Casia MS-01 Modular Synthesizer

Casia MS-01

PCB design
Casia # Num Module Status components PDF
SM-03 1 MFOS VCO finished
SM-08 1 Digisound 80-2 VCO finished
SM-13 1 CGS02 Wave Table finished
SM-14 0 CGS48 VCO sold
SM-31 0 ASM "Ultra" VCO sold
SM-32 1 Thomas Henry XR VCO needs panel
SM-48 0 TH-101 “Sheboygan” 566 VCO sold
SM-05 1 CGS35 Synthacon VCF finished
SM-12 0 Yusynth ARP VCF sold
SM-17 1 Yusynth MiniMoog VCF finished
SM-24 0 Fonik's PS3100 Triple Resonator sold
SM-25 0 Magic Smome TH-201/8 'Mankato' sold
SM-28 1 BFX Tube VCF needs panel components PDF
SM-30 0 Digisound 80-6 HP VCF sold
SM-39 0 Polyvoks sold
SM-40 1 Yusynth EMS diode VCF finished
SM-41 0 Buchla 292C LPG sold
SM-45 0 Ian Fritz Threeler sold
SM-49 0 ARP 4035 sold
SM-01 1 Formant Pro Dual Linear VCA finished
SM-15 1 MFOS Dual Log/Lin VCA finished
SM-29 0 BFX Tube VCA pcb design only components PDF
SM-33 0 CGS65 Tube VCA/Timbral Gate sold
Envelope and Function Generators
SM-07 2 Yusynth ADSR finished (1) / needs panel (1)
SM-34 1 MFOS Dual AD/AR finished
SM-02 0 CGS03 Psycho LFO sold
SM-06 1 CGS58 Utility LFO finished
SM-22 1 MFOS VC-LFO needs panel
SM-27 0 Thomas Henry Quadrature Generator sold
SM-18 1 CGS31 Digital Noise finished
SM-19 1 MFOS Noise Cornucopia finished
SQ-01 1 MFOS 16 Step Sequencer finished
SQ-02 0 Klee Sequencer pcbs sold
1 MAP ADV-MIDI needs panel
0 Quantix-8 sold
SM-16 1 Seb Francis's Fat Controller finished
SM-37 0 Papareil MC628 MIDI Clock abandoned
Mixers and Multiples
SM-10 2 Casia Multiple need panels
SM-11 1 CGS05 DC Mixer finished
SM-36 0 Fonitronik Attenuverting Mixer sold
SM-04 0 CGS52 Simple Wave Folder sold
SM-09 0 CGS34 Analog Shift Register sold
SM-20 0 MFOS VC Phaser sold
SM-21 1 MFOS Sample & Hold finished
SM-23 0 Yusynth Saw Animator sold
SM-35 1 Scott Bernardi VC Delay needs panel
SM-38 0 MFOS Ringmod Abandoned
SM-43 1 Yusynth Standards finished
SM-46 1 Yusynth Clock Divider finished

Four octave keyboard with MFOS Controller
PowerOne PSU

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