Since 1998, the Casia Corporation Holland have been working on The Definitive TLA Wörterbuch to help people find their way in the ever growing intellectual chaos caused by the late-twentieth century tendency to use as many acronyms in the daily communication as possible. Especially acronyms with a length of three letters have been and continue to be immensly popular, not only in Information and Communication Technology circles, but also among people in more mundane fields of labour; a tendency that has mushroomed with the advent of mobile communication and the combined growing popularity of Short Message Services.

At present, there are 6014 (3832 distinct) TLA's in the database.

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TLA's starting with Q
38 results

QAA  Quality Assurance Agency
QAB  Quarterly Average Balance
QAC  Quarternary Ammonium Compound
QAD  Quick Attach/Detach
QAE  Quality Assurance Evaluator
QAF  Q Adaptor Function
QAG  Quick Access Group
QAH  Quick Airways Holland
QAI  Quantative Analytics Inc
QAJ  Quality Assurance Journal
QAK  Query AcKnowledgment
QBA  Quantitative Budget Analysis
QBH  Quantum Black Hole
QCA  Quadrifilar-Curl Antenna
QCD  quantum-chromo-dynamica
QED  Quantum Electro Dynamics
  Quod Erat Demonstrandum
QFA  Quality Feedback Agent
QFT  Quantum Field Theory
  Quoted For Truth
QGT  Quantum Gravity Theory
QIP  Quantum Information Processing
QMA  Quintus Minerva Augustinus
QMP  Quintessential Media Player
QNM  Quantel Matte File
QNT  Quantel
QOL  Question Of Lust
QOT  Question Of Time
QPM  Queen's Police Medal
QPO  Quo Patet Orbis
QRA  Quick Reaction Alert
QRH  Quick Reference Handbook
QRP  Qualitative Resarch Personas
QTC  Quantum Theory of Consciousness
  Quantum Tunneling Composite
QUD  Quantum Utensil Dynamics
QZS  Quakers Zonder Skills