Since 1998, the Casia Corporation Holland have been working on The Definitive TLA Wörterbuch to help people find their way in the ever growing intellectual chaos caused by the late-twentieth century tendency to use as many acronyms in daily communication as possible. Especially acronyms with a length of three letters have been and continue to be immensly popular, not only in Information and Communication Technology circles, but also among people in more mundane fields of labour; a tendency that has mushroomed with the advent of mobile communication and the combined growing popularity of Short Message Services.

At present, there are 7389 TLAs in the database. Of these, 4434 are distinct, out of 17576 possible (25.23%).

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TLA's starting with Y
28 results

YAA  Yet Another Autoresponder
  Youth Accommodation Association
YAD  Youth Against Drugs
  Youth Alliance for Diversity
YAE  Yet another Apple ][ Emulator
YAP  Yet Another Previewer
  Yet Another Protocol
YAT  Yet Another TLA
YBA  You'll Be Alright
YBM  Yfke Baukje Mariëtte
YBS  You'll Be Sorry
YDB  You Dirty Bastard
YEC  Young Earth Creationist
YET  Young Earth Theory
YFC  Youth For Christ
YIQ  Y(orange)I(Cyan)Q(Green+magenta)
YLR  Yarn Level Relaxation
YMO  Yellow Magic Orchestra
YNP  Yellowstone National Park
YOU  Your Opinion Unwanted
  Your Own Universe
YPR  Nederland Pantser Rups
YTM  You The Man
YUF  Young Urban Failure
YUM  Yellowdog Updater Modified
YUP  Young Urban Professional
YUU  You're Utterly Unfuckingbelievable
YVO  Yellowstone Volcanic Observatory