Since 1998, the Casia Corporation Holland have been working on The Definitive TLA Wörterbuch to help people find their way in the ever growing intellectual chaos caused by the late-twentieth century tendency to use as many acronyms in daily communication as possible. Especially acronyms with a length of three letters have been and continue to be immensly popular, not only in Information and Communication Technology circles, but also among people in more mundane fields of labour; a tendency that has mushroomed with the advent of mobile communication and the combined growing popularity of Short Message Services.

At present, there are 7389 TLAs in the database. Of these, 4434 are distinct, out of 17576 possible (25.23%).

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TLA's starting with I
291 results

IAA  Immigration Appellate Authority
IAC  International Academic Contacts
IAD  International Air Distress
  Intimate Area Dryness
IAG  iPhone Application Graveyard
IAK  Industrieel Assurantie Kantoor
  Initiatief Audiovisuele Kunsten
  Institut für Angewandte Kreativität
IAM  Identity and Access Management
IAP  Innovatief Actie Programma
  Internet Assembled Philosophy
IAS  Indicated Airspeed
  Institute of Advanced Studies
  International Association of Scientologists
IAU  Ice Age Unit
IAV  Instituto de Áudio & Vídeo
IBA  Idiote Belgen Altijd
IBB  Ina Boudier Bakker-laan
IBC  International Broadcasting Convention
IBD  International Blasphemy Day
IBG  Informatie Beheer Groep
IBL  Image Based Lighting
IBM  International Bullshit Machines
IBS  Institute for Brewing Studies
IBU  International Bittering Unit
ICA  Indene Carboxylic Acid
ICB  Ian Curtis Buried
ICC  International Cricket Council
  International Criminal Court
  Islay Cask Company
ICF  Inertial Confinement Fusion
ICI  Italiaans Cultureel Instituut
ICL  IntraCommunautaire Levering
ICM  Image Color Matching
  International Congress of Mathematicians
ICN  Intergalactic Computer Network
ICP  IntraCommunautaire Prestaties
ICR  in-circuit replica
  Institute for Creation Research
ICS  Information and Computer Science
  Inleiding ComputerSystemen
  International Card Services
  International Classification for Standards
ICT  Informatie- en Communicatietechnologie
ICV  IntraCommunautaire Verwerving
IDA  International Dispensary Association
IDC  Intelligent Design Creationism
IDD  I Don't Disagree
  Ideal De-Correlating Detector
  Information Data Display
  Information Delivery Device
  Infratools Desktop Discovery
  Insulin Dependant Diabetes
  Intentional Deficit Disorder
  Interdirector Designation
  Interface Definition Document
  Interface Description Document
  Interface Design Description
  Interface Design Document
  Interface Designation Drawing
  Interim Dry-Docking
  Intermediate Design Document
  Internal Disc Decompression
  International Direct Dialing
  Internet Data Distribution
  Interpacket Delay Difference
  Intervertebral Disc Degeneration
  Intervertebral Disc Disease
  Invatamint Deschis la Distanta
  Iodine Deficiency Disorders
IDE  Integrated Development Environment
  Integrated Drive Electronics
IDF  Inverse Document Frequency
  Israel Defense Forces
IDG  International Data Group
IDL  Instituut Defensie Leergangen
  Interface Definition Language
IDM  Intelligent Dance Music
IDP  IsoDecyl Pelargonate
IDS  Internationaal Diploma-Supplement
IDU  Interchangable Dude Unit
IEA  International Energy Agency
IED  Improvised Explosive Device
  Innovative Electronic Designs
  Istituto Europeo di Design
IFA  International Funk Aggression
IFD  Internet Freedom Day
IFE  Institutt For Energiteknikk
IFF  Interchange File Format
IFR   Instrument Flight Rules
  Instrument Flight Rules
IFS  Institute for Fiscal Studies
  Iterated Function Systems
IFV  Infantry Fighting Vehicle
IGG  Instituut voor de Geschiedenis en Grondslagen (van de Wiskunde en Natuurwetenschappen)
  Insuline Gelijkende Groeifactor
IGJ  Inspectie Gezondheidszorg en Jeugd
IGM  Instant Gratification Monkey
IGP  I Gotta Pee
  Interior Gataway Protocol
IHA  In Het Algemeen
IHB  In het bijzonder
IHC  Institute for Human Continuity
IHD  Ik Haat Drukkers
IHE  Italian Heraldic Encyclopedia
IHG  Ik Haat Gebruikers
IHI  Institute of Health care Improvement
IHM  Ik Haat Mensen
  Internet Hate Machine
IHP  Integrated Haskell Platform
IHR   Institute for Historical Review (cunts)
IID  Infinite Improbability Drive
IIE  International Industrial Entrepreneurship
IIG   Independent Investigations Group
  In Ieder Geval
III  Instantly Implemented Imagination
  Internet Indirection Infrastructure
IIO  Intermediair Imago Onderzoek
IIP  Iedereen Is (een) Prutser
IIR  Institute for Internation Research
IIS  Iedereen Is Saai
  Internet Information Server
IIT  Iedereen Is Traag
IKC  Integraal Kindcentrum
IKD  Informatie- en Kenniscentrum Diervoedersector
IKT  Indringend Keten Testen
ILC  International Latex Corporation
  International Linear Collider
ILM  Indie Label Market
  Industrial Light & Magic
ILO  Integrated Light-Out
  International Labour Organization
ILP  Important Looking Pirates
ILS  Immediate Life Support
  Instrument Landing System
  Instrument Landing Systems
ILT  Inspectie Leefomgeving en Transport
ILW  Intermediate Level Waste
IMA  Informatiecentrum Militaire Aangelegenheden
IMC  Instrument Meteorological Conditions
  Internal Market Comissioner
  Internet Mail Consortium
IMD  Iedereen Moet Dood
  In My Dreams
  Internationale Mannen Dag
  Invaders Must Die
IMF  International Monetary Fund
IMG  Instituut Mijnbouwschade Groningen
IMO  In My Opinion
  International Mahler Orchestra
IMP  Interface Message Processor
  Internet Messaging Program
IMS  Inertial Measurement System
  Information Management System
  iTunes Music Store
IMT  International Military Tribunal
IMU  Inertial Measurement Unit
INC  Incorporated
  Iraqi National Congres
IND  Immigratie en Naturalisatie Dienst
INF  INFinite
ING  Internationale Nederlanden Groep
INK  Instituut Nederlandse Kwaliteit
INL  Idaho National Laboratory
INO  In Name Only
INS  Integrated Network System
INT  Intelligence
IOC  Index Of Coincidence
  International Olympic Committee
IOD  Instruments Of Darkness
IOI  Interuniversitair Oogheelkundig Instituut
ION  Intervakgroep Onderwijs Natuurkunde
IOP  Input/Output Package
IOR  Index Of Refraction
IOS  Information Overload Syndrome
IOT  Internet Of Things
IOU  I owe you
IOW  In Other Words
IPA  India Pale Ale
  Inductive Plasma Accelerator
  International Phonetic Alphabet
  International Police Association
IPB  Insanity Prawn Boy
IPC  InterProcess Communication
IPG  Image Plane Group
IPL  Initial Program Loader
IPM  Inter Process Messaging
IPO  impersonating a Police Officer
  Initial Public Offering
  Interprovinciaal Overleg
IPP  Imprisonment for Public Protection
  Instituut voor Publiek en Politiek
  Internet Printing Protocol
IPR  Intellectual Property Rights
  Interactive Photorealistic Rendering
IPS  Indoor Positioning System
  Insight Performance and Software
  International patching system
  Internet Protocol Suite
IPU  Invisble Pink Unicorn
IPV  In Plaats Van
IPX  Internetwork Packet Exchange
IRA  Indian Removal Act
  Internet Research Agency
  Irish Republican Army
IRC  Internet Relay Chat
IRI  Istituto per la Ricostruzione Industriale
IRK  Internationale Reis- en Kredietbrief
IRL  In Real Life
IRP  I/O Request Package
IRQ  Interrupt ReQuest
IRR  Internet Routing Registry
IRS  Inland Revenue Service
  Internal Revenue Service
IRV  Immediate Response Vehicle
ISA  Individueel StudieAdvies
  Industry Standard Architecture
  Inteligente Snelheids Aanpassing
  Intelligent Speed Assist
  International School Almere
  International Seabed Authority
  International Standard Atmosphere
  Internet Security & Acceleration
ISC  Informatie Systeem Configuratie
ISD  Inrichting voor Stelselmatige Daders
ISE  Interactive Software Engineering
ISF  Information Systems Foundations
ISG  Internet Services Group
  Islamitische Scholengemeenschap
ISH  Information Superhighway
ISI  Import Substitutie Industrialisering
  Information Science Institute
  Islamic State of Iraq
ISL  In Situ Leaching
  Initial System Loader
  Inverse Square Law
ISM   Incredible Shrinking Mesh
ISO  International Standards Organisation
  International Student Office
  Interstedelijk Studenten Overleg
ISP  In-System Programmer
  Internet Service Provider
  Interrupt Stack Pointer
  Specific impulse
ISR  Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance
ISS  Institutional Shareholder Services
  International Space Station
ISU  International System of Units
ISV  Independent Software Vendor
ISW  Institute for the Study of War
ITA  Internationaal Theater Amsterdam
ITB  International Talent Booking
ITC  Independent Television Commission
  Interdenominational Theological Center
  International Test Conference
  International Trade Center
  International Trade Commission
  International Typeface Corporation
ITF  In The Flesh
  Instituut Theoretische Fysica
ITL  Inzet- en Takenlijst
ITN  In The Nursery
ITP  Institute for Theoretical Physics
  Intelligent Tracking Prevention
ITS  Inertia Tensor Scale
  Information and Technology Services
ITT  Individual Time Trial
ITU  International Telecommunication Union
  International Telecommunications Union
ITV  Independent Television
IUP  Initial Upper Paleolithic
IUS  Interpretive Unplanned Skywriting
IVA  Inkomensvoorziening Volledig Arbeidsongeschikten
IVB  Impuls Vanuit de Buitenwereld
IVE  Inspectie Verkeer En Waterstaat
IVF  In Vitro Fertilisatie
IVM  In Verband Met
IVN  Instituut voor natuureducatie en duurzaamheid
  Internationale Vereniging voor Neerlandistiek
IVR  Influenza Virus Resource
  Interactive Voice Response
IWC  Internationale Walvisvaart Commissie
IWD  Islamic World Dominance
IWF  Intelligent WebFormulier
IWM  Imperial War Museum
IWS  Ik Wil Slapen
IXC  Islam eXperience Centre
IYF  In Your Face
IZR  Instante zelfreflectie