Since 1998, the Casia Corporation Holland have been working on The Definitive TLA Wörterbuch to help people find their way in the ever growing intellectual chaos caused by the late-twentieth century tendency to use as many acronyms in daily communication as possible. Especially acronyms with a length of three letters have been and continue to be immensly popular, not only in Information and Communication Technology circles, but also among people in more mundane fields of labour; a tendency that has mushroomed with the advent of mobile communication and the combined growing popularity of Short Message Services.

At present, there are 7364 TLAs in the database. Of these, 4424 are distinct, out of 17576 possible (25.17%).

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TLA's starting with T
343 results

TAA  Trump Assassination Attempt
  Young Achievement Australia
TAB  Tweede Amerikaanse Burgeroorlog
TAC  Tactical Air Command
TAD  Telesales Account Development
  Transportation Aging Disposal
TAE  Trial And Error
  True Analog Emulation
TAF  Term Auction Facility
  Terminal Aerodrome Forecast
TAH  TLA @ Home
TAI  Temps Atomique International
TAL  Template Attribute Language
TAN   Tax Account Number
   Tiny Area Network
  Table Area Network
  Tape Area Network
  Tax Anticipation Note
  Test Area North
  Texas Association of Nurserymen
  Total Acid Number
  Total Ammonia Nitrogen
  Transaction Authorization Number
  Translocation-Associated Notch
TAO  Track At Once
TAP  Test Acceptatie Productie
TAR  Tape Archive
TAS  Taalondersteuning Anderstalige Studenten
  Tribunal Arbitral du Sport
TAV  ter attentie van
TBA  Team Building Activity
  Technical Board of Appeal
  To Be Announced
TBC  Ten thousand Before Christ
  Time Base Corrector
TBD  To Be Determined
TBH  To Be Honest
TBI  Traumatic Brain Injury
TBL  Tim Berners-Lee
TBM  Trial By Media
  Tunnel Boring Machine
TBO  Taxi & Bus Onderneming
TBP  Te Beveiligen Persoon
TBR  Terbeschikkingstelling van de regering
TBS  Terbeschikkingstelling
  Thierry Baudets Sprookjes
TBT  Technical barriers to trade
TBW  Total Bytes Written
TCA  Taxi Centrale Amsterdam
  Terminal Control Area
  Torque Converter Automatic
  Twin Clutch Automatic
TCB  Barycentric Coordinate Time
TCC  Terneuzen Cricket Club
  Transformation Coordinating Committee
  Tyne Cot Cemetery
TCG  Geocentric Coordinate Time
TCI  Team Criminele Inlichtingen
TCL  Turbo Console Log
  Tyzack Computers Ltd.
TCM  Trajectory Correction Maneuver
TCO  Themacoördinatorenoverleg
  Total Cost of Ownership
TCP  Transmission Control Protocol
TDA   Tactical Decision Aid
  Taking and Driving Away
  Transit Detection Algorithm
TDB  Barycentric Dynamical Time
  Thermochemical Database Project
TDC  Temporary Detective Constable
  Torpedo Data Computer
  Type Directors Club
TDD  Ter de die (driemaal daags / three times a day)
  Test Driven Development
  Time Displacement Device
  Tour De Doping
TDE  Transposition Docking Extraction
TDF  Tour De France
  Typeface definition file
TDI  Transport Driver Interface
  The Dark Knight
  The Dog's Knob
  Tokyo Denkikagaku Kogyo
  Turbine Development Kit
TDL  Team Devices List
TDM  Team Death Match
  Time Division Multiplexing
  Time-Division Multiplexing
TDO  Typed Data Object
TDP  Thermal Design Power
  time-driven priority
TDS  Total Dissolved Solids
  Transputer Development System
  Trump Derangement Syndrome
TDT  Terrestrial Dynamical Time
TEA  Traditional English Ale
TEB  Tissue-Engineering Bioreactors
TEC  Thermal Electric Cooler
  Total Electron Content
  Trans-Earth Coast
TED  Technology, Entertainment and Design
TEE  Trans-Europa-expres
TEI  Total Employee Involvement
  Trans-Earth Injection
  Transgenerational Epigenetic Inheritance
TEL  Transporter Erector Launchers
TEM  Test Equipment Manufacturing
TEP  The fucking English fucking Patient
TES  Team Executie Strafvonnissen
TEU  Twenty-foot equivalent
TEW  Thats Even Worse
TFC  The Final Countdown
  The Final Cut
  Topless French Cuties
TFF  Tritium Finishing Facility
  Tyzack File Format
TFG  The Former Guy
TFI  Totally Fuck It
TFL  Transport For London
TFM  Tagged font metric
TFP  Tailored Fibre Placement
  Temporal Fold Processor
  Therapeutic Feeding Program
  Thermal Front Parameter
  Total Factor Productivity
  Transmisson Fluid Pressure
  True Freedom Project
TFR  Temporary Flight Restriction
  Transfer of Funds Regulation
TFS  Team Foundation Server
TFT  The Finishing Touch
  Thin Film Transistor
  Tunnels For Tyrants
TFU  Tactical Firearms Unit
  Task Force Uruzgan
TGA  Targa
TGO  Team Grootschalig Onderzoek
  Team Grootschalige Opsporing
  Trillingen, Golven en Optica
TGP  Total Graphics Power
TGT  Ticket Granting Ticket
TGV  Train à Grande Vitesse
TGZ  Totaal Geen Zin
THC  Tetra Hydro Cannabinol
THD  Total Harmonic Distortion
THE  Technische Hogeschool Eindhoven
  The Human Environment
THF  Texel Hardcore Fest
THM  Thomas Hunt Morgan
THP  Turbo High Pressure
THT  Tenminste houdbaar tot
  Twan Heetkamp Trailers
THX  Tomlinson Holman eXperiment
TIA  Television Interface Adaptor
  Thanks In Advance
  Total Information Awareness
  Transient Ischaemix Attack
  Transient Ischemic Attack
TIE  Toy Industries of Europe
TIL  Tech Info Library
  Today I Learned
TIM  Technische Informatie Manager
  Tekstueel Ingesteld Meisje
TIO  Toeristische Informatie Opleiding
TIP  Theory Into Practice
  To Insure Promptness
TIR  Transport International (de marchandise par la) Route
TIS  Temporal Interference Simulation
  TLA Is Stuk
TIT  Texture Inversion Trick
TIW  Turkish Independence War
TJM  Thomas Junior Midgley
TJV  Deutschen Journalisten-Verbands
TKA  te koop aangeboden
TKI  Topsector Kennis en Innovatie
  Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors
TKO  Technical Knock Out
TKZ  Tering Kut Zooi
TLA  Thin Layer Activation
  Three Letter Acronym
  Totalitaire Leiders van de AIK
TLB  Translation Look-aside Buffer
TLC  Tender Loving Care
  The Living Channel
  Translunar Coast
  Triple Level Cell
TLD  Thermo Luminescent Dosimeter
  Top Level Domain
TLI  Trans Lunar Injection
  Translunar Injection
TLK  The Lion King
TLN  Transport en Logistiek Nederland
TLO  Teamleidersoverleg
TLP  Tractatus Logico Philosophicus
TLS  Times Literary Supplement
  Trans Link Systems
  Transport Layer Security
TMD  Theater Missile Defence
  Tuned Mass Damper
TME  Transfer Multisort Elektronik
TMF  The Music Factory
TMG  Touring Motor Gliders
TMI  Team Management Index
  Three Mile Island
TML  Tanz Mit Laibach
TMP  Temporary
TMS  Test Match Special
  Trend Micro Security
TMZ  Thirty Mile Zone
  Transponder Mandatory Zone
TND  Thermo Nuclear Device
TNF  Technical Nuclear Forensics
TNG  The Next Generation (Star Trek)
TNI  Tentara Nasional Indonesia (Nationaal Indonesisch Leger / National Indonesian Army)
TNO  Toegepast Natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek
  Trans Neptunian Objects
TNS  Taylor Nelson Sofres
TNT  Thomas Nationwide Transport
  Turner Network Television
TNW  The New World
  Thermo Nuclear Warhead
TOA  Technische Onderwijs Assistent
TOC  Table of contents
  Theory Of Constraints
TOD  Take-Off Direction
  The Omnivore's Dilemma
TOE  Theory Of Everything
TOI  Tekenen Onder Invloed
TOL  Treaty Of London
  Trut OnLine
  Tub Of Lard
TON  Trots Op Nederland
TOP  Totaal Onzinnige Programmacode
TOR  Terms Of Reference
  The Onion Router
TOS  The Operation System ( Atari )
  The Original Series (Star Trek)
TOT  Team Of Teams
  Totally Off Topic
TOY  Thinking Of You
TPA  Third Party Access
TPB  The Pirate Bay
TPC  Team Performance Coach
  Transaction Processing Performance Council
TPD  Thermoelectric Peltier Devices
TPG  TNT Post Groep
TPM  Total Productive Maintenance
  Transaction Processing Monitors
  Trusted Platform Module
  Twin Passifier Machine
TPO  Travelling Post Office
TPR  True Positive Rate
TPS  This Place Sux
TPV  Total Perspective Vortex
  Toute Petite Voiture
TQC  Total Quality Control
TQI  Total Quality Improvement
TQM  Total Quality Management
TRA  Technology Related Agression
TRC  Total Relevant Cost
TRE  Tempore Regis Edwardi
TRM  Tulsa Race Massacre
TRQ  Tariff Rate Quotas
TRS  Tandy Radio Shack
  Thermal Radiation Source
TRU  Permanent disposal of transuranic
TRV  Thermostatic Radiator Valves
TRW  Tempore Regis Willelmi
TSA  Transport Security Administration
  Transportation Security Administration
TSB  Time Square Bomber
TSC  Technical Steering Committee
  Technical Support Centre
TSE  Transformational Social Emergence
TSG  Territorial Support Group
TSI  Trophic State Index
TSL  The Second Life
  Transport Security Layer
TSO  Technical Support Organization
TSP  Technical Support Package
  Tera SPoon
  Travelling Salesman Problem
  Trisodium Phosphate
TSR  Tactical Studies Rules
  Telephone Service Representative
  Terminate and Stay Resident
TST  Talking Snake Theory
TTA  Trump Twitter Archive
TTC  Time To Crash
  Toronto Transit Commission
TTD  Things to Do
  Time To Die
TTF  True Type Font
TTG  Time To Go
TTH  Trump Twitter Hell
TTI  Technologische TopInstituten
TTL  Time To Lunch
  Transistor-Transistor Logic
TTM  Tip Top Model
TTP  Thru The Plone
TTR  Time To Resolve
TTS  Time To Shave
  Time To Shop
  Time To Shower
TTT  Team Time Trial
  The Terrific Threes
  The Two Towers (LOTR)
  Tijd om Te Tukken
  Tubes Tied Tomorrow
TTW  Through The Web
TUB  Tussen Uw Benen
TUG  TeX User Group
  TeX Users Group
TUI  Tangible User Interface
  Touristik Union International
TUK  Theologische Universiteit Kampen
TUR  Totally Unimpressive Remix
TUV  Technische Überwachsungs Verein
TVB  Tijd Voor Bier
TVC  Thrust Vector Control
TVE  TeleVisión Española
TVL  Tegemoetkoming Vaste Lasten
TVM  TLA's Voor Mannen
TWC  The Wisden Cricketer
  Total Work Content
TWD  The Walking Dead
TWI  Training Within Industry
  Two Wire Interface
  Twynstra Work Innovation
TWO  Technisch WerkOverleg
TWR  The Weblog Review
  Thrust to Weight Ratio
TWT  Travelling-Wave Tube
TZD  Time Zone Designator
TZZ  Totale Zaad Zomer