Since 1998, the Casia Corporation Holland have been working on The Definitive TLA Wörterbuch to help people find their way in the ever growing intellectual chaos caused by the late-twentieth century tendency to use as many acronyms in daily communication as possible. Especially acronyms with a length of three letters have been and continue to be immensly popular, not only in Information and Communication Technology circles, but also among people in more mundane fields of labour; a tendency that has mushroomed with the advent of mobile communication and the combined growing popularity of Short Message Services.

At present, there are 7389 TLAs in the database. Of these, 4434 are distinct, out of 17576 possible (25.23%).

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TLA's starting with F
322 results

FAA  Federal Aviation Administration
  Foreign Assistance Act
FAB  Federatie der Architecten in België
FAC  Federation Against Commodore
  Fucking Amateur Class
FAD  Favre Averaged Drag
  Fish-Attracting Device
FAF  Female Acceptance Factor
  Financial Advisor Fatigue
  Fish And Fisheries
FAG  Film Actors Guild
FAH  Folding At Home
FAI  Fédération Aéronautique International
FAL  Free Art License
  Fuerzas Armadas de la Liberación
FAM  Federatie Autorijschool Management
FAN  Free Amino Nitrogen
FAO  Fonds voor Arbeids-Ongevallen
  Food and Agriculture Organization
FAP  Fuerzas Armadas del Pueblo
FAQ  Frequently Asked Questions
FAR  Federal Aviation Regulations
  Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionaras
FAS  Farmer And Stockbreeder
  Federation of American Scientists
  Foreign Accent Syndrome
FAT  File Allocation Table
  Fire Awareness Training
FAU  Flight Abort Unit
FAW  Future Air-Delivered Warhead
FAZ  Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
FBA  Flux Balance Analysis
FBB  Fascist Bunker Boy
FBC  Fat Bastards Club (Double Negative Ltd)
FBI  Federal Bureau of Investigation
  Federation of British Industries
  Fonds pour le Bienêtre Indigien
FBK  Fanny Blankers-Koen
FBM  Fleet Ballistic Missile
FBN  Federal Bureau of Narcotics
FBP  Frontend Bubble Problem
FBR  Fast Breeder Reactor
  Fast Burst Reactor
  Foreign Body Reaction
FBS  Fat Boy Slim
FBT  Feedback Tool
  Frank Bursley Taylor
FBU  Facilitair Bedrijf Utrecht
FBW  Faculteit Bètawetenschappen
  Future Ballistic Missile Warheads
FCA  Facility Condition Assessment
FCC  face-centered cubic
  Federal Communications Commission
  Flight Computer Controller
  Future Circular Collider
FCD  Flight Control Division
FCE  Femmes Chefs d'Entreprises
  First Certificate in English
  Foreign Currency Exchange
FCF  First Click Free
FCG  Facultaire ComputerGroep
FCI  Fédération Cynologique Internationale
FCK  Frederico Caldeira Knabben
FCL  Flight Crew Licencing
  Fostering Communities of Learners
FCO  Finis Coronat Opus
FCP  Family Coalition Party
  Fibre Channel Protocol
  Fonds Commun de Placement
  Fucking Cell Phone
FCS  Flight Control System
FDA  Food and Drug Administration
FDC  First Day Cover
  Fleur de Coin
  Fluid Dynamic Computations
FDD  Feature Driven Development
FDF  Farmers Defence Force
  Food and Drink Federation
  Forms Data Format
  Front Démocratique (des Bruxellois) Francophones
FDI  Fluid Dynamics Interface
FDM  Finite Difference Method
  Frequency Division Multiplexing
  Frequency-Division Multiplexing
FDP  Failure Detection Pattern
FDR  Flight Data Recorder
  Franklin Delano Roosevelt
FDS  Flight Data Subsystem
  Fluid Dynamic Simulation
  Fluid Dynamics Systems
FEA  Finite Element Analysis
FEC  Frisian Expo Center
FED  Flat Earth Denier
FEM  Finite Element Mesh
  Finite Element Method
FES  Flat Earth Society
  Fonds Economische Structuurversterking
  Food, Energy, and Society
FET  Field Effect Transistor
  Future and Emerging Technologies
FEW  Flat Earth Wiki
FEZ  Financieel-Economische Zaken
FFA  Filmförderungsanstalt
FFC  Fascism Forever Club
  Finch Floppy Controller
FFE  FireFox Extension
FFF  Family Friendly Forum
  Fan Fold Foam
  Farmers Feeding Families
  Fast Forward Financials
  Fast Forward Flight
  Fast, Fun & Friendly
  Fédération Française de Football
  Federation of Free Farmers
  Feed-Forward Filter
  Ferieniging Foar Folksformaken
  Fertile Free Fuels
  Fibular Free Flap
  Fijn Fijn Fijn
  First Frame First
  Fixed Font Format
  Flat File Format
  Fly Fish Fanatic
  Form, Fit, Function
  Free Form Fabrication
  Fuel Fabrication Facility
  Fun Fearless Female
  Fun Fun Fun
  Future Fighting Force
  Future of Freedom Foundation
FFM  Fact Finding Mission
  Foo Fighters Music
FFN  Full Frontal Nudity
FFP  Filtering Face Piece
FFR  for future reference
FFS  facebook fatigue syndrome
  Fast File System
  Fast Fourier Synthesis
  Finance For Shipping
  Flash File System
  Flexibles Fertigungssystem
  For Fucks Sake
  Free Flying Station
  Full Flight Simulator
  Future Fuel Strategy
FFT  Fast Fourier Transform
  Fast Fourier Transformation
FFU  Feriening Frysk Underwiis
FFW  Formeren Faciliteren Waarderen
FGB  Fides Goldstock Breeding
FGK  Friedrich Gottlieb Klopstock
FGN  Foodservice Grootverbruik Nederland B.V.
FGR  Fission Gas Release
FGS  Flat Galaxy Society
FHA  Federal Housing Agency
FHB  Fachhochschulbibliothek
FHS  Fachhochschule
  Filesystem Hierarchy Standard
FIA  Fast Interactive Animatics
  Freedom of Information Act
  Fuck It All
FIB  Forwarding Information Base
FIC  Flight Information Centre
  Fractal Image Compression
FID  Fourier Image Decomposition
FIE  Fédération Internationale d'Escrime
FIM  Facultaire Informatie Manager
FIN  Federatie Indische Nederlanders
FIP  Fair Information Principles
  Feline Infectieuze Peritonitis
FIS  Flight Information Service
FIT  File index table
  Flexible and Interoperable Data Transfer
FIU  Financial Intelligence Unit
FIX  Financial Information eXchange
FJA  Federación Judicial Argentina
FKA  Formerly Known As
FKP  Free Kick Pro
FKS  Fading Kitten Syndrome
  Find and Kill String
  Formalin-Killed Spherules
FLA  Family Life Act
  Fast Lexical Analyzer
  Fifty Letter Acronym
  Five Letter Acronym
  Four Letter Acronym
  Front Line Assembly
FLK  Funny Looking Kid
FLN  Front de Libération Nationale
FMB  Fuck Me Boots
FMC  Food Machinery Company
  Ford Motor Company
FMD  Fietsers Moeten Dood!
FMH  Fragile Masculinity Hypothesis
FMI  Frank Mohr Instituut
FMJ  Full Metal Jacket
FML  fuck my life
FMP  Federal Music Project
  First Markham Place
  First Moon Party
  Fucking Mobile Phone
  Full Metal Panic
  Full Moon Productions
FMS  Federatie Medisch Specialisten
  Flexible Manufacturing System
  Flight Management System
FMT  Faecal Microbiota Transplant
FMV  Freedom Medal of Valor (Scientology)
FNA  Fine Needle Aspirate
FND  Functional Neurological Disorder
FNM  Fake News Media
FNN  First Not No
FNP  Fryske Nasjonale Partij
FNV  Federatie van Nederlandse Vakverenigingen
FOA  Financial Operations and Analysis
FOB  Free On Board
FOC  Final Operational Capability
FOD  Flight Operations Director
  Foreign Object Debris
FOF  Focus On the Family
FOG  Fear Of Google
FOH  Front Of House
FOL  Fuck Off, Luser!
FOM  Fairly Odd Mix
  Fundamenteel Onderzoek der Materie
FOP  Facultair Overleg Promovendi
  Fashion-Obsessed Prick
  Fat Over Pussy
  Formatting-Object Processor
  Fucking Old Person
FOR  Frame of Reference
FOS  Financiële Ondersteuning Studenten
  Free Open Source
  Full Of Shit
FOV  Field Of View
FPA  Flight Path Angle
  Function Points Analysis
FPF  Federal Protective Forces
  Furlong Per Fortnight
FPP  Foster Parents Plan
FPR  False Positive Rate
FPS  Frames Per Second
FPU  First Production Unit
  Floating Point Unit
FPZ  Farmaceutische PatientenZorg
FRB  Fast Radio Bursts
  Filthy Rich Bastards
FRD  Formerly Restricted Data
FRM  Federal Reference Methods
FRP  Fire Resistant Pit
FRR  Fractional Reserve Requirements
FRS  FlySoon Reserverings System
  Free Record Shop
FRU  Fast Response Unit
  Field Replaceable Unit
FRW  Friedmann-Robbertsen-Walker(Universe)
FSA  Financial Services Authority
  Free Syrian Army
  Fugitive Slave Act
FSB  Federalnaja Sloezjba Bezopasnosti
  Front Side Bus
FSC  Facilitair Service Centrum
  Forest Stewardship Council
FSE  Full Solar Exposure
FSF  Free Software Foundation
FSK  Frequency Shift Keying
FSL  Forecast Systems Laboratory
FSM  Finite State Machine
  Flying Spaghetti Monster
FSP  Free System Project
FSS  Fixed Service Structure
  Fixed Survice Structure
FSU  Former Soviet Union
FSV  Fraude Signalering Voorziening
FSW  Faculteit Sociale Wetenschappen
FTC  Flight Training Course
FTD  Florists Telegraphic Delivery
  Forum tegen Democratie
  frontotemporale dementie
FTE  Flight Test Engineer
  Full Time Equivalent
FTL  Faster Than Light
FTM  Family Tree of Man
  for that matter
FTP  File Transfer Protocol
  Future Tours Programme
FTR  Federal Travel Regulation
  Florida Trail Riders
  for the record
FTS  Flight Termination System
FTU  Fibre Termination Unit
FTW  For The Win
  Fuck The World
FTX  Field Training Exercise
FUA  Flexible Use of Airspace
FUB  Fuck You Bart
FUD  Fear Uncertainty and Doubt
FUN  Fuck U N00b
FUR  Functional User Requirements
FUW  Farmers’ Union of Wales
FVD  Farce voor Democratie
  Fascisten Voor Dictatuur
  Fast Video Download
  FeitenVrije Drek
  Forum voor Democratie
  Forum voor Dieetservice
FVM  Finite Volume Method
FWG  FunctieWaardering Gezondheidszorg
FWH  First Wort Hopping
FWS  Fish and Wildlife Service
FXR  flash X-ray machine
FXT  Follow-up X-ray Telescope
FYB  Fuck You Bastard
FYC  Fine Young Cannibals
FYI  For Your Information
FYR  Former Yugoslav Republic