
OIO  Onderzoeker In Opleiding
OIS  Oxygen Isotope Stage
OKZ  Ongelooflijke Kanker Zooi
OLA  Optisch Leesbare Acceptgiro
OLB  On Line Borrel
OLD  One-Line Diagram
  Operational Logic Diagram
  Optical Line Driver
  Oxford Latin Dictionary
OLE  Object Linking and Embedding
OLO  Ongeidentificeerd Lopend Object
OLP  Opleidingsplanner
  Orbital Launch Pad
OLS  OffLine Scheduler
  Ordinary Least Square
OLT  Optical Line Termination
OLZ  Orientaische LiteraturZeitung
OMA  Office for Metropolitan Architecture
OMD  Oh My Dawkins!
  Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark
OMG  Object Management Group
  Oh My God
  Operation Market Garden
  orthomanuele geneeskunde
  outlaw motorcycle gang
OMI  Onderwijs Media Instituut
OMS  Order Management System
OMT  Outbreak Management Team
OMW  Officieel Mooi Weer
  On My Way
ONK  Ongelooflijk Niet Kut
ONL  ongehoord nederland
ONN  Onion News Network
ONR  Office for Nuclear Regulation
  Office of Naval Research
ONS  Office for National Statistics
  One Night Stand
  ONS Nederlands Softwarebedrijf
ONT  Optical Network Terminal
OOC  Out Of Character
OOD  Obsessive Oliebollen Disorder
OOK  Omituisten Otusten Kerho
  On-Off Keying
  Out Of Kilter
OOO  Out of Office
OOP  Object-Oriented Programming
OPC  Obsolete Procedure Call
  Optimal Power Calibration
  Ordinary Portland Cement
OPL  FM Operator Type-L
  Organiser Programming Language
OPR  Office of Primary Responsibility
OPT  Optimised Production Technology
  Optimized Production Technology
OQL  Object Query Language
ORB  Object Request Broker
  Operational Relay Box
ORM  Object Relational Mapping
  Object Role Modelling
ORP  Occupational Radiation Protection
ORS  Oral Rehydration Salts
ORV  Overlijdensrisicoverzekering
OSA  Official Secrets Act
OSB  Oriented Strand Board
OSC  Operational Support Centre
  Oxford Synthesizer Company
OSD  On Screen Display
OSF  Onafhankelijke Senaatsfractie
  Open Society Foundations
  Open Software Foundation
  Open Source Foundation
OSG  Open Services Gateway
  Openbare ScholenGemeenschap
OSI  Open Society Institute
OSL  Open Source Lab
  Optically Stimulated Luminescence
OSM  Ons Soort Mensen
  Open Street Map
  Original State Management
OSO  Onvoldoende Studeerbare Opleiding
OST  Original Sound Track
  Outer Space Treaty
OSV  Onset of significant void
  Operating Supply Voltage
OSZ  Onderwijs- en Studentenzaken
OTA  Over The Air
OTB  Open To Buy
OTC  Order To Cash
OTF  OpenType Font
OTG  On-The-Go
OTK  Overeen Te Komen
OTL  Ongelovelijke Tering Leier
OTN  Official TLA Now
OTP  One-Time Pad
OTR  Off The Road
OTT  Old Tongham Tasty
  Onvoltooid Toekomende Tijd
  Orange Treasonous Traitor
  Over The Top
OTW  Off The Wall
OUD  Office of Undergraduate Development
  Office of Urban Development
OUG  Occam User Group
OUI  Organic User Interface
OUP  Oxford University Press
OUR  Oxygen Uptake Rate
OVE  L'Observatoire de la Vie Etudiante
  Observatorio Voto Electrónico
  OmgevingsVergunning Eindhoven
  Omnia Vagina Est
  Ondernemersvereniging Edam
  Österreichischer Verband für Elektrotechnik
OVH  On Vous Héberge
  Online Virtual Hosting
OVS  Openbaar Vervoer Studentenkaart
OVT  Onvoltooid Verleden Tijd
OWA  Open World Assumption
  Oracle Web Agent
  Outlook Web Access
OWL  Object Windows Library
  Office Workstations Limited
  Older Women's League
  One World Language
  Online Watch Link
  Online Writing Lab
  Ordinary Wizarding Level
  Overwhelmingly Large Telescope
OWS  Olympische Winterspelen
OZB  Onroerende Zaken Belasting
  Overdekte Zwem- en Badinrichting

PAA  Pan American Airlines
  Paranoid Abusive Authority (American)
PAB  Personal Address Book
PAC  Pan African Congress
  political action committee
  Probably Approximately Correct
  Production Activity Control
PAD  Photo A Day
  Propaganda and Agitation Department
  Psychologische Adviesdienst
PAE  Physical Adress Extension
PAG  Présence et Action des Gaullisme
PAH  Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon
PAI  Pathogenic Avian Influenza
PAK  Panzer Abwehr Kanone
  Progressief Akkoord
  Provinciale Advies Kommissie
PAL  Permissive Action Link
  persoonlijk assistent voor leraren
  Phase Alteration Line
  Phillipine Airlines
  Programmable Array Logic
PAM  Particle Accelerator Mishap
  Payload Assisted Module
  Pluggable Authentication Module
  Politieke Aandelen Markt
PAN  Partido de Acción Nacional (Mexico)
  Personal Area Network
PAO  Postacademisch Onderwijs
  Public Affairs Officer
PAP  Papanicolaou
  Particulier à Particulier
PAR  Perimeter Acquisition Radar
  Positive Acknowledgment with Re-transmission
PAS  Para-aminosalicylzuur
  Plaatselijk Arbeids Secretariaat
  Portable Antiquities Scheme
  Programma Aanpak Stikstof
PAU  Pan American Union
PAV  Perifeer Arteriële Vaatziekte
PAW  Pompous Ass Words
  Preventief Afgeschoten Worden
PAX  Private Automatic Exchange
PBA  Perfect Binary Array
PBB  Polybroombifenylen
PBC  Pieter Baan Centrum
  Proof By Contradiction
  Provinciale Bibliotheek Centrale
PBF  Power Burst Facility
  Prins Bernhard Fonds
PBI  Pigeon Based Internet
  Project Beleidsontwikkeling Internaatsvormingswerk
PBL  Problem-Based Learning
PBM  Portable Bitmap
PBN  Performance Based Navigation
PBO  Permanent Beat Officer
  Publiekrechtelijke Bedrijfsorganisatie
PBT  Platform Béta Techniek
PBX  Private Branch Exchange
PCA  Permanent Court of Arbitration
  Polycyclische aromaat
  Power Calibration Area
  Principle Component Analysis
PCB  Parti Communiste Belge
  polychlorinated biphenyls
  Printed Circuit Board
  Program Control Block
  Protestants Christelijke Bond
  Protestantse Coöperatieve Begrafenisonderneming
PCC  Parti Communista de Cuba
  PC Consument
  Prins Claus Conservatorium
  Protestants Christelijk Centrum
PCE  Partido Comunista Español
PCF  Parti Communiste Français
PCG  Pentecostal Church of God
  Pentium Compiler Group
  Performance Communications Group
  Performance Contracting Group
  Philippine Coast Guard
  Policy Coordination Group
  Polo en zwemClub Gorinchem
  Professional Contractors Group
  Protein Crystal Growth
  Provinciale Chronisch zieken en Gehandicaptenraad Groningen
  Public Consulting Group
  Publishers Communication Group
  Pull-Cord Generator
PCI  Partito Comunista Italiano
  Peripheral Component Interconnect
PCL  Portable Class Library
  Power Corruption and Lies
  Printer Control Language
PCM  Perscombinatie Meulenhoff & Co
  Personal Computer Magazine
  Pulse-Code Modulatie
PCN  Penalty Charge Notice
  Post Christi Natum
PCO  Protestants Christelijke Onderwijsvakorganisatie
  Public Carriage Officer
PCP  Partial Chemosynthetic Production
  Partido Communista Português
  Pig Coloured People
PCR  Polymerase Chain Reaction
PCS  Palliatieve Coping Strategie
  Personal Communication Services
  Posterboy Creationist Stupidity
  Posterboy for Creationist Stupidity
PCT  Peak Cladding Temperature
PCX  PiCture eXchange
PCZ  Protestants Christelijke [vereniging tot bevordering van sociale en pedagogische] Zorg
PDA  Pathological Demand Avoidance
  Personal Digital Assistent
PDB  Pedagogisch Didactisch Bekwaamheid
PDC  Personal Digital Communications
  Prada Death Camp
  Processor Dependend Code
PDD  Pre-Dinner Dip
PDE  Plug-in Development Environment
  Processing Development Environment
PDF  Portable Document Format
  Postscript Description Format
PDI  Powered Descent Initiation
PDL  Project description language
PDM  Persistent Domain Model
  Philips Dupont Magnetics
  Product Data Management
PDO  PHP Data Objects
PDP  Programmed Data Processor
PDQ  Pretty Damn Quick
PDS  Persistent Data Storage
  Please Don't Shoot
  Prikkelbare Darm Syndroom
PDT  Pacific Daylight Time
PDU  Packet Data Unit
PDV  Productschap Diervoeder
PEC  Parlementaire Enquete Comissie
  PH EDN Combinatie
PEG  Parsing Expression Grammar
PEK  Poly-Evolver Keys
PEM  Programming Environment Meeting
PEO  Profieleigenarenoverleg
PEP  Politically Exposed Person
  Post Exposure Profylaxe
  Python Enhancement Proposal
PES  Package Evolution Service
  Paul's Extreme Stretch
  Penis Enlargement Surgery
PET  Personal Electronic Transactor
  Poly Ethylene Terephthalate
  Positron Emission Tomography
PFA  Pretty Fucking Amazing
PFC  Personal filing cabinet
PFD  Personal Floatation Device
PFE  Premises, Facilities and Equipment
PFJ  People's Front of Judea
PFK  Programmable function keys
PFL  Positive Feedback Loop
PFM  Printer Font Metrics
PFO  Patient Falling Over
PFS  Pretty Freaking Stupid
  Process Flow Scheduling
PGA  Pin Grid Array
  Professional Golfers' Association
PGD  Productschap Gedistilleerde Dranken
PGE  Philip Glass Ensemble
  Pizza Graph Effect
PGI  Piek Gas Installatie
PGM  Pigeon Guided Missiles
  Portable Graymap
PGN  Portable game notation
PGP  Pretty Good Privacy
PGT  Patient Got Thumped
PHD  Philosophiae Doctor
PHE  Public Health England
PHK  Prins Hendrik Kade
PHM  Pretty Hate Machine
PHP  Parents Helping Parents
  Personal Home Page
  PHP Hypertext Preprocessor
PIA  Pakistan International Airlines
  Privacy Impact Analyse
PIB  Pre-flight Information Bulletin
PIC  Particle-In-Cell
  Partner In Crime
  Pilot In Command
  Programmable Intelligent Computer
  Prostitutie Informatie Centrum
PID  Pelvic inflammatory disease
  Process IDentification
  Project initiation document
PIE  Partners In Education
PIF  Program Information File
PII  Personal Identifiable Information
PIK  Paid In Kind
  Payment In Kind
  Platform Integration Kit
PIN  Personal Identification Number
  Persoonlijk Identificatie Nummer
  Postal Index Number
  progressive inflammatory neuropathy
  prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia
PIO  Programmed I/O
PIP  Picture In Picture
  Poly Implant Prothese
PIR  Public Interest Registry
PIS  Porno In SVN
PIV  Particle Image Velocimetry
  Peak Inverse Voltage
  Personal Identity Verification
  Physical Inventory Verification
  Pig Immunodeficiency Virus
  Pinnacle Internet Viewer
  Plena Ilustrita Vortaro
  Post Implementation Verification
  Post Indicator Valve
  Powered Industrial Vehicle
PIW  Person In Water
PKB  Pronte Kleine Borstjes
PKI  Partai Komunis Indonesia
  Programmadirectie Kennis en Innovatie
  Public Key Infrastructure
PKK  Partiya Karkeren Kurdistan
PKT  Pronte Kleine Tietjes
PKV  Pluimvee en Konijnfokvereniging
  Prijs Karel Verleye
  Private Krankenversicherung
  Project KustVakken
PKZ  Prehistorische Kanker Zooi
PLA  PolyLactic Acid
  Port of London Authority
  Programmable Logic Array
PLB  Personal Locator Beacon
PLC  Programmable Logic Controller
  Programmable Logic Controller
PLD  Pre Lunch Dip
  Programmable Logic Device
PLG  Predestined Landing Ground
PLL  Phase Locked Loop
PLM  Paradise Locker Meats
  Plant Lifecycle Management
  Product Lifecycle Management
PLO  Palestine Liberation Organisation
PLS  Property Ladder Syndrome
PLT  Parkstad Limburg Theaters
PLU  Price Look-Up
  Primary Logic Unit
PMA  Physical Memory Address
PMC  Perfecte Mensen Club
PMD  Polen Moeten Dood
PME  Photorealistic Material Editing
PMF  Print Mail Factory
  Probability mass function
  Project Management Foundation
PMG  Parliamentary Monitoring Group
  Pat Metheny Group
  Private Media Group
PMN  Pruts MoederNeuker
PMO  Parkeermeteroorlog
PMP  Parallel Marker Pass
  Parsed Marker Particles
  Peed My Pants
PMQ  Prime Minister's Questions
  Private Maried Quarters
PMS  Pantone Matching System
  Parked Motorcycle Syndrome
PMV  Persoonlijke en Maatschappelijke Vorming
PNC  Police National Computer
PNE  Peaceful Nuclear Explosions
PNG  Portable Network Graphic
  Promoteam Natuurkundig Gezelschap
PNI  Perpetual Nuclear Inferno
PNM  Portable aNyMap
PNN  Promovendi Netwerk Nederland
PNO  Potentiële Neuk Objecten
  Prima Neuk Objecten
PNP  Plug aNd Play
PNT  Position Navigation and Timing
PNV  Project Nederland Veganland
PNW  Pacific North West
POA  Port of Amsterdam
POB  Per Ontvangen Bericht
  Persons On Board
  Praktijk Opleidings Boek
POC  People Of Color
  Predator Operation Cell
  Proof of Concept
POD  Plain Old Documentation
POH  Pilot's Operating Handbook
POI  Point Of Interaction
  Point Of Interest
POM  Project Object Model
PON  Passive Optical Network
  Populistische Omroep Nederland
POP  Persistent Organic Pollutants
  Point Of Presence
  Post Office Protocol
POQ  Periodic Order Quantity
POS  Partition Of Sums
  Piece Of Shit
  Point Of Sale
POV  Persistence Of Vision
  Point Of View
  Polarized Optical Vortex
POW  Prisoner Of War
POX  Plain Old XML over HTTP
PPA  Past Participle Adjective
  Per Particle Attributes
  Persoonlijke Profiel Analyse
PPB  Part Period Balancing
PPC  Pair Programming Chair
  Pelgrim's Pride Company
  Plastic Pollution Coalition
  Plutonium Production Process
  Prospective Parliamentary Candidate
  Protected Phenomenon Chip
PPD  para-phenylenediamine
  Post Parting Depression
  Postscript Printer Description
  Publiek Private Discussie:
PPE  Permanent Penile Enlargement
  Personal Protective Equipment
PPG  Points Per Gallon
PPI  Pixels Per Inch
PPK  Personal Preference Kit
PPL  Physically Plausible Lighting
  Private Pilot Licence
PPM  Parts Per Million
  Portable PixMap
  Pre Production Meeting
PPN  Pre-assigned Port Numbers
PPP  Pakistan Peoples Party
  Patricia 'Pubergrrl' Paay
  Peace, Pasta and Pirates
  Per Pay Period
  Personal Pension Plan
  Piss Poor Planning
  Plan Puebla Panamá
  Plutonium Production Process
  Point-to-Point Protocol
  Profit, People, Planet
  Public Private Partnership
  Purchasing Power Parity
PPQ  Pulses Per Quarter
PPR  Politieke Partij Radicalen
PPS  Parliamentary Private Secretary
  Particles Per Second
  Physically Plausible Shaders
  Publieke en Private Samenwerking
PPT  PowerPoinT
PPU  Physics Processing Unit
PPV  Peter-Paul Verbeek
PQT  Pizza Quantum Telepathy
PRA  Pine Ridge Agency
  Presidential Records Act
  Probabilistic Risk Assessment
PRB  Persoonsgebonden ReïntegratieBudget
PRC  Pleitgenootschap Rota Carolina
PRF  Pixel Run Format
  Polícia Rodoviária Federal
  Primary Risk Factor
PRI  Primary Rate Interface
PRJ  Pacific Rim Job
PRL  Physical Review Letters
PRM  Partner Relationship Management
PRO  Persistente Reclame-Onderdelen
  Public Record Office
PRP  Post Rapture Party
PRS  Payload Retention System
  Personal Radio Service
  Personal Reader System
  Poverty Reduction System
  Precision Ranging System
  Primary Reference Source
PRV  Peter R. de Vries
PSA  Probabilistic Safety Assessment
  Professional Services Automation
PSB  Pet Shop Boys
  Program Specification Block
  Pseudo Scientific Bullshit
PSC  Pseudo Scientific Crap
PSD  Partidul Social Democrat
  Pennsylvania School for the Deaf
  Pesticides Safety Directorate
  PhotoShop Design
  Protein Sequence Database
PSE  Pale Soft Exudative
PSI  Partito Socialista Italiano
  Paul Scherrer Institute
  Per Square Inch
  Popular Culture, Sustainability and Innovation
PSN  PlayStation Network
PSO  Progressief StudentenOverleg
PSP  Pacifistisch Socialistische Partij
  PaintShop Pro
  Playstation Portable
PSS  Packet Switched Service
  Princeton Satellite Systems
PST  Pacific Standard Time
  Pocket Survival Tool
PSU  Police Support Unit
  Power Supply Unit
PSV  Philips Sportvereniging
PTB  Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt
PTC  Parents Television Council
  Passive Thermal Control
  Proper Tail Calls
PTI  Physical Training Instructor
PTO  Patent and Trademark Office
  please turn over
  Primaire Tumor Onbekend
PTP  Picture Transfer Protocol
  Profitable To Promise
PTS  Propellant Transfer System
PTT  Post Telefoon Telegraaf
  Posta ve Telgraf Teşkilatı
  Push The Tempo
PUC  Publicatieplatform UitvoeringsContent
PUE  Power usage effectiveness
PUF  Presses Universitaires de France
PUI  Perceptual User Interface
PUK  Personal Unlocking Key
PUP  PARC Universal Packet protocol
  Princeton University Press
  Progressive Unionist Party
PVA  Plan Van Aanpak
PVC  Polyvinylchloride
  Positive Void Coefficient
PVD  Physical Vapour Desposition
PVL  Planbureau Voor de Leefomgeving
PVM  Priemgetal Voor Mannen
PVP  Path Vector Protocol
PVR  Personal Video Recorder
PVS  Persistent Vegetative State
  Persoonlijk VerantwoordelijkheidsSchema
  Peter Van Soest
  Peter Van Stijn
  Post Viraal Syndroom
  Post-Vaccinaal Syndroom
  Specification and Verification System
PVV  Partij Voor de Verdraaiing
  Partij Voor de Volksverlakkerij
  Partij voor de Vrijheid
  Partij Vreemde Vogels
PWA  Prins Willem Alexander
PWC  PriceWaterhouseCoopers
PWD  Programmed Warhead Detonation
PWL  Preemptive Wear Leveling
PWM  Pulse-Width Modulation
PWN  Provinciaal Waterleidingbedrijf van Noord-Holland
  Puur Water en Natuur
PWR  Pressurised Water Reactor
PWS  Prince William Sound
PWT  Pacific War Time
PXE  Pre-boot eXecution Environment
PXR  Pixar
PYT  Pretty Young Thing

QAA  Quality Assurance Agency
QAB  Quarterly Average Balance
QAC  Quarternary Ammonium Compound
QAD  Quick Attach/Detach
QAE  Quality Assurance Evaluator
QAF  Q Adaptor Function
QAG  Quick Access Group
QAH  Quick Airways Holland
QAI  Quantative Analytics Inc
QAJ  Quality Assurance Journal
QAK  Query AcKnowledgment
QBA  Quantitative Budget Analysis
QBC  Quantitative Buffy Coat
QBD  Quality By Design
QBE  Quantile Bend Estimator
QBF  Quantified Boolean Formulae
QBG  Query Based Groups
QBH  Quantum Black Hole
  Quasi Black Hole
QBI  Qualified Business Income
QBJ  Quick Bevel Jack
QBK  Query By Keywords
QBL  Quadruple Bottom Line
QBM  Quad Band Memory
QBN  Quality Business Network
QBO  Quasi Biennial Oscillation
QCA  Quadrifilar-Curl Antenna
QCD  quantum-chromo-dynamica
QED  Quantum Electro Dynamics
  Quod Erat Demonstrandum
QFA  Quality Feedback Agent
QFD  Quality Function Deployment
QFT  Quantum Field Theory
  Quoted For Truth
QGT  Quantum Gravity Theory
QIC  Quarter-Inch Cartridge
QIP  Quantum Information Processing
QMA  Quintus Minerva Augustinus
QMP  Quintessential Media Player
QNM  Quantel Matte File
QNT  Quantel
QOL  Question Of Lust
QOT  Question Of Time
QPI  QuickPath Interconnect
QPM  Queen's Police Medal
QPO  Quo Patet Orbis
QPR  Queens Park Rangers
QRA  Quick Reaction Alert
QRF  Quick Reaction Force
QRH  Quick Reference Handbook
QRP  Qualitative Resarch Personas
QTC  Quantum Theory of Consciousness
  Quantum Tunneling Composite
QUD  Quantum Utensil Dynamics
QZS  Quakers Zonder Skills

RAA  Reductio Ad Absurdum
  Regional Airline Association
RAC  Regionaal Avond College
  Royal Automobile Club
RAD  Radiation Absorbed Dose
  Rapid Application Development
  Routing Arbiter Database
RAE  Radiodifusión Argentina al Exterior
  Royal Aircraft Establishment
RAF  Rote Armee Fraktion
  Royal Air Force
RAH  Reductio ad Hitlerum
  Royal Albert Hall
RAI  Request for additional information
  Rijwiel- en Automobielindustrie
RAL  Reichsausschuß für Lieferbedingungen
RAM  Random Access Memory
  Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability
  Royal Academy Member
  Royal Air Maroc
RAO  Randstad Afval Overleg
  Recreatie en Algemene Ontspanning
RAR  Reverse Access Ranking
  Roelof Albert Ruules
  Roshal ARchive
RAS  Redundant Acronym Syndrome
  Remote Access Service
  Revue ASiatique
  Robert Alexander Spencer
  Row Address Strobe
  Royal Astronomical Society
RAW  Raw Architecture Workstation
  Reading and Writing
  Reality And Wonder
  Reconfigurable Architectures Workshop
  Reggae Ambassadors Worldwide
  Ride Around Washington
  Rutgers Accounting Web
RBA  Regionaal Bureau voor de Arbeidsvoorziening
RBB  Rundfunk Berlin Brandenburch
RBC  Recurring Boundary Conditions
  Red Blood Cells
RBD  Rigid Body Dynamics
RBE  Rekening Beoordelen Elftal
RBF  Radial Basis Function
RBG  Ruth Bader Ginsburg
RBK  Register Bijzondere Kentekens
  Rijksdienst Beeldende Kunst
RBS  Royal Bank of Schotland
RBT  Recherche Bijstands Team
  Ruim Baan voor Talent
RCA  Radiation Controlled Area
  Radio Corporation of America
RCC  Rescue Coordinatin Center
RCF  Revolving Credit Facility
RCI  Regional Competitiveness Index
  Renault Crédit International
RCM  Reliability Centred Maintenance
RCO  Ripple Carry Out
RCP  Rich Client Platform
RCS  Reaction Control System
  Reactor Coolant System
  Revision Control System
RCT  Randomised Controlled Trial
  Randomized Control Trial
  Randomized Controlled Trial
RCV  Ranked Choice Voting
RDB  Relational Data Bases
RDC  Rapid Development Capability
RDD  Resillient Distributed Dataset
RDE  Revue D'Egyptology
RDF  Reality Distortion Field
  Resource Description Format
  Resource Description Framework
RDI  Rijksinspectie Digitale Infrastructuur
RDM  Rational Decision Making
  Research Data Management
RDO  Raad voor Delta Onderzoek
RDP  Remote Desktop Protocol
RDV  Responsive Design View
RDW  Rijks Dienst voor het Wegverkeer
  Ruud De Wild
REB  Rectabular Excrusion Bracket
REF  Rapid Equipping Force
REM  Rapid Eye Movement
  Reclame Exploitatie Maatschappij
  Remote Elevator Monitoring
  Roentgen Equivalent Man
RER  Réseau Express Régional
  Retarded Entity Relationship
RES  Radar Environment Simulator
  Review of Economic Studies
  Rothamsted Experimental Station
  Rudder Elevator Spoiler
RET  Rotterdams Electrische Tram
  Round Earth Theory
RFB  Roughly From Behind
RFC  Request For Comments
RFD  Recipe For Disaster
  Request For Date
RFE  Radio Free Europe
  Request For Enhancement
RFF  Rescue and Fire Fighting
RFG  Random Format Generator
RFH  Royal Festival Hall
RFI  Radio France International
  Request For Information
RFK  Rorys First Kiss (code name for Batman II, the Dark Knight)
RFM  Renderman For Maya
  Rotary Forging Machine
RFO  Radio Filharmonisch Orkest
  rectal foreign object
RFP  Reqeust For Proposal
  Request For Proposal
RFQ  Request For Quote
RFT  Relational Frame Theory
  Revisable Form Text
  Right First Time
RFZ  Reflection Free Zone
RGA  Relief Goods Alliance
RGB  Red Green Blue
RGD  Rijks Geologische Dienst
RGI  Realtime Global Illumination
RGL  Rijn Gouwe Lijn
RHA  Road Haulage Association
RHB  Right Hand Bat
RHC  Red Haired Cunt
RHE  Rad Hard Electronics
RHL  Retarded Hillbilly Language
RHR  Residual Heat Removal
  Revue de l'Historie des Religions
  Righthand Head Rule
RHS  Right Hand Side
  Royal Horticultural Society
RHW  Rachel Hurd-Wood
RIA  Reactivity Initiated Accident
RIB  Rail Infra Beheer
  RenderMan Interface Bitstream
  Routing Information Base
RIC  Radio Industry Council
RIE  Rage In Eden
  Reactive-ion etching
RIM  Research in Motion
  Rorschach Inktvlekken Methode
RIO  Radar Intercept Officer
  Rovecom Interne Optimalisering
RIP  Resquiat In Pacem
  Reversed Implementation Protocol
  Rod Internal Pressure
  Routing Information Protocol
RIS  Remote Installation Services
  Republik Indonesia Sarikat
  Russian Imperial Stout
RIT  Rampen Identificatie Team
RJK  Rotterdamse Jongeren Kern
RJS  Robert Jan Stips
RKD  Rijksbureau voor Kunsthistorische Documentatie
RKK  Rooms Katholieke Kerk
RLA  Regeling voor Laagfrequente Aandoeningen
RLE  Run-Length Encoding
RLQ  Regolatore Lineare Quadratico
RLS  Real Life Soap
RMA  Recording Management Area
  Return Merchandise Authorization
RMC  RenderMan Compliant
  Rest My Case
RMD  Recording Management Data
RMF  Rich Map Format
  Rich music format
RMI  Radio Massacre International
  Reliability Maintenance Institute
  Remote Method Invocation
  Republic Mortgage Insurance
  Rocky Mount Instruments
RMO  Raad voor Maatschappelijke Ontwikkelingen
  Regionaal Milieu-Overleg
  Register voor Maatschappelijke Objecten
  Rijdende Melk Ontvangst
  Rijksmuseum voor Oudheden
RMP  Resonant Magnetic Perturbations
RMS  Republik Maluku Selatan
  Royal Mail Steamer
RMT  Reservist Militaire Taken
RMV  Rijksmuseum voor Volkenkunde
RMZ  Radio Mandatory Zone
RNA  RiboNucleic Acid
RNC  Republican National Committee
  Republican National Convention
RND  Random
RNN  Recurrent Neural Network
ROA  Researchcentrum voor Onderwijs en Arbeidsmarkt
  Rules Of the Air
ROB  Rape Of Belgium
ROC  Receiver Operating Characteristic
  Regionaal Opleidings Centrum
ROE  Report of Eligibility
  Rules Of Engagement
ROF  Rolling On Floor
ROI  Region Of Interest
  Return On Investment
ROM  Read Only Memory
RON  Research Octane Number
ROR  Rapid Operational Reuse
  Ruby on Rails
ROT   Right on Time
   Rule of Thumb
  Rate of Turn
  Rate One Turn
  Receive Only Terminal
  Record Of Trial
  Reign of Terror
  Republic of Texas
  Republic of Turkey
  Republic Of Turkey
  Retailers' Occupation Tax
  Running Object Table
  Runway Occupancy Time
ROV  Remotely Operational Vehicle
ROW  Right Of Way
RPC  Remote Procedure Call
  Rocket Propelled Chainsaw
RPD  Robust Product Design
RPF  Reformatorisch Politieke Federatie
  Reverse Path Forwarding
RPG  Rocket Propelled Grenade
  Role Playing Game
RPL  Recreational Pilot License
RPM  RPM Package Manager
RPS  Regional Pressure Setting
  Renderman Pro Studio
RRE  Red Rhino Europe
  Rock & Roll Evacuation
RRM  Renal Repair Mechanisms
RRP  Recommended Retail Price
RRR  Rapidly Reusable Rockets
  Required Run Rate
  Ride a Rubber Rocket
RRS  Rational Response Squad
  Renault Route Service
  Riool Reinigings Service
RRW  Reliable Replacement Warhead
RSA  Republic of South Africa
  Rivest, Shamir, Adleman
RSC  Resource
  Reusable Software Components
RSD  Record Store Day
  Reservist Specifieke Deskundigheid
RSF  Reporters Sans Frontières
  Right Said Fred
RSG  RijksScholenGemeenschap
RSI  Repetitive Strain Injury
  Repubblica Sociale Italiana
RSJ  Raad voor Strafrechttoepassing en Jeugdbescherming
RSL  Recurring Slope Lineae
  Renderman Shading Language
RSM   Resource Standard Metrics
  Rolling Stone Magazine
RSN  Real Soon Now
RSO  Range Safety Officer
  Richtlijn Sportdeelname Onderzoek
  Rivista deglie Studi Orientali
  Russian School Of Mathematics
RSP  Rate of Subproblem Proliferation
  Rising Sun Pictures
  Role Swap Protocol
RSS  Radar Signal Simulator
  Radial Shaft Seal
  Radio Security Service
  Radio Service Software
  Radio Sub System
  Radiodetermination Satellite System
  Rail Security Service
  Rail Surveillance Service
  Range & Synchronisation Subsystem
  Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh
  RDF Site Summary
  Ready Service Spare
  Ready Supply Store
  Real Stream System
  Really Simple Syndication
  Residual Sum of Squares
  Rotating Service Structure
RSU  Ruimtelijke Strategie Utrecht
RSV  Rainbow Six Vegas
  Respiratoir Syncrytiaal Virus
  Respiratory Syncytial Virus
  Rijn Schelde Verolme
RSX  Real-time System eXecutive
RTA  Real Time Animation
  Road Traffic Accident
RTB  Return To Base
RTC  Reactivity Temperature Coefficient
  Real Time Clock
RTF  Rich Text Format
RTG  Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator
RTL  Radio & Television Luxembourgh
  Receptie in het Teken van de Lente
  Register Transfer Level
  Resistor-Transistor Logic
RTM  Release To Manufacturing
RTP  Real-time Transport Protocol
RTR  Referentiekader Taal en Rekenen
RTS  Real Time Strategy
RTV  Radio TeleVisie
RTX  Ray Tracing Texel eXtreme
RUA  Robot Unicorn Attack
RUC  Registry of Univeral Companies
RUD  Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly
  Regionale Uitvoeringsdienst Drenthe
RUG  Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
RUL  Rijksuniversiteit Leiden
RUN  Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen
RUP  Rational Unified Process
RUR  Rechtstreeks Uit Richter
RUU  Rijksuniversiteit Utrecht
RVA  rijvaardigheidsanalyse
RVB  Rijksvastgoedbedrijf
RVD  Rijks Voorlichtingsdienst
RVM  Ruby Version Manager
RVO  Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland
RVP  Rentevaste Periode
RVS  Roestvast Staal
  Rotterdamse Verzekering Sociëteiten
RVU  Radio VolksUniversiteit
RVZ  Raad voor de Volksgezondheid en Zorg
RWD  Responsive Web Design
RWN  Radio Wereldomroep Nederland
RWP  Radiation Work Permit
RWS  Rate of Work Shrinkage

SAA  Stichting Afzetbevordering Asperge
  Systems Application Architecture
SAC  Sectorale Adviescolleges
  Strategic Air Command
  Supreme Allied Commander
SAD  Social Anxiety Disorder
  System Architecture Definition
SAE  School of Audio Engineering
  Self-Adressed Enveloppe
  Society of Automotive Engineers
SAF  San Adreas Fault
  Self Appraisal Fatigue
  Sustainable Aviation Fuel
SAG  Sammie America's Gasphetti
  Screen Actors Guild
SAK  Secure Attention Key
  Studien zur Altagyptischen Kultur
SAM  Severe Accident Management
  Single Abstract Method
  Single App Mode
  Surfcace to Air Missile
SAN  Storage Area Network
SAO  Session At Once
SAP  Safety Assessment Principles
  Silverlight Application Package
  Sintered Aluminium Powder
  Social Action Party
  Socialistiese Arbeiders Partij
  Special Access Programmes
  Sub Atomic Physics
  Systeme, Anwendungen & Produkte i/d datenverarbeitung
SAR  Safety assessment report or safety analysis report
  Search And Rescue
  Son Altesse Royale
  Specific Absorption Rates
  Stichting Achmea Rechtsbijstand
  Su Alteza Real
  Suspicious Activity Report
  Synthetic Aperture Radar
SAS  Scandinavian Airlines System
  Serial Attached SCSI
  Special Air Service
  Statistical Analysis Software
  Surfers Against Sewage
SAT  Service Action Team
  System Analysis Toolkit
  Systematic approach to training
SAV  Single Assignment Variable
SAX  Simple API for XML
  Space Architect Exercise
SBA  Simulation Based Aquisition
  Swiss Bank Approach
SBB  Schweizerische Bundesbahn
  Sleutels, Barnard en Van der Beek
SBC  Server Based Computing
  Single Board Computer
SBD  Silent But Deadly
SBI  Surrounded By Incompetence
SBM  Senior Bier Manager
  Sharon Bertsch McGrayne
SBO  Samenwerkende Borstvoeding Organisaties
SBQ  Standard Batch Quantity
SBR  Slap Bureau Ruggetje
SBS  Scandinavian Broadcasting System
  Site by Site
  Small Business Server
  Sodding Big Spaceship
  Special Boat Service
  Surrounded by Stupidity
SBU  Strategic Business Unit
SBV  Sectorale Berichten Voorziening
SCA  Secular Coalition for America
  Single-Connector Attachment (SCSI)
  Static Code Analysia
  Supreme Council of Antiquities
SCC  Sarah Connor Chronicles
  Ship's Control Centre
  Source Code Control
SCD  Strictly Come Dancing
SCE  Signal Conditioning Electronics
SCF  Security Control Framework
  Sport Club Feyenoord
SCG  Sydney Cricket Ground
SCI  Sensitive Compartmentalized Information
  System configuration information
SCM  Simon Conway Morris
  Software Configuration Management
  Supply Chain Management
SCN  Stay Connected Neger
  Suprachiamatic nucleus
SCO  Santa Cruz Operation
  Sturing van het Creatief Ontwerp
SCP  Sanctioned Competition Program
  Secure Copy
  Sociaal Cultureel Planbureau
SCR  Selective Catalytic Reduction
  Silicon Controlled Rectifier
  Stotter Centrum Rijnland
  Sveriges Campingvärdars Riksförbund
SCS  School of Computer Science
  Secret Cloggie Society
SDB  Stichting Disposables Benelux
SDC  Student Dust Counter
SDE  Screen Door Effect
SDF  Signed Distance Field
  Six Degrees of Freedom
SDG  Spencer Davis Group
  Stichting Draadloos Groningen
  Sustainable Development Goals
SDH  Subtitles for the Deaf and Hard of hearing
SDI  Software distribution network information
  Strategic Defence Initiative
SDJ  Stinky Dinosaur Juice
SDK  Software Development Kit
SDL  Scene Description Language
  Schema Definition Language
  Simple Directmedia Layer
SDM  Self Destruct Mode
  Software Development Magazine
  Stichting Democratie en Media
  Sun Download Manager
SDN  Software distribution network
  Stichting Dranken Nederland
SDO  Solar Dynamics Observatory
SDP  Session Description Protocol
  Standard Dating Protocol
SDR  Software Defined Radio
  Special Drawing Right
  Special Drawing Rights
SDU  Staatsdrukkerij en -uitgeverij
SDV  Semicolon Divided Values
SEA  Syrian Electronic Army
SEC  Securities and Exchange Commission
  Start Evaluatie Curriculum
SED  Stichting Expertisecentrum Discriminatie
  Stream EDitor
SEH  Spoedeisende Eerste Hulp
SEI  Script Encoding Initiative
SEK  Sigaardoos Electro Kalimba
SEM  Scanning Electron Microscope
  Scientifically Engineered Maintenance
  Smart Evert Manager
  Society for Ethnomusicology
  Society for Experimental Mechanics
  Space Experimental Module
  Structural Equation Modeling
SEN  Special Educational Needs
SEO  Search Engine Optimalization
  Search Engine Optimizer
SEP  Samenwerkende Elektriciteitsproducenten
  Single-Engine Piston
  Solar Electric Propulsion
  Someone Else's Problem
  Standard Evaluation Protocol
  Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
  Systems Enhancement Package
SER  Safety Evaluation Report
  Sociaal Economische Raad
SES  Simple Email Service
  Sociaal Economische Status
  Special Enforcement Squad
  Swift Exit Seat
  Systeem voor elektronische sollicitatie
SET  Secure Electronic Transaction
  Secure Electronic Transactions
  Stone's Embedding Theorem
SEU  Single Event Upsets
SFA  Scotish Football Association
SFB  Sunken Feature Building
SFC  Shop Floor Control
  Sporthuis Fucking Centrum
SFD  Sound File Data
SFE  San Francisco Earthquake
SFH  Stichting Fraudebestrijding Hypotheken
SFI  Severely Fuckable Individual
SFL  Sorry For Laughing
SFO  Serious Fraud Office
SFP  Small Form-factor Pluggable
SFS  Super Fun Saturday
SFT  So Fucking Tired
SFW  Safe For Work
SFX  Special Effects
SGC  Sport Gezondheids Centrum
SGE  Search Generative Experienc
SGG  Seksueel Grensoverschrijdend Gedrag
SGI  Silicon Graphics, Inc.
  Spark Gap Initiator
SGL  Sydney Gamers League
SGM  StadsGewestelijk Materieel
SGP  Staatkundig Gereformeerde Partij
SGR  Some Great Reward
  Sortie Generation Rate
  Stichting Garantiefonds Reisgelden
SGS  Still Going Strong
SHA  Secure Hash Algorithm
SHD  Snoei Harde Disco
SHG  Sugar Hill Gang
SHM  Structural Health Monitoring
  Swedish House Mafia
SHO  Samenwerkende Hulporganisaties
SHR  Spontaneously Hypertensive Rat
  Staff Human Resources
  State Highway Route
  Steroid Hormone Receptor
  Synology Hybrid RAID
SIB  Safety Information Bulletin
  Swelling Itching Brain
SIC  Standard Industrial Code
SID  Sound Interface Device
  Standard Instrument Departure
SIE  Software Innovatie Event
SIF  Safe Internet Foundation
  Setup installation files
SIG  Software Improvement Group
  Special Interest Group
  Sphere Interest Group
  Susquehanna International Group
SIM  Sportinformatiemarkt
  Subscriber Identity Module
SIP  Session Initiation Protocol
  Software for Intellectual Property
  System Integrity Protection
SIR  Semantic Information Retrieval
SIS  Science In Society
  Secret Intelligence Service
  Student Informatie Systeem
SIT  Simple Internet Transition
SIU  Sterrenkundig Instituut Utrecht
  Subconscious Intuitive Understanding
SIV  Simmian Immunodeficiency Virus
  Structured Investment Vehicle
SJG  Stephen Jay Gould
SJW  Social Justice Warriors
SKA  Square Kilometer Array
  Square Kilometre Array
SKB  Svensk Kämbränslehantering AB
SKF  Schermkring Friesland
SKI  Stiftung füKunstigen Intelligenz
SKT  Sociaal Kunstzinnige Therapie
SKU  Stichting Katholieke Universiteit
  Stock Keeping Unit
SLA  Service Level Agreement
  Single Letter Acronym
  Stereo Lithograph Apparatus
  Swim Lane Approach
SLB  Sad little bunch
  Spoilt Little Bitch
  Studie Loopbaan Begeleiding
SLC  Stereo Lithography Contour
SLF  Simple Logging Facade
SLJ  Samuel Leroy Jackson
SLM  Strategisch Leveranciersmanagement Microsoft
  Surinaamse LuchtvaartMaatschappij
SLO  Standard Lakota Orthography
  Stichting Landelijk Onderwijs
SLR  Shift Logical Right
  Single Lense Reflexcamera
SLS  Selective Laser Sintering
  Shit Life Syndrome
SLT  Second Law of Thermodynamics
SMA  Society for Medieval Archaeology
SMB  Server Message Block
  Surface Marker Buoy
SMC  Spijkenisse Medisch Centrum
SMD  Studenten Moeten Dood!
  Surface Mount Device
SME  Small Management Enterprise
  Subject-Matter Expert
SMF  Sexy Mother Fucker
SMG  Sarah Michelle Gellar
  Sub-Machine Gun
  Suck My Goat
SMI  Self Mounting Image
SML  Senate Majority Leader
  Stichting Machinale Landbouw
SMN  Samenwerkingsverband van Marokkanen in Nederland
SMP  Service-MeldPunt
  Societas Meteorologica Palatina,
  Stable Marriage Problem
  Statutory Maternity Pay
  Survival Multi Player
  Symmetric MultiProcessing
SMR  School MedezeggenschapsRaad
  Small Modular Reactor
SMS  Short Message Service
SMT  School of Media and Technology
SMV  Stolen Motor Vehicle
SNA  Stichting voor de Nederlandse Archeologie
SNB  Sub-cooled nucleate boiling
SNC  Spontaneous Nostril Combustion
SNE  Startvaardigheden Nederlands en Engels
SNF  Saturday Night Fever
  Spent Nuclear Fuel
SNG  Sint Nikolaas Genootschap
SNH  Secundaire Nutritionele Hyperparathyroïdie
SNI  Server Name Identification
SNL  Saturday Night Live
SNN  Spiritueel Netwerk Nederland
SNP  Scottish National Party
  Sensorisch Neurale Problemen
  Single Nucleotide Polymorphism
SNR  Super Nova Remnant
SNS  Samenwerkende Nederlandse Spaarbanken
SNV  Stichting Nederlandse Vrijwilligers
SOA  Seksueel Overdraagbare Aandoening
  Senior Organisatie Adviseur
  Service Oriented Architecture
  Service-Oriented Architecture
  Start Of Authority
SOB  Son of a Bitch
SOC  Scenes of Crime
  Service-Oriented Computing
  Span Of Control
SOF  Special Operational Forces
SOG  Studie Ontwijkend Gedrag
SOH  Start Of Heading
SOI  Schermers Onder Invloed
  Sillicon On Insulator
SOJ  Sphere Online Judge
SOK  StudieOvereenKomst
SOL  Shit Outta Luck
  Speed Of Light
SOP  Salwatoriański Ośrodek Powołań
  School of Pharmacy
  Service Orthodoxe de Presse
  Seynaeve Objectos Publicitários
  Síndrome de Ovarios Poliquísticos
  Small Outline Package
  socialistická organizace pracujících
  Société Odontologique de Paris
  Some Other Problem
  Sozio-oekonomische Panel
  Standing Operating Procedure
  Statement of Purpose
  Státní opera Praha
  Stichting Onafhankelijke Partners
  Strana Občianskeho Porozumenia
  Strategisch Ontwikkelings Plan
  Stream of Praise
  Subject-oriented programming
  Sum Of Products
  Surface OPerator (houdini)
  Systeem Ontwikkeling en Programmering
SOR  Successive Over Relaxation
SOS  Save Our Souls
  Sea Of SIn
  Service Oriented Systems
  Signalering Onjuist Spatiegebruik
  Sinkhole Of Support
SOW  Speaking Of Which
SPA  Society of Professional Accountants
  Staat van Politie Alarm
  Stichting Preferente Aandelen
SPC  Statistical Process Control
  Stop Producing Crap
  Stored Program Command
SPD  Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands
  Spam Moet Dood
  Studio Provisioning Demo
SPE  Sound Pattern of English
SPF  Sender Policy Framework
  Stupid Populist Front
SPG  Special Patrol Group
SPH  Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics
  Sociaal Pedagogische Hulpverlening
SPI  Service Provider Interface
SPM  Semi Permanent Mascara
  Software Portfolio Monitoring
SPP  Serial Port Profile
SPS  Small Penis Syndrome
  Station Police Sergeant
SPU  Sound Processing Unit
  Stream Processing Unit
  Studenten Protest Utrecht
  Synergistic Processing Unit
SPV  Sociaal Psychiatrische Verpleegkunde
SQC  Sponaneous Quality Cycle
  Statistical Quality Contro
  Statistical Quality Control
SQJ  Software Quality Journal
SQL  Structured Query Language
SQM  Strategic Quality Management
SQR  Structured Query Reporter
SQS  Simple Queue Service
SRA  Satanic Ritual Abuse
  Software Risk Assessment
SRB  Solid Rocket Booster
  Stichting Rokers Belangen
SRC  Société Royale du Canada
  Stichting Reclame Code
SRG  Safety Review Guidelines
SRI  Stanford Research Institute
SRL  Stichting Revalidatie Limburg
  Survival Research Labs
SRM  Service Repair Manual
  Standard Reference Material
  Standard Reference Model
SRO  Station Reception Officer
SRP  Session Request Protocol
  Standard Review Plan
SRS  Solar Radio Spectograph
SRT  Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar
  Special Response Team
SRV  Samen Rationeel Verkopen
SSA  Segment Search Arguments
  Slippery Slope Argument
  Stichting Studenten Activiteiten
  Stovepipe System AntiPattern
SSB  Single Side Band
  Space Shuttle Boosters
SSC  Shader Sanity Check
  Shared Service Center
  Studenten Service Centrum
  Systems, structures and components
SSD  Solid State Drive
SSE  Sensitive Site Exploitation
  Server Sent Events
  Sum of Squared Errors
SSF  Single Status Friends
SSH  Secure Shell
  Stichting StudentenHuisvesting
SSI  Server Side Include
  Server Sided Issue
  Statens Serum Institut
SSL  Secure Socket Layer
  Solid State Logic
SSM  Solid State Music
SSN  Social Security Number
SSO  Single Sign On
SSP  Signaal Special Products
  Surface Science Package
SSR  Satellite System Receiver
  Secondary Surveillance Radar
  Sum of Squares due to Regression
SSS  Sigue Sigue Sputnik
  Simple Software Solutions
  Simple Storage Service
  Stepping Stone Strategy
  Sub Surface Scattering
SST  Sea Surface Temperature
  Shear Stress Transport
  Single Speed Transmission
  Solid State Technology
  SuperString Theory
SSY  Snoeiharde Sonic Youth
SSZ  Shouf Shouf Zombibi
STA  Science, Technology And Society
  Supplier Technical Assistance
STC  Syntactic Tail Calls
STD  Sexually-Transmitted Diseases
  State transition diagram
  Straight To Download
STE  Star Trek ENterprise
STF  Stage Toestemmingsformulier
STG  Scholary Technology Group
STI  Semantic Technology Institute
STK  Shoot to Kill
STL  Spread Those Legs
  Standard Template Library
  Stereo Tesselated Lithography
STP  Shielded Twisted Pair
STR  Short Tandem Repeats
  Special Theory of Relativity
STS  Sound Transform Systems
  Space Transportation System
STT  Same Time Tomorrow
  Singapore Technologies Telemedia
  Skip on Third Tuesday
  Sugiyama Tugawa and Toda
  Surface Tension Transfer
STV  Star Trek Voyager
  Straight To Video
SUA  Software User Agreement
SUD  Single User Device
SUF  Sudden Unexpected Fatherhood
SUI  Shell Upstream International
SUK  Studenten Uithof Kommissie
SUM  Specifiek Universitair Magazine
  Stand Up Meeting
SUN  Socialistische Uitgeverij Nijmegen
SUP  Stand Up Paddling
SUS  Silly User Syndrome
  Single UNIX Specification
SUU  Southern Utah University
SUV  Sports Utility Vehicle
SVB  Silicon Valley Bank
  Sociale Verzekeringsbank
  Stichting Vesting Bourtange
SVD  Singular Value Decomposition
  Studium Verbum Domini
SVF  Simple Vector Format
SVG  Scalable Vector Graphic
  Smoke Vector Graphic
SVN  Silicon Valley North
  Social Venture Network
SVP  S'il Vous Plaît
SVT  Sveriges Television
SVZ  stand van zaken
SWA  Slit Wheel Assembly
SWF  Single White Female
  Steirischen Wirtschaftsförderung
  Sûd West Fryslân
  Sud-West Funk
SWL  Screaming With Laughter
SWM  Single White Male
SWO  Stichting Welzijn voor Ouderen
SWP  Small World Phenomenon
SWR  Scotch Whisky Regulations
SWT  Shorter Work Time
  Standard Widget Toolkit
SXI  Solar X-ray Imager
SYL  See You Later
  Strapping Young Lad
SYS  See You Soon
  Sesli Yanýt Sistemleri
  Shoot Your Shot
  Southwest Youth Symphony
  Stretch-Yawn Syndrome
  Sun Yat-Sen
SYT  Sweet Young Thing
SZH  Stichting Zeldzame Huisdierrassen
SZT  Servers Zijn Traag
SZZ  schoonzuszus

TAA  Trump Assassination Attempt
  Young Achievement Australia
TAB  Tweede Amerikaanse Burgeroorlog
TAC  Tactical Air Command
TAD  Telesales Account Development
  Transportation Aging Disposal
TAE  Trial And Error
  True Analog Emulation
TAF  Term Auction Facility
  Terminal Aerodrome Forecast
TAH  TLA @ Home
TAI  Temps Atomique International
TAL  Template Attribute Language
TAN   Tax Account Number
   Tiny Area Network
  Table Area Network
  Tape Area Network
  Tax Anticipation Note
  Test Area North
  Texas Association of Nurserymen
  Total Acid Number
  Total Ammonia Nitrogen
  Transaction Authorization Number
  Translocation-Associated Notch
TAO  Track At Once
TAP  Test Acceptatie Productie
TAR  Tape Archive
TAS  Taalondersteuning Anderstalige Studenten
  Tribunal Arbitral du Sport
TAV  ter attentie van
TBA  Team Building Activity
  Technical Board of Appeal
  To Be Announced
TBC  Ten thousand Before Christ
  Time Base Corrector
TBD  To Be Determined
TBH  To Be Honest
TBI  Traumatic Brain Injury
TBL  Tim Berners-Lee
TBM  Trial By Media
  Tunnel Boring Machine
TBO  Taxi & Bus Onderneming
TBP  Te Beveiligen Persoon
TBR  Terbeschikkingstelling van de regering
TBS  Terbeschikkingstelling
  Thierry Baudets Sprookjes
TBT  Technical barriers to trade
TBW  Total Bytes Written
TCA  Taxi Centrale Amsterdam
  Terminal Control Area
  Torque Converter Automatic
  Twin Clutch Automatic
TCB  Barycentric Coordinate Time
TCC  Terneuzen Cricket Club
  Tyne Cot Cemetery
TCG  Geocentric Coordinate Time
TCI  Team Criminele Inlichtingen
TCL  Turbo Console Log
  Tyzack Computers Ltd.
TCM  Trajectory Correction Maneuver
TCO  Themacoördinatorenoverleg
  Total Cost of Ownership
TCP  Transmission Control Protocol
TDA   Tactical Decision Aid
  Transit Detection Algorithm
TDB  Barycentric Dynamical Time
  Thermochemical Database Project
TDC  Temporary Detective Constable
  Type Directors Club
TDD  Ter de die (driemaal daags / three times a day)
  Test Driven Development
  Time Displacement Device
  Tour De Doping
TDE  Transposition Docking Extraction
TDF  Tour De France
  Typeface definition file
TDI  Transport Driver Interface
  The Dark Knight
  The Dog's Knob
  Tokyo Denkikagaku Kogyo
  Turbine Development Kit
TDL  Team Devices List
TDM  Team Death Match
  Time Division Multiplexing
  Time-Division Multiplexing
TDO  Typed Data Object
TDP  Thermal Design Power
  time-driven priority
TDS  Total Dissolved Solids
  Transputer Development System
  Trump Derangement Syndrome
TDT  Terrestrial Dynamical Time
TEA  Traditional English Ale
TEB  Tissue-Engineering Bioreactors
TEC  Thermal Electric Cooler
  Total Electron Content
  Trans-Earth Coast
TED  Technology, Entertainment and Design
TEE  Trans-Europa-expres
TEI  Total Employee Involvement
  Trans-Earth Injection
  Transgenerational Epigenetic Inheritance
TEM  Test Equipment Manufacturing
TEP  The fucking English fucking Patient
TES  Team Executie Strafvonnissen
TEU  Twenty-foot equivalent
TEW  Thats Even Worse
TFC  The Final Countdown
  The Final Cut
  Topless French Cuties
TFF  Tyzack File Format
TFG  The Former Guy
TFI  Totally Fuck It
TFL  Transport For London
TFM  Tagged font metric
TFP  Tailored Fibre Placement
  Temporal Fold Processor
  Therapeutic Feeding Program
  Thermal Front Parameter
  Total Factor Productivity
  Transmisson Fluid Pressure
  True Freedom Project
TFR  Temporary Flight Restriction
  Transfer of Funds Regulation
TFS  Team Foundation Server
TFT  The Finishing Touch
  Thin Film Transistor
  Tunnels For Tyrants
TFU  Tactical Firearms Unit
  Task Force Uruzgan
TGA  Targa
TGO  Team Grootschalig Onderzoek
  Team Grootschalige Opsporing
  Trillingen, Golven en Optica
TGP  Total Graphics Power
TGT  Ticket Granting Ticket
TGV  Train à Grande Vitesse
TGZ  Totaal Geen Zin
THC  Tetra Hydro Cannabinol
THD  Total Harmonic Distortion
THE  Technische Hogeschool Eindhoven
  The Human Environment
THF  Texel Hardcore Fest
THM  Thomas Hunt Morgan
THP  Turbo High Pressure
THT  Tenminste houdbaar tot
  Twan Heetkamp Trailers
THX  Tomlinson Holman eXperiment
TIA  Television Interface Adaptor
  Thanks In Advance
  Total Information Awareness
  Transient Ischaemix Attack
  Transient Ischemic Attack
TIL  Tech Info Library
  Today I Learned
TIM  Technische Informatie Manager
  Tekstueel Ingesteld Meisje
TIO  Toeristische Informatie Opleiding
TIP  Theory Into Practice
  To Insure Promptness
TIR  Transport International (de marchandise par la) Route
TIS  TLA Is Stuk
TIT  Texture Inversion Trick
TIW  Turkish Independence War
TJM  Thomas Junior Midgley
TJV  Deutschen Journalisten-Verbands
TKA  te koop aangeboden
TKI  Topsector Kennis en Innovatie
TKO  Technical Knock Out
TKZ  Tering Kut Zooi
TLA  Thin Layer Activation
  Three Letter Acronym
  Totalitaire Leiders van de AIK
TLB  Translation Look-aside Buffer
TLC  Tender Loving Care
  The Living Channel
  Translunar Coast
  Triple Level Cell
TLD  Thermo Luminescent Dosimeter
  Top Level Domain
TLI  Trans Lunar Injection
  Translunar Injection
TLK  The Lion King
TLN  Transport en Logistiek Nederland
TLO  Teamleidersoverleg
TLP  Tractatus Logico Philosophicus
TLS  Times Literary Supplement
  Trans Link Systems
  Transport Layer Security
TMD  Theater Missile Defence
  Tuned Mass Damper
TME  Transfer Multisort Elektronik
TMF  The Music Factory
TMG  Touring Motor Gliders
TMI  Team Management Index
  Three Mile Island
TML  Tanz Mit Laibach
TMP  Temporary
TMS  Test Match Special
  Trend Micro Security
TMZ  Thirty Mile Zone
  Transponder Mandatory Zone
TND  Thermo Nuclear Device
TNG  The Next Generation (Star Trek)
TNI  Tentara Nasional Indonesia (Nationaal Indonesisch Leger / National Indonesian Army)
TNO  Toegepast Natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek
  Trans Neptunian Objects
TNS  Taylor Nelson Sofres
TNT  Thomas Nationwide Transport
  Turner Network Television
TNW  The New World
  Thermo Nuclear Warhead
TOA  Technische Onderwijs Assistent
TOC  Table of contents
  Theory Of Constraints
TOD  Take-Off Direction
  The Omnivore's Dilemma
TOE  Theory Of Everything
TOI  Tekenen Onder Invloed
TOL  Treaty Of London
  Trut OnLine
  Tub Of Lard
TON  Trots Op Nederland
TOP  Totaal Onzinnige Programmacode
TOR  Terms Of Reference
  The Onion Router
TOS  The Operation System ( Atari )
  The Original Series (Star Trek)
TOT  Team Of Teams
  Totally Off Topic
TOY  Thinking Of You
TPA  Third Party Access
TPB  The Pirate Bay
TPC  Team Performance Coach
  Transaction Processing Performance Council
TPD  Thermoelectric Peltier Devices
TPG  TNT Post Groep
TPM  Total Productive Maintenance
  Transaction Processing Monitors
  Trusted Platform Module
  Twin Passifier Machine
TPO  Travelling Post Office
TPR  True Positive Rate
TPS  This Place Sux
TPV  Total Perspective Vortex
  Toute Petite Voiture
TQC  Total Quality Control
TQI  Total Quality Improvement
TQM  Total Quality Management
TRA  Technology Related Agression
TRC  Total Relevant Cost
TRE  Tempore Regis Edwardi
TRM  Tulsa Race Massacre
TRQ  Tariff Rate Quotas
TRS  Tandy Radio Shack
TRU  Permanent disposal of transuranic
TRV  Thermostatic Radiator Valves
TRW  Tempore Regis Willelmi
TSA  Transport Security Administration
  Transportation Security Administration
TSB  Time Square Bomber
TSC  Technical Steering Committee
  Technical Support Centre
TSE  Transformational Social Emergence
TSG  Territorial Support Group
TSI  Trophic State Index
TSL  The Second Life
  Transport Security Layer
TSO  Technical Support Organization
TSP  Technical Support Package
  Tera SPoon
  Travelling Salesman Problem
  Trisodium Phosphate
TSR  Tactical Studies Rules
  Telephone Service Representative
  Terminate and Stay Resident
TST  Talking Snake Theory
TTA  Trump Twitter Archive
TTC  Time To Crash
  Toronto Transit Commission
TTD  Things to Do
  Time To Die
TTF  True Type Font
TTG  Time To Go
TTH  Trump Twitter Hell
TTI  Technologische TopInstituten
TTL  Time To Lunch
  Transistor-Transistor Logic
TTM  Tip Top Model
TTP  Thru The Plone
TTR  Time To Resolve
TTS  Time To Shave
  Time To Shop
  Time To Shower
TTT  Team Time Trial
  The Terrific Threes
  The Two Towers (LOTR)
  Tijd om Te Tukken
  Tubes Tied Tomorrow
TTW  Through The Web
TUB  Tussen Uw Benen
TUG  TeX User Group
  TeX Users Group
TUI  Tangible User Interface
  Touristik Union International
TUK  Theologische Universiteit Kampen
TUR  Totally Unimpressive Remix
TUV  Technische Überwachsungs Verein
TVB  Tijd Voor Bier
TVC  Thrust Vector Control
TVE  TeleVisión Española
TVL  Tegemoetkoming Vaste Lasten
TVM  TLA's Voor Mannen
TWC  The Wisden Cricketer
  Total Work Content
TWD  The Walking Dead
TWI  Training Within Industry
  Two Wire Interface
  Twynstra Work Innovation
TWO  Technisch WerkOverleg
TWR  The Weblog Review
  Thrust to Weight Ratio
TWT  Travelling-Wave Tube
TZD  Time Zone Designator
TZZ  Totale Zaad Zomer

UAA  Universal Administered Address
UAC  User Account Control
UAE  United Arab Emirates
UAP  Unidentified Aerial Phenomena
  Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena
  User agent profile
UAT  User Acceptance Test
UAV  Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
  Utrechtse Aardwetenschappen Vereniging
UBA  Umweltbundesambt
UBD  Universitaire Bestuursdienst
UBE  unsolicited bulk e-mail
UBI  Unexplained Beer Injury
UBO  Ultimate Beneficial Owners
UBT  Utrechts Bureau voor Toerisme
UBU  Universiteitsbibliotheek Utrecht
UCA  U-matic Cassette Application
UCD  University College Dublin
UCE  Unsolicited Commercial Email
UCG  University College Groningen
UCH  University College Hospital
UCI  Union Cycliste Internationale
  University of California Irvine
UCK  Utrechts Centrum voor de Kunsten
UCL  University College London
  Upper Control Limit
UCO  Unie voor Christelijk Onderwijs
UCP  Utrecht City Project
UCR  Usability Change Request
UCS  Union of Concerned Scientists
  Universal Charging Solution
  Universal Coded Character Set
  Utrecht Centraal Station
UDA  Ulster Defence Association
UDB  Utrechts Dakdekkersbedrijf
UDC  Usage Data Collection
UDD  URL Driven Development
  User Defined Datatypes
UDE  Unreal Development Environment
UDP  User Datagram Protocol
UDT  Undead Dispatch Team
UEE  UCLA Encyclopedia of Egyptology
UFD  Unknown Fields Division
UFF  Upper Field First
UFO  Unidentifiable Flat Object
  Unidentified Flying Obese
  Unidentified Flying Object
  Universitair Functieordenen
UFP  User of Functional Programming
UFW  Uncomplicated Firewall
  United Farm Workers
UGS  US Geological Survey
UGV  Utrechtse Geologen Vereniging
UHD  Universitair HoofdDocent
UHF  Ultra Hight Frequency
UHI  University of the Highlands and Islands
UIB  Universitet i Bergen
UIC  Union Internationale des Chemins de fer
UID  UnIntelligent Design
UIO  Universitet i Olso
UIT  Universitet i Tromsø
  Utrechtse Introductie Tijd
ULA  United Launch Alliance
ULL  Utrecht-London-lijntje
ULP  UPS Locator Plugin
ULV  Ultra Licht Vliegtuig
  Ultra Low Voltage
UMA  Unlicensed Mobile Access
UMC  Universitair Medisch Centrum (Utrecht)
UME  Unwise Microwave Experiment
UMF  Utrechts Monumentenfonds
UML  Unified Modeling Language
  University of Massachusetts Lowell
UMT  Utrechts Morris Team
UNS  Udruženje Novinara Srbije
  Universal Name Space
  Universidad Nacional del Sur
  Université Nice Sophia Antipolis
UOG  University Of Guelph
UOU  University Of Ulster
UPB  Universal Payload Bay
UPC  United Pan-Europe Communications
  Universal Product Code
UPD  Updated program data
UPE  Upper Paleolithic of Europe
UPF  Ultra Processed Food
UPN  User Principal Name
  User Principal Names
UPP  Universal Protocol Pointer
UPS  Uninterruptable Power Supply
  United Parcel Service
URC  Unsolicited Result Code
URE  Unrecoverable Read Error
URF  Universal radar format
URI  Uniform Resource Identifier
URK  Utah Robot Kit
URL  Universal Resource Location
URM  Universele Rechten van de Mens
  UnReinforced Masonry
USA  United States Army
  United States of America
USB  Undecided State Bus
  Universal Serial Bus
USC  United States Constitution
  Universitair Sport Centrum
  Utrechtsch Studenten Corps
USD  United States Dollar
  Universal Scene Description
  University of San Diego
USE  Utrecht School of Economics
USF  Utrechtse Studenten Federatie
USG  Utrecht School of Governance
USL  Upper Specification Limit
USM  Unstoppable Sex Machine
  Unstoppable SexMachine
USO  Utrechts Symfonie Orkest
USP  Unique Selling Point
  Universidade de São Paulo
  Utrecht Science Park
USR  Unitas Studiosorum Rheno-Traiectina
  United States Robotics
  Universitaire Studentenraad
  Unwilling Sperm Recipient (rape victim)
  Utrechtse Studenten Roeivereniging
  Utrechtse Studenten Ruitervereniging
USS  United States Ship
USV  Unmanned Surface Vehicles
UTC  Coordinated Universal Time
  University Technical Colleges
  Utrechtse Taxi Centrale
UTF  UCS Transformation Format
  Unicode Transformation Format
UTM  Unified Threat Management
  Urchin Tracking Module
UTP  Unshielded Twisted Pair
UTR  untranslated region
UUR  Unit Under Review
UUV  Unmanned Underwater Vehicle
UUX  user interface for remote command execution
UVA  Universiteit van Amsterdam
UVM  Unreal Virtual Machine
UVO  Utrechtse Vastgoed Organisatie
UWO  Unexplained Wealth Order
UWV  Uitvoeringsinstituut Werknemersverzekeringen
UZI  Unieke Zorgverlener Identificatie

VAA  Verloskunde Academie Amsterdam
  Voxel Array Attributes
VAB  Van Allen Belts
  Vehicle Assembly Building
VAC  Valve Amplification Company
VAD  Vereniging voor Alcohol- en andere Drugsproblemen
  Virtual Adress Descriptors
VAE  Verenigde Arabische Emiraten
VAF  Value Added Feature
VAG  Vereniging Additieve Genezers (AKA utter loosers)
VAH  Vereniging Aangeboren Heupafwijkingen
VAI  Vlaams Architectuur Instituut
VAJ  Visual Age for Java
VAK  Vereniging Audio-visuele Kontakten
VAL  Value-Oriented Algorithmic Language
  Vlaamse Alzheimer Liga
  Voice Application Language
VAM  Verenigde Aardolie Maatschappijen
  Vuil Afvoer Maatschappij
VAN  Vertically-Aligned Nematic (LCD display method)
VAO  Valuation Agency Office
  Volunteer Ambulance Officer
VAP  Ventilator Associated Pneumonia
  Vereniging Analisten Pathologie
  Vereniging van Aannemers werkzaam in de Petrochemie
  Verzekerings Advies Programma
  Veterinair Administratie Programma
  Vientiane Action Programme
  Vintage Airstream Podcast
  Volunteer Achievement Program
  Vrienden van het Aangespannen Paard
VAQ  Visiting Airman's Quarters
VAR  Value Added Resource
  Verklaring ArbeidsRelatie
  video assisted referee
VAS  Value Added Service
  Virtual Address Space
VAT  Value Added Taxes
VAU  Vehicular Adapter Unit
VAV  Variable Air Volume
VAW  Von Amts Wegen (German: Officially)
VAX  Virtual Address Extension
VAY  Vietnamese Alliance Youth
VAZ  Volshskij Automobilnyj Zavod (Russian automaker)
VBA  Visual Basic for Applications
VBB  Voltage Base Base
  Vriendelijke Bankjes Bond
VBC  Valid Bit Controller
VBD  Visual Branch Display
VBE  Visual Basic Editor
VBF  Vehicle Base Facility
VBG  Vertical Banded Gastroplasty
VBH  Virginal Breast Hypertrophy
VBI  Vertical Blanking Interval
VBJ  Vacuum Bell Jar
VBK  Verteidigungbezirkskommando (German)
VBL  Vertical Bloch Line (Memory Device)
  Visible Bra Line
VBM  Vakbond voor Burger en Militair defensiepersoneel
  Visual Backward-Masking
VBN  Visitor Based Network
VBO  Valence Band Offset (semiconductor property)
VBP  Vliegtermen Beschermings Protocol
VBR  Variable Bit Rate
  Vector Base Register
VBS  Visual Basic Script
VBT  Valence Bond Theory
  Very Bad Thing
VBU  Vertical Burn
VBV  Video Buffer Verifier (MPEG)
VBW  Video Band-Width
VBX  Visual Basic Extension
VBY  Visby, Sweden - Visby (Airport Code)
VBZ  Virtual BaZaar
VCA  Voltage Controlled Amplifier
VCB  Vacuum Circuit Breaker
VCC  Voorburg Cricket Club
VCD  Video CD
VCE  Vapor Cloud Expansion
VCF  Virtual card file
  Visual Component Freework
  Vliegclub Fryslân
VCG  Video Clock Generator
VCH  Vehicle Control Head (intelligent transporation systems)
VCI  Valkieser Capital Images
  Value Chain Initiative (Microsoft)
VCJ  Victor Company of Japan
VCK  Virus Creation Kit
VCL  Video Coding Layer
VCM  Virtual Channel Memory
VCN  Virtual Circuit Number
VCO  Variable Crystal Oscillator
  Voltage Controlled Oscillator
VCP  Vaste Commissie Plagiaat
  Vehicle Check Point
VCQ  Vibrant Color Quality
VCR  Video Cassette Recorder
VCS  Vehicle Control System
  Version Control System
  Voltage Controlled Studio
VCT  Virtual Connection Tree
VCU  Video Control Unit
VCV  Vacuum Check Valve
VCW  Venture Capital World
VCX  Virtual Component Exchange
VCY  Voices for Children and Youth.
VCZ  Volonterski Centar Zagreb
VDA  Variable Depth Array
VDB  Video Display Buffer
  Volumetric Data Blocks
VDC  Video Distribution Controller
VDD  Virtual Device Driver
VDE  Video Display Editor
VDF  Variable Data Field
VDG  Video Display Generator
VDH  Valvular Disease - Heart
VDI  Vestnik Drevnej Istorii
  Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
VDJ  Video Disc Jockey
VDK  VisualDSP++ Kernel (ADI)
  Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge
VDL  Video Data Link
VDM  Virtual DOS Machine
VDN  Vector Defined Network
VDO  Very Distant Object(s)
VDP  Video Display Processor
VDQ  Video Display Quality
VDR  Video Disk Recorder
VDS  Video Distribution System
VDT  Variable Density Tunnel
  Video Display Terminal
VDU  Visual Display Unit
VDV  Verband Deutscher Verkehrsunternehmen
VDW  Van Der Waals
VDX  Virtual Document Exchange
VDY  3-(2-(1-(5-hydroxy-1,5-dimethyl-hexyl)-7a-methyl- octahydro-inden-4-ylidene)-ethylidene)-4-methylene- cyclohexanol
VDZ  Verband Deutscher Zeitschriftenverleger
VEA  Veterans' Entitlements Act
VEB  Ventricular Escape Beat
  Vereniging Effectenbezitters
VEC  Vector Error Correction
VED  Vacuum Erectile Device
VEE  Virtual Engineering Environment
VEF  Variable Explanation Format
VEG  Very Evil Grin
VEH  Vectored Exception Handler
  Vereniging Eigen Huis
VEI  Volcanic Explosivity Index
VEJ  Vereniging van Europese Journalisten
VEK  Verlag Ernst Kuhn
  Vlaamse Economische Kring
VEL  Variable Enlistment Legislation
VEM  Virtual Electron Microscope
VEN  Variable Exhaust Nozzle
VEO  Valence Electron Only
VEP  Video Expansion Port
VEQ  Variation in Estimated Quantities
VER  Vereniging Exploitanten Relaxbedrijven
  Verified Emissions Reductions
VES  Visual Effects Society
VET  Vehicle Emissions Test
VEU  Very Extreme Ultraviolet
VEV  Vacuum Expectation Value
VEW  Vereinigte EdelstahlWerke
VEX  Vector Expression
  Video Extensions for X-windows
VEZ  VirtuaLand Entertainment Zone
VFA  Volatile Fatty Acid
VFB  Virginia Farm Bureau
VFC  Voltage to Frequency Converter
VFD  Vacuum Fluorescent Display
VFE  Velocity, Flaps Extended
VFF  Valence Force Field
VFG  Video Frame Grabber
VFH  Vector Field Histogram
VFI  Variable Fuel Injection
  Vereniging voor Fondsenwervende Instellingen
  Very Fuckable Individual
VFK  Variable Function Key
VFL  Visual Fault Locator
VFM  Virtual File Manager
VFR  Visual Flight Rules
VFX  Visual Effects
VGA  Video Graphics Array
VGD  Voiture de Grande Diffusion
VGJ  voor gangbare jaartelling
VGT  Viktors Gave TLA
  Virtual Global Taskforce
VHA  Verse Hollandse Aarbeien
VHB  Very High Bond
VHF  Very High Frequency
VHK  Voortgezet Hoger Kunstonderwijs
VHS  Video Home System
VIA  Vreemdelingen Identiteitsdocumenten & Arbeid
VIB  Verzoek Informatie Behandelen
  VMware Installation Bundle
VID  Verkeers Informatie Dienst
VII  Vehicle Infrastructure Integration
VIK  Verband der Industriellen energie und Kraftwirtschaft
  Vista Is Kut
VIN  Varkens In Nood
  Vehicle Identification Number
VIP  Very Important Person
  Very Interchangeable Person
  Very Irreal People
VIZ  Varkens In Zicht
VKE  Vrouwen en Kinderen Eerst
VKV  Veterinaire Klinische Virologie
  Von Karman Vortices
VLA  Very Large Array
  Very Light Aircraft
VLC  variable-length code
  Victorian Legislative Council
  VideoLAN Client
  Virtual Learning Center
  Virtual Learning Community
  Visible Light Communications
VLM  Vlaamse Luchtvaart Maatschappij
VLN  Very Large Number
VMC  Virtual memory configuration
  Visual Meteorological Conditions
VMD  Voetbal Moet Dood
  Vrouwen Moeten Dood
VME  Versa-Module Electronic
VMI  Virginia Military Institute
VML  Vector markup language
VMN  VentroMedial Nucleus (neurophysiology)
VMS  Virtual Memory System
  Visual Management Systems
VNC  Virtual Network Computing
VNG  Vereniging van Nederlandse Gemeenten
VNL  VoorNederland
VNM  Vietnam (ISO 3166 trigram)
VNO  Verbond van Nederlandse Ondernemingen
  Volgelopen Neuk Objecten
VNT  Vereniging van Nederlandstaligen in Taiwan
VOC  Verenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie
  Volatile Organic Compounds
  Volharding-Olympia Combinatie
VOD  Veno-Occlusive Disease
  Video On Demand
VOF  Vereniging Onder Firma
  Very Odd Foreigner
VOG  Verklaring Omtrent het Gedrag
VOJ  voor onze jaartelling
VOK  Vrijdag Ochtend Kater
VOL  Visual Orientation Laboratory
VOM  Volt-Ohm Meter
VON  Victorian Order of Nurses
VOO  Vereniging voor Openbaar Onderwijs
  Veronica Omroep Organisatie
VOP  Voetgangersoversteekplaats
VOR  VHF Omnidirectional Range
  VHF Omnidirectional Ranging
VOW  Vertrokken Onbekend Waarheen
VOX  Voice Operated oscillator
VPF  Virtual Print Fee
VPL  Visible Panty Line
VPN  Virtual Private Network
VPS  Virtual Private Server
VPU  Vulnarable Persons Unit
VRA  Volharding R.A.P. Amstels
VRB  Viktor Rietveld Blaaaat
VRF  Virtual Routing and Forwarding
  Volkomen Ruk Framework
VRT  Vibration Reduction Technology
  Vlaamse Radio en Televisie
  Vulnerability Research Team
VRU  VeiligheidsRegio Utrecht
  Voice Response Unit
VSA  Very Short Article
VSB  Verenigde Spaarbank
VSC  Validation Server Control
VSD  Veel Snel Duur
  Video Single Disc
  Virtual Server Daemon
VSE  Vision for Space Exploration
VSH  Vliegschool Hilversum
VSL  Vereniging van Stelling Leveranciers
  Vienna Symphonic Library
VSM  Vector Space Model
VSN  Vrij en Sociaal Nederland
VSO  Voluntary Services Overseas
VST  Veteranen Search Team
  Virtual Studio Technology
VTB  Verenigde Texelsche Beursbedrijven
  Verenigde Texelse Bedrijven
VTC  Video Tele-Conference
VTE  Vacuum Thermal Evaporation
VTK  Visualisation ToolKit
VTP  Viral Transfer Protocol
VTR  Vereniging Timmerwerk Restauratie
VTT  Vélo Tous Terrains
  Voltooid Toekomende Tijd
VTV  Verkeerde TLA van Viktor
VUE  Visual User Environment
VUP  VAX United of Processing
VUT  vervroegde uittreding
VVA  Vereniging Van Eigenaren
VVD  Volkspartij voor Vrijheid en Democratie
VVE  Variable Viscosity Engine
  Vereniging van Eigenaren
VVL  Vision Video Ltd.
VVM  Vereniging van Milieudeskundigen
VVO  Vienna Vegetable Orchestra
VVP  Vlakke Vloer Platform
VVT  Viktors Vele TLA's
  Viktors Verkeerde TLA
  Voltooid Verleden Tijd
VVV  Vat Vol Vet
  Vereniging voor Vreemdelingen Verkeer
  Vollenhoofse Vereniging voor Volksvermaken
VWA  Voedsel en Waren Autoriteit
  Voedsel- en Waren Autoriteit
VWO  Voorbereidend Wetenschappelijk Onderwijs
VWS  Volker Wessels Stevin
  Volksgezondheid, Welzijn en Sport
VZL  Vijfduizend Zinloze TLA's

WAA  Woolclassers' Association of Australia
WAC  Werkveld AdviesCommissie
WAG  Wager A Guess
  Washington Avenue Grill
  Waste Area Grouping
  Water Alternating Gas
  Watershed Advisory Group
  Watershed Assistance Grant
  We Are Gods
  Weapons Attack Guide
  Web Accessibility Gateway
  Web Advisory Group
  Web Application Gateway
  Welfare for Animals Guild
  Welsh Assembly Government
  What A Guy
  Wide Area Grid
  Widely Attended Gathering
  Wild Ass Guess
  Willamette Agility Group
  Wireless Access Gateway
  Wireless Application Gateway
  Wireless Applications Group
  Wireless Athens Group
  Wise Ass Grin
  Women's Artistic Gymnastics
  World Area Grid
  Worldwide Analysis Group
WAM  Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
WAN  Wide Area Network
WAO  Wet Arbeids Ongeschiktheid
WAP  We Are Public
  Wireless Application Protocol
WAR  Web Application Archive
  Willem Alexander Rex
WAS  Waarschuwings- en AlarmeringsSysteem
  What A Surprise
  Willem Alexander Sportcentrum
  William Archibald Spooner
  Women Auxiliary Service
WAT  War Against Terror
  Weer Advies Team
  West Africa Time
WAV  Watershed Action Volunteer
  Wet Arbeid Vreemdelingen
  With A Vengeance
WAY  Wave Avoidance Yacht
WBA  Whitests Boy Alive
  Woning Bedrijf Amsterdam
WBC  White Blood Cells
  Whole Body Counters
WBE  Wet van Behoud van Ellende
WBI  Whole Body Imaging
WBK  Wet Bescherming Klokkenluiders
WBL  World Business List
WBO  Werkbelevingsonderzoek
WBP  Wet Bescherming Persoonsgegevens
WBS  Work Breakdown Structure
WBW  Wereld Borstvoeding Week
WCA  Worst Case Analysis
WCD  White Cliffs of Dover
WCF  Windows Communications Foundation
WCM  Wisden Cricket Monthly
  World Class Manufacturing
WCR  Warren Commission Report
WDF  Wat De Fuck
  WebArt data file
WDG  Web Design Group
WDI  Walt Disney Imagineering
WDM  Windows Driver Model
WDN  Waar De Neuk
  Waarom De Neuk
  Wat De Neuk
  Wie De Neuk
WDR  West Deutsche Rundfunk
WDS  Wireless Distribution System
WDT  Workshop Digitale Technologie
WEA  Warner EMI Ariola?
WEB  World English Bible
WED  Wet op Economische Delicten
WEF  Wat Een Flauwekul
  World Economic Forum
WEK  Wel Extreem Kut
WEL   Weapon Equipment List
WET  Wet Earth Theory
WEU  West-Europese Unie
WFH  Whisky From Home
WFM  workflow management
WFS  Whole Food Supermarkets
WGA  Werkhervatting Gedeeltelijk Arbeidsgeschikten
  Windows Genuine Advantage
  Writers Guild of America
WGF  Westergasfabriek
WGG  William Gilbert Grace
WGS  Weapons Grade Stupid
WHO  World Health Organization
WHS  W. H. Smith
  World Heritage Site
WHT  William Herschel Telescope
WHW  Wet Hoger Onderwijs en Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek
  Wet op het hoger en wetenschappelijk onderwijs
  Wet op het hoger onderwijs en wetenschappelijk onderzoek
WHY  World Hunger Year
WIA  Werk en Inkomen naar Arbeidsvermogen
WIC  West-Indische Compagnie
WID  Wat Is Dit
WIF  Wavelet image file
WII  Washington Internship Institute
  Wildlife Institute of India
  Worldwide Information Infrastructure
WIL  White Indicating Light
  Workstation Interface Link
  World Islamic League
WIM  Wireless identity module
  World Islamic Mission
WIN  Whisky Import Nederland
WIP  Work In Progress
WIS  Wisconsian Ice Sheet
WIV  Wet op de inlichtingen- en veiligheidsdiensten
WKF  Well-Known Fact
WKZ  Wilhelmina Kinderziekenhuis
WLS  Wilder Leather Scale
WMA  Windows Media Audio
  World Medical Association
WMC  Weapon of Massive Consumption
WMD  Weapons of Mass Destruction
  Wij Moeten Dood
WMG  Warner Music Group
WMM  Well-Manicured Man
WMO  Wereld Meteorologische Organisatie
WMP  Windows Media Player
WMV  Weg Met Verdonk
  Windows Media Video
WNF  Wereld Natuur Fonds
WNH  Wil Naar Huis
WNL  Wakker Nederland
WNU  World Nuclear University
  Web Oriented Architecture
  Work Of Art
  World Olympians Association
WOB  Wet Openbaarheid van Bestuur
WOD  Wet op de Orgaandonatie
WOF  Wilhelm Olbers Focke
WOG  Werk Ontwijkend Gedrag
WOI  Eerste Wereldoorlog
WOK  Wacht Op Keuren
WOL  Web Ontology Language
  Workshop Ondernemend Leiderschap
WON  Work Order Number
WOO  Wet Open Overheid
WOT  Waste of Time
  Wheel of Time
WOW  Wendbaar Organiseren en Werken
  Wonderful Other World
  World Of Warcraft
WOZ  waarde onroerende zaak
WPA  Whistleblower Protection Act
  Wifi Protected Access
WPC  Woman Police Constable
  Women Police Service
WPF  Windows Presentation Foundation
WPO  Woman Police Officer
  World Public Opinion
WPP  World Press Photo
WPS  Woman Police Sergeant
WPT  Website Parse Template
WPV  Women Police Volunteers
WRC  War Reserve Constable
WRH  William Rowan Hamilton
WRR  Wetenschappelijke Raad voor het Regeringsbeleid
WRS  Work-Related Spam
WRT  Writer Response Theory
WSC  Web Server Control
WSH  Windows Script Host
WSJ  Wall Street Journal
WSL  Windows Subsystem for Linux
WSM  Wireless Services Manager
WSN  Wireless Sensor Network
WSO  Web Site Optimization
WSP  Whisky Slam Party
WSQ  Web Services Question
WTA  wireless telephony applications
WTC  World Trade Centre
WTE  Wet Toezicht Effectenverkeer
WTF  What The Fuck?!
  Where The Fuck
  Whisky Tasting Festival
  Who the fuck
  Why The Fuck
  Worship The Fallen
WTH  What the hell
WTI  West Texas Intermediate
WTK  William Thomson Kelvin
WTO  World Trade Organization
WTS  Wim T. Schippers
WTT  Wappie-TrekkerTerrorist
  World Table Tennis
WUM  Wijn Uit Muiden
WUR  Wageninen Universiteit en Researchcentrum
WVD  Winter Vomiting Disease
WVE  Wave Vortex Encounter
WVG  Werkvermijdend gedrag
WVP  Wet Verbetering Poortwachter
WVR  Winst-Verlies Rekening
WVS  Wandelsportvereniging
  Wetboek van Strafrecht
WVW  Wegenverkeersweg
WWB  Walking With Beasts
  Wet Werk en Bijstand
WWC  Walking With Cavemen
WWD  Walking With Dinosaurs
WWE  World Wrestling Entertainment
WWF  World Wildlife Fund
WWM  Wet Wapens en Munitie
WWW  Wachtwoordwisselweek
  World Wide Web
WXS  W3C XML Schema
WZA  Wilhelmina Ziekenhuis Assen

XAA  XFree86 Acceleration Architecture
XBA  Extra Bases Advanced
XCP  eXtended Content Protection
  eXtended Copy Protection
XDF  eXtreme Deep Field
XDR  eXternal Data Representation
XDS  Xerox Data System
XLR  Extra Long Run
XML  eXtensible Markup Language
XNA  XNA’s Not Acronymed
XOA  Xen Orchestra Appliance
XPM  eXplainable Predictive Maintenance
XRK  eXtreem Rete Kut
XRS  X-ray Spectrometer
XSD  XML Schema Definition
  XML Schema Document
XSL  eXtensible Stylesheet Language
XSS  Cross-site scripting
XTC  eXTaCy (3,4-Methylene-Dioxy-Methyl-Amphetamine )
XTP  Express Transfer Protocol
XUL  XML User Interface Language
XWD  X Window Dump
XXL  Extra Extra Large
XXS  Extra Extra Small
XYZ  eXamine Your Zipper

YAA  Yet Another Autoresponder
  Youth Accommodation Association
YAD  Youth Against Drugs
  Youth Alliance for Diversity
YAE  Yet another Apple ][ Emulator
YAP  Yet Another Previewer
  Yet Another Protocol
YAT  Yet Another TLA
YBA  You'll Be Alright
YBM  Yfke Baukje Mariëtte
YBS  You'll Be Sorry
YDB  You Dirty Bastard
YEC  Young Earth Creationist
YET  Young Earth Theory
YFC  Youth For Christ
YIQ  Y(orange)I(Cyan)Q(Green+magenta)
YLR  Yarn Level Relaxation
YMO  Yellow Magic Orchestra
YNP  Yellowstone National Park
YOU  Your Opinion Unwanted
  Your Own Universe
YPR  Nederland Pantser Rups
YTM  You The Man
YUF  Young Urban Failure
YUM  Yellowdog Updater Modified
YUP  Young Urban Professional
YUU  You're Utterly Unfuckingbelievable
YVO  Yellowstone Volcanic Observatory

ZAA  Zeeman Atomic Absorption
ZAP  Zed Attack Proxy
  Zelfstandig Academisch Personeel
  Zoek Ander Programma
ZAR  Zuid-Afrikaanse Rand
ZAS  Zeitschrift fur Altagyptischen Sprache
ZAT  Zinc Atmospheric Tracer
  Zone Advancement Tournament
  Zone Air Temperature
  Zorg Advies Teams
ZAV  Zelf Aangebrachte Voorzieningen
ZBA  Zero Bias Anomaly
ZBB  Zero Based Budgeting
ZCA  Zionite Crusader Alliance
ZDF  Zomers Drank Festijn
  Zweite Deutsche Fernsehen
ZDI  Zero Day Initiative
ZDO  Zigbee Device Objects
ZDS  Zenith Data Systems
ZED  Zigbee End Device
ZEG  Zero Emission Gas
ZER  Zelf Evaluatie Rapport
ZET  Zero Emission Technology
  Zeta Epsilon Tau
ZGB  Zoologischer Garten Berlin
ZGN  ZoGeNaamd
ZHB  Zuid Hollandsche Bierbrouwerij
ZHF  Zure Humor Factor
ZIB  Zandvoort in Beeld
  Zeeland Investments Beheer
  Zeit im Bild
  Zeitschrift für Internationale Beziehungen
  Zentrum für Information und Beratung
  Zentrum für Information und Bildung
  Zentrum für integrative Berufsbildung
  Zentrum für Interkulturelle Begegnung
  Zentrum für Internationale Beziehungen
  Zentrum für Studierendenservice, Information und Beratung
  Zentrum im Berg
  Zin In Bier
  Zugang zum Internet für Blinde
  Zukunft im Brennpunkt
  Zukunftsinitiative Bau
  Zurück in den Beruf
  Zuse Institute Berlin
  Zuse-Institut Berlin
ZID  Zin In Dinsdag
  Zin In Donderdag
  Zin In Drank
  Zin In Drugs
ZIE  Zeer Interessante Exercitie
ZIF  Zero-Insertion Force
ZIK  Zin In Koffie
ZIM  Zin In Maandag
  Zin In Mahler
ZIN  Zeer Irritante Narigheid
ZIP  Zero-Inflated Poisson
  Zigzag Inline Package
ZIS  Ziekenhuis Informatie Systeem
  Zin In Sex
  Zin In Slaap
ZIT  Zentralstelle zur Bekämpfung der Internetkriminalität
ZIV  Zin In Vrijdag
ZIW  Zin In Woensdag
ZIZ  Zin In Zaterdag
  Zin In Zondag
ZKH  Zijne Koninklijke Hoogheid
ZML  Zondag met Lubach
ZNK  Zeer Niet Kut
ZOB  Zentral Omnibusbahnhof
ZOZ  Zie Ommezijde
ZPP  Zendtijd Politieke Partijen
  Zero Parallax Plane
  Zweedse Piraten Partij
ZPT  Zope Page Templates
ZSO  Zx Spectrum Orchestra
ZTL  Zona Traffico Limitato
ZTT  Zang Tumb Tumb
ZUT  Zuigende Extreem-irritante Typefouten
ZVK  Zendtijd Voor Kerken
ZVR  zilvervliesrijst
ZWD  Zuckerberg World Domination
ZWM  Zeer Waarde Medestander
ZWN  Zuid-West Nederland
ZWO  Zuiver Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek
ZZB  Zeister Zendings Bestuur
ZZD  zeer zachte dag
ZZG  Zeister Zendings Genootschap
ZZO  Zeikerds Zijn Overal
ZZP  zelfstandige zonder personeel
ZZS  Zeer Zorgwekkende Stoffen
ZZT  Zoveelste Zinloze TLA
ZZW  Zuiderzeewerken
ZZZ  Zan Zar Zamir (women money land)
  Ziek Zijn Zuigt